Insane White House Confab, Backed By Russia, Discussed Flynn Military Dictatorship…A Russian Puppet Government

The truth is coming out, the marriage between the GOP and Russia and the last ditch effort to rig the 2020 election to bring down America


VT: Our sources say orders are coming from Moscow, representing the Eastern oligarchs of the Kosher Nostra and their European partners, now headquartered in Israel.

The Russians, as we are calling them, have chosen former General Michael Flynn. Our sources say that Flynn was always the choice and was supposed to use his superior intellect, such as it is, to manipulate deeply flawed and intellectually inferior Donald Trump.

Trump was to be fed promises of protection from prosecution and shoring up his financial empire of failed investments and secret mob partnerships.

In the process, America’s military and intelligence capabilities were to be “infected” with Bolshevik loyalists, a process that has gone full speed after the loss of the election.

Other sources tell us that Russian hackers spent their efforts insuring GOP control of the Senate in states where it would be guaranteed no recounts could be held.

Similar efforts won Florida, Texas and North Carolina for Trump, not one vote has been checked there and the GOP has blocked any efforts at recounts.  Recount efforts were also blocked in outstate Michigan and Wisconsin and in Ohio, where massive voting machine rigging and hundreds of thousands of fake ballots were fed into the election by Israeli owned companies, you know the ones, openly paid by the GOP out of black funds, companies directly tied to Kosher Nostra control.

(CNN)President Donald Trump convened a heated meeting in the Oval Office on Friday, including lawyer Sidney Powell and her client, former national security adviser Michael Flynn, two people familiar with the matter said, describing a session that began as an impromptu gathering but devolved and eventually broke out into screaming matches at certain points as some of Trump’s aides pushed back on Powell and Flynn’s more outrageous suggestions about overturning the election.

Flynn had suggested earlier this week that Trump could invoke martial law as part of his efforts to overturn the election that he lost to President-elect Joe Biden — an idea that arose again during the meeting in the Oval Office, one of the people said. It wasn’t clear whether Trump endorsed the idea, but others in the room forcefully pushed back and shot it down.
The meeting was first reported by the New York Times.
White House aides who participated in the meeting, including White House chief of staff Mark Meadows and counsel Pat Cipollone, also pushed back intensely on the suggestion of naming Powell as a special counsel to investigate voter fraud allegations Trump’s own administration has dismissed (or, as seems more feasible, hiring her in the administration for some kind of investigatory role). Powell has focused her conspiracies on voting machines and has floated the notion of having a special counsel inspect the machines for flaws.


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  1. Neither the Russian gentleman who sits in TelAviv surrounded by his leather-jacketed ‘hoods’ carrying Uzis nor his Dummy who sits at the head of the Cabinet table in Jerusalem nor their Bagman who sits in Las Vegas spinning the wheels of corruption all across America, north and south, can be terribly pleased with the performance of their bloated puppet, either electorally or otherwise as he sits in the Oval Office ranting and screeching as he imagines the feel of cold steel around his wrists. Despite their fixing the entire Election so to ensure that the sTrumpet would, once again ascend the throne on January 20 next with Jarhead Kashner lurking in the background preparing to repeat his act as the umbilical cord to Tel Aviv, they somehow failed despite the hundreds of millions of others’ money spent on the scam and so, their only remaining grift is to continue with their build-up of military power in the Gulf where they hope to trigger a direct Iranian response to whatever scam they have in mind in hopes of tricking the world into believing that Iran fired the first shot. You know the rest.

  2. That the Kosher Nostra has managed to rebrand itself as “Russian” could only happen if the USA has turned a blind eye to the fact that 100% of them are dual citizens of the shitty little nation in the Middle East that nuked us on 9/11 and got way with it. Putin is probably sitting on evidence of that, but knows full well who calls the shots, both in the USA and Russia. He has to do the little dance just like Biden will. All of this is nothing compared to the full-on cheek-to-cheek dirty dance with mobsters that Trump has been engaging in for decades. Adrian is right, there’s a long way to go until January 20th. Anything can happen.

    • Russian was operative language in IDF during early 70s. Cause noone with serious military education then had learned or known hebrew. Still Russian is widely spoken in Israel.

  3. Voter fraud on the part of the republican party goes a long way in describing, up to now, the lack of an overwhelming near revolutionary outrage from the public on the side of the 70+ million who supposedly voted for Trump. That would be the 2nd largest group of voters next to Biden to ever vote in an American election. Between mind control propaganda techniques and voter fraud that is the only way I can see that Trump was as close as he is in this election. On the other hand I have many friends and relatives who voted for agent orange and to a man (and woman) they did so #1 because the think the republican party best resembles their Conservative ideals and #2 knowing the dirty dealings their party is capable of they believe the Democratic party is exponentially worse in it’s corruption, not to mention liberal. This Russian/Israeli/you-know-who Coupe you speak of is more than probable and if those numbers of republican voters are not overly Trumped- up the Flynn – Flan gang may have a great chance of pulling this off. I really hope there are enough powerful folks in your intelligence circles and our military who understand what is going on.

    • Remember, fully one-quarter of Americans think the Sun goes around the Earth. If you don’t believe me, Google it. That would be over 80 million people. It wouldn’t be a stretch to think that 70+ million of them voted for Trump.

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