Breaking: Israel says COVID is Bio Warfare…and ‘we didn’t do it’ (this is real)

Israel's Dr. Danny Shoham shares an Intel drop confirming Covid-19 as a weaponized viral event, which confirms VT's earlier work

Sackler School of Medicine, Tel Aviv

VT: In accordance with policy, the information below is totally unedited. This is the most reliable and most advanced analysis to date. Yes, it is from Israel. They are making their case and I strongly suggest that we take note.

The Roots of the COVID-19 Pandemic

…by Shoham Lt. Col. (res.) Dr. Dany Shoham December 14, 2020

BESA Center Perspectives Paper No. 1,847, December 14, 2020

[ Editor’s Note: VT’s early reporting of the coronavirus as having been a weaponized viral event has been confirmed by one of Israeli’s top bio-weapons experts, releasing his trove of information below.

As we have strived to help our readers become better absorbers of intelligence analysis, our starting point was always to not let yourself get caught up in just analyzing what clues that you can see that are right in front of you.

The reason for that is because often the biggest clues lead you to what is really going on is to spot what should be viewable, but is missing for some reason, a man made data or narrative gap. Spotting and following that thread can often be a breadcrumb trail to what some malevolent actors have been doing, like deploying a bio-weapons pandemic and not wanting to get caught doing so.

I present two major examples. First was the VT exposure of the North Carolina study in 2017, which incredibly did not expose who had funded the project until 2012. The report openly stated that its goal was to create “chimeras” (copies) of the Chinese bat virus for the purpose of testing its lethality. This was code talk for evaluating its potential bioweapons use, and why the Army’s Fort Detrick participation was hidden when the first internet report was published.

Dr. Danny Shoham

Our coverage was blacked out…no calls, no public criticism or denunciations, no interview requests, etc… just total silence. Not one in 10,000 Americans, maybe less, ever knew a thing about our reporting.

And our getting no calls from ‘professionals’ was a dead giveaway that they already knew but wanted to keep that undercover. Israeli Colonel Shoham lays this all out below in plain English, including his huge resume.

As I write, a new variation of Covid has emerged in Britain, which is in full lockdown mode with trains and buses not running and the Chunnel closed down. You cannot fly from London to Canada, Australia, or Europe, for example. But you can fly to the US. The doorway to spread the new Covid version here has been left open. Why? On whose authority?

Will VT once again be the only US media that views this as odd?

There is our bread crumb trail to begin following. Who would benefit from a new surge of a new virus which the current vaccines might not protect the public from, if in fact they will not? Does the Trump Steal dominating the news divert public attention from Covid?

Who could possibly not want the Biden regime to get the credit for killing Covid? Remember when Trump’s staff publicly stated “we cannot control Covid”, effectively signalling we now know that they were taking the route of herd immunity ‘solution’.

To that you can add the timing of the alleged Russian mega-hack. Why now? Who could possibly benefit from this? Did Russia really want to commit sanctions hari-kari by doing this in an election year and miss a chance to improve foreign relations with Biden?

Could it be a retaliation for something the US did to Russia? Has another party set Russia up to take the blame, something that is standard operation for all major psyops, to frame a scapegoat? Jim W. Dean ]

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First published on VTDecember 21, 2020 

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: There has been a notable shift in thinking on the genomic origin and direct source of the virus that sparked the COVID-19 pandemic. While the possibility of a natural contagion has not been ruled out, the alternative of an unnatural if primarily accidental contagion has gathered momentum, and with good reason.

The question of the genomic origin and direct source of the virus that set off the COVID-19 pandemic is being addressed in parallel by both science and intelligence agencies, with each using its own tools to compile hypotheses and draw conclusions.

The genomic origin of the index virus (the strain that infected Patient Zero) has been determined to be a Chinese bat virus that underwent extensive pre-adaptation to humans, including continual transmissibility, prior to infecting Patient Zero.

The open question is how, where, and when such exceptional genomic pre-adaptation took place.

On the surface, it appears that in this instance the probability of human intervention (of whatever kind) is higher than naturally occurring, spontaneous evolutionary adaptation, though it is difficult to comparatively quantify those two probabilities.

Another critical issue concerns significant mismatches and errors that occurred at the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) and collateral Chinese institutions both in Wuhan and elsewhere in China during the decade preceding the onset of the pandemic, as well as thereafter.

A question arising from that inquiry is whether those mismatches and errors were cases of negligence or deliberate obfuscation. The latter unfortunately appears to be predominant.

The list of anomalies is long. It includes:

  • scientific papers with incoherent data/findings
  • unexplained gaps, inconsistencies, and contradictions
  • meaningless and twisted chronologies
  • illegitimate non-transparency
  • elimination and distortion of records and databases
  • obscuring and possible destruction of existing viruses (including the index virus) and genomic material
  • pressure put on disobedient scientists, physicians, and officials
  • disappearance of key persons
  • expedient interchangeability between military/defense and civilian institutions (and other entities).

All this misconduct was allegedly meant to serve one principal purpose: to hamper the tracing of the roots of the index virus. These deliberate obfuscations collectively form a powerful argument in support of the unnatural contagion concept.

In further support of this argument, deliberate and systematic obfuscations about the real epidemic impact of the virus during the first months of the outbreak were recently unveiled in detail across 117 pages of leaked documents from the Hubei Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention (Wuhan is the capital of Hubei Province). These documents are largely marked classified and for internal use only.

No reference is made in the documents to the roots of the virus. Curiously, however, they do mention “facilities at a bacterial and toxic species preservation center.” “Bacterial” could refer to “microbial” (including viruses) and “toxic” to “virulent.”

This debate is very complicated and contains the potential for explosive revelations on many levels, but intelligence communities around the world have stayed largely silent on the matter. This is both intriguing and unsurprising. Several Western countries, as well as Russia, India, Japan, and Australia, had formed intelligence estimates as early as January 2020 but kept their conclusions quiet.

The very persistence of intelligence agencies’ silence implies that they judge the initial contagion to have been unnatural. Had they concluded that the pandemic resulted from a natural contagion, they would probably have made that conclusion public.

The US administration did indicate, several months ago, that unnatural contagion was likely, but no such statement has been formally released by US intelligence. At the levels of NATO and the “Five Eyes,” thorough intelligence estimates have likely been produced internally but they too have not been made public.

On the scientific level, as long as time passes without identification of a non-laboratory animal—with roughly the entirety of its viral genome—as the primary host of SARS-CoV-2, the argument that the initial contagion was unnatural gains indirect credibility. (It is fairly clear that the mink, while an important non-laboratory animal host, was not the direct source of the index virus.)

Independently, many scientists from various countries around the world, including Russia, maintain that the initial contagion was unnatural. They include, for example, Prof. Joseph Tritto of Italy, who is president of the World Academy of Biomedical Sciences and Technologies (an NGO founded in 1997 under the auspices of UNESCO). He has contended that:

…providing [by China] the virus [that infected Patient Zero] would have meant recognizing that SARS-CoV-2 was created in the laboratory. The presence of certain genomic inserts in a virus that developed in nature could never occur. The experiments at WIV attracted the interest of the Chinese military and medical-biological sector, which deals with biological weapons… Thus, physicians and biologists who belong to the Chinese political-military sphere joined the experiments… It is reasonable to think that Prof. Shi Zhengli (the principal investigator of WIV) acted only from the point of view of scientific prestige, without however taking into account the risks in terms of security and the political-military interests that the research would have aroused. …[T]he virus [was] created by means of genetic engineering in a military-supervised lab of WIV, and accidentally leaked.

Within the intelligence dimension, Tritto said in August that “negotiations are underway between the intelligence agencies of five countries—the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan—and China. Perhaps the former, during diplomatic negotiations, would be willing to defer the Chinese responsibilities of which they have proof in exchange for the possibility of obtaining the [index] virus [in order] to develop a universal vaccine.”

In terms of vaccine development, it is of note that the most productive effort in China was conducted at the Wuhan Institute of Biological Products, a facility linked to the defense establishment that has been working with SARS-like viruses at its National Engineering Technology Research Center for Combined Vaccines, in collaboration with WIV, since 2017.

Like Prof. Tritto, senior Russian scientist Prof. Peter Chumakov (a member of the Russian Academy of Sciences) said Chinese scientists at WIV had taken extremely dangerous steps during their studies of tentative vaccines, including inserts in the genome, that gave the virus the ability to infect human cells.

He added: “No one excludes [the possibility] that behind the scientists stood curators who [pointed their] actions in another direction that they needed.” Various Chinese military institutes outside Wuhan also worked with important SARS-like bat viruses, often in collaboration with WIV.

The independent scientific argument posed by Italian, Russian, and many other scientists weakens the analyses that support natural contagion and strengthens the plausibility of the argument for unnatural contagion. Their reasoning and concept have been disputed but not convincingly refuted.

There is also speculation surrounding a mysterious, highly virulent, pneumonia-causing bat SARS-like virus that was in all probability isolated in 2012 in China from miners but that has strangely not been registered out in the open. The WIV was involved in that affair, too.

Prof. Stuart Newman, a leading expert at New York Medical College, called it “the best-sourced explanation yet of the origins of SARS-CoV-2.” It is probably not the sole possible root of the pandemic virus, but it nonetheless deserves special attention as it might have been the primordial key virus.

It would be extremely difficult to incriminate China conclusively as the developer of the index virus—whether or not it was created as a bioweapon, and whether or not it was intentionally released. Doing so could cause chaotic geopolitical polarization and prompt demands for retaliation against China. Refraining from any form of retaliation would be unreasonable if there were indeed conclusive proof, but retaliation could also wreak havoc on a massive scale.

A minimized blaming of China as guilty of a preventable accidental leakage of a naturally derived virus held in an academic lab is less likely to wreak such havoc, but the likelihood that this is in fact what the intelligence agencies have determined is decreasing with time. And even if that was the extent of China’s error, its devastating outcome—the spread of the virus across the rest of the world, with all the attendant consequences—remains.

Beyond the question of the mode through which the initial pandemic virus came into existence is the matter of compiling all possible vital information for developing an upgraded vaccine, anti-serum, and drug. Deciphering the roots of SARS-CoV-2 is hence highly desirable for many reasons, the main one being the need to fully comprehend the intrinsic sophistication of the virus—whether natural or man-made—so as to incapacitate it.

It is also essential to trace the roots of the virus completely in order to prevent the emergence of similar pathogens. In all senses (both scientific and intelligence-based), the roots of the virus will have to be uncovered thoroughly and objectively. This will be a global task.

One oddity is the uncanny clustering of certain peculiar properties, the common denominator of which is the exceptionally amplified and/or pathogenic affinities of the index virus toward humans. The likelihood that such a clustering took place naturally in the bio-geographic region of Wuhan is faint, but the likelihood that it took place inside WIV is high in view of the type of experiments on coronaviruses conducted there for years.

This is further supported by a large variety of collateral occurrences (the above-cited examples of misconduct), which should neither be ignored nor regarded as coincidental. The complicated interplay between science and intelligence is expected to objectively account for what occurred, but geopolitical forces and geostrategic vectors might hinder progress toward that clarity.

If the only thing at issue was the genomic origin or the direct source of the index virus, the whole matter would be much simpler. But the combination of the two supports the likelihood of an unnatural contagion. Close examination of the combination will prove much more meaningful than separate examinations of the two issues.

The roots of the pandemic virus are schematically analyzed in the following table.

Possible variations of the modes underlying the generation and appearance of SARS-CoV-2 in Wuhan, 2019, and their presumed likelihood interrelations

Table created by Dany Shoham

* The direct source represents the course through which Patient Zero contracted the virus.

** The genomic origin represents the way in which the genome of the virus that infected Patient Zero formed.

*** Within the context under discussion, an intentional release is basically regarded as unlikely at this point in time.

# Serial passages of capable precursor virus(es) in certain tissue cultures and/or lab animals, conducted in Wuhan.

## There could be, in principle, a combination of genetic engineering and evolvement via passages, in Wuhan.

The purple arrows represent ascending likelihoods (at different rates which are not indicated, except that intentional release is considered of lowest likelihood), while the green arrows represent roughly equivalent likelihoods.

Notably, each of the three variations related to accidental leakage (reading the table vertically) has two alternative sub-variations: either that the virus was the subject of academic study or that it was explored as a potential bioweapon. This is still an open question.

A definite precursor virus has not yet been found for any of the mentioned variations and sub-variations (10 in total). New scientific or intelligence findings might clarify the assessment summarized in the table. Only time will tell.

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Lt. Col. (res.) Dr. Dany Shoham, a microbiologist and an expert on chemical and biological warfare in the Middle East, is a senior research associate at the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies. He is a former senior intelligence analyst in the IDF and the Israeli Defense Ministry.


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  1. The second paragraph of the article introducing Dany Shoham’s contains this interesting piece of advice: “The reason for that is because often the biggest clues lead you to what is really going on is to spot what should be viewable, but is missing for some reason, a man made data or narrative gap. Spotting and following that thread can often be a breadcrumb trail to what some malevolent actors have been doing, like deploying a bio-weapons pandemic and not wanting to get caught doing so.”

    Apply this to the article by DS and what do you find? What jumps out of the page to smack you in the eye is that there is absolutely no mention of :
    Chapel Hill, University of North Carolina,
    the occurrence of Covid-19 in Europe and the US before the outbreak was recognized as a new disease in China,
    the closure of Ft. Detrick for unspecified “breaches of containment”
    No mention of who was funding the research in WIV
    no mention of the mysterious illness affecting the vastly underperforming US participants in the World Military Games,
    No mention of the different varieties found in the US of which, only two were found in China.
    no mention of the US intelligence telling Israeli intelligence about a nasty disease rampaging in Wuhan in November,
    And so on,
    IMO haroldsmith has it right.

  2. The one thing I always go by…When Israelis/Zionists/US gov say they had nothing to do with it, it means they had everything to do with it…regardless the subject. This ‘expert’ is definitely an expert. At disinformation and false leads. His BS about those anthrax ‘attacks’ from ’01 ago are indicative of this mans credibility…and his goals. What he does, however, promotes the thought of the likely-hood of Israeli involvement, in that it seems important that he put out his findings…which only seems to implicate China (and vindicate Trump). How convenient. A little lie here, a little lie there…pretty soon it’s accepted as gospel. Fuck any real evidence.

  3. Start paying attention to what Israel says when they come clean about 9/11. That was the pretext for all the wars of this century and the deaths of millions. Like Netanyahu told us back in 1991…“If we get caught they will just replace us with persons of the same cloth. So it does not matter what you do, America is a golden calf and we will suck it dry, chop it up, and sell it off piece by piece until there is nothing left but the world’s biggest welfare state that we will create and control. Why? Because it is the will of God, and America is big enough to take the hit so we can do it again and again and again. This is what we do to countries that we hate. We destroy them very slowly and make them suffer for refusing to be our slaves.” They’ve gone on to do exactly what he said they would do.

  4. Over 300 Doctors on FLCCC Alliance Calls on National Health Authorities to Immediately Review Medical Evidence Showing the Efficacy of Ivermectin for the Prevention of COVID-19 and as an Early Outpatient Treatment
    Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC Alliance)

    These doctors Have done over 30 clinical studies involving 7000 patients and have found that Ivermectin is potentially a ‘miracle’ drug for the’Rona’. As it is for many devastating tropical diseases And I am hearing crickets from MSM and Alternative media. The new Guginhiemer press is broke or what ever the hell you termed this cyber machine. Many have been threatened and have had to leave their hospitals and work independently.

    There seems to be excessive efforts to suppress the success that doctors have had with this drug and their MATH+ and I-MASK protocols that have shown too be extremely effective in treatment of Trump-19. Ummm Corona-19

  5. Lemme guess, most of the planes from britain coming to the US are landing in
    a “blue state ” ?

    The really old tricks of Monarchy , do not change, until they stop working, and even then, they are shelved not thrown out. To me, this looks like Britain trying to rally the US to her side, after Brexit and eviction from Hong Kong. And Trump was her plant. Johnsons twin from the same ‘muther”.

  6. “The list of anomalies is long.”

    Indeed it is, and somehow the author failed to mention some noteworthy and apparently inconvenient facts, e.g., the “mysterious respiratory illness” which sickened 60 people (killing three) at the Greenspring Retirement Community in Springfield, VA in June and July of 2019.

    So how did the evil “Chinese communists” manage to infect the Greenspring Retirement Community and why is the U.S. “government” stonewalling on the subject?

    The author also failed to mention the inconvenient fact that many of the foreign participants in attendance at the Wuhan military games apparently became ill with COVID-19 several weeks before the first Chinese patient became ill with it.

    • Greenspring was probably Legionnaires’ disease, which is typically a summer-early fall thing, and there were 2 other confirmed outbreaks in the US in summer 2019. Lawsuits might explain the silence on Greenspring so far. The truly shocking things about Legionnaires’, to me, are that it was discovered in 1977, it’s highly lethal, it’s bacterial which means it should be pretty easy to make a vaccine (it doesn’t mutate like a virus) and yet we don’t have a vaccine for it yet!

    • No, it wasn’t Legionnaires’ disease. That was apparently one of first things suspected, tested for, and ruled out.

      “At a news conference Wednesday at the agency’s headquarters, Benjamin Schwartz, director of epidemiology and population health at the Fairfax County Health Department, said tests, including those conducted on 17 samples by the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, have failed to identify a likely cause. Tests for Legionnaires’ disease have also come up negative. Officials tested for a range of common virus- or bacteria-borne respiratory illnesses.”

  7. “Shoham, D., The anthrax evidence points to Iraq,” “Technical Intelligence in Retrospect: The 2001 Anthrax Letters Powder Authors: Dany Shoham; Stuart M. Jacobsen DOI:10.1080/08850600600889027 ”
    Loaded with bias, devoid of motive, brilliantly woven and articulate, seemingly done with painstaking diligence,…and completely ignores that it was in no interest to Iraq what so ever, to target two senators that opposed the war. In fact, it has been repeatedly said by Daschle “Cheney asked him to not investigate 9/11”

    I see the new report on the virus as having many similarities to his old reports. They carry the same vibe, intent, and method.

    • David this look like…
      zionist giving Trump excuse to get back blaming china -> US Navy-China Navy incident on South China Sea -> Defcom-1 -> Martial Law -> Trump forever -> 😀

  8. It is interesting that the main stream information provided to the public, at least in the West, is that covid-19 was naturally spread from animal to human contact. This view is set in stone. The message that it could have been caused by humans is not even mentioned as a possibility – questions are not allowed to be raised. If they are raised, the questioners are ignored, heavily censored, threatened and ridiculed or a combination of the above. Although, Trump does blame China and claims it was intentional, he does it in such a slip-shod, logic and evidence free way, that no one believes it except the hard core Trump faithful.

    I read recently in mainstream media that an official team from multiple countries is being sent to Wuhan and their purpose if to find a link between animal and human spread. The are tasked with making that finding in advance of course. Sorry, I cannot remember the source.

  9. I don’t find this surprising because VT is my go to site.
    The VT Editors are like Prophets seeking the Truth !
    And They will find it.
    What I find SHOCKING is that more Americans don’t realize how controlled we are by Israel.
    We have become a “colony” of Israel.
    Proof is this:
    Israel Does Not Allow Weapons Inspections !
    The US uses it’s Veto to block any mention of Inspection in Israel.
    WE know where the weapons of Mass Destruction are !
    ” Don’t tell me the Americans will do do this and do that, I tell you very clearly we Jews control the United States of America, and the American people know it…”
    Ariel Sharon, Oct 2001.
    One month after 911 !

  10. You never ever trust on anything that come from anyone of the zionist entity. Let’s see, what we have here ?? why this publication right now?? What looking for this zionist?? The article from this Dr. Shoham looks like he’s trying laying all the blame only on China, than yes, they’re guilty, but conveniently forgetting the others partners involved together with the chineses, the europeans and the US and probably the zionist entity also which this Dr. he’s trying clean of any guilt in advance and at same time I think they are trying give to Trump a good excuse to get bak on headlines with the chinese culpability on pandemic and demandig retaliation… before January 20th

  11. Regarding: “The likelihood that such a clustering took place naturally in the bio-geographic region of Wuhan is faint, but the likelihood that it took place inside WIV is high in view of the type of experiments on corona viruses conducted there for years….”
    It seems highly suspicious and strategic of Lt. Col. Dr. Dany of the Israeli bio-warfare / intelligence apparatus, to be reinforcing the PsyOp meme of the “Chinese Virus” (WIV – accidental or intentional) with this article which in fact appears to be a skillful disinformation attempt to further socially immunize western & Israeli bio-weapon research & development at facilities in the United States, Tel Aviv, Britain, Canada, Tiblisi, Georgia, etc… from media and international judicial scrutiny and thereby continue to deflect attention away from our own network of “bio-defense” labs, which, just like the Chinese, have been working with these contagious pathogens for decades. Assuming, as Dr. Shoham’s propaganda piece does, that the original appearance of the covid-19 novel virus occurred in China is simply inaccurate now in light of clinical and scientific findings that it was found to have been present in patients and in public water supplies in America & Europe as early as March, 2019.

  12. Our observations show that through various scientific efforts and processes attempts are being made to fathom the origin and cause of the Corona plague. As for the term Corona-19, it is misleading and should be called something else, according to its actual origin. Subsequently, the name should have been traced back to the US-American … who, full of hatred against America, together with Mao Zedong, laid the foundation for the emergence of the epidemic. Both of them were responsible for this, but they can no longer be prosecuted for it, because they have gone the way of the transient, as in the meantime also all those who have worked in the three different secret laboratories since the mid-1970s on this hate project, which now brings deadly consequences for the entire population of the earth, instead of only for US America, as was fundamentally intended.(The following longer section of the conversation contains information that must not be released publicly). …

  13. We already knew that COVID-19 is biowarfare, and that Israel was warned about it in November of 2019 according to the Jerusalem Post. That was when Trump and his inner circle were vaccinated for it. That was when he told his Likudnik bankster pals that there would be free money coming their way in the spring, which there was. So, why is this such a blockbuster, Jim?

    • It is a blockbuster because whereas the blackout on VT’s coverage is still in effect, having a top Israeli expert lay it all out will get wide coverage while we are in the worst of the pandemic. The story has crawled out of its grave. God only knows we can’t force anyone to credit us. Yes, we can torment them, and send some payback their way when they screw us over, but we have not managed to have us feature them. They like us as a source, even moreso that they don’t have to acknowledge that we exist. Welcome to how the world really works 🙂

    • Alas, where would we benighted masses be without “Israeli experts” to warn us about the grievous “threat” of Iraqi anthrax, Iranian nukes, Arab hijackers, holocaust deniers, etc.?

      This article, with its conspicuous omissions of inconvenient facts and implicit blame on China, smacks of a limited hangout propaganda piece.

    • Harold, It said basically that China is on the suspect list. That is not the same as blaming it on China. The same goes with the recent Russia being ‘blamed’ for the hack, where what was meant was we will blame Russia for now as it is convenient to do so as it is the favorite whipping boy for a number of entities. What is only coming out now, and you have to read everything to find it, is that these updating hacks have been a long term problem as the US has ‘subbed out’ certification on the security upgrades, which is insanity. They should be done only by top in-house talent who has lifetime contracts so they can never pedal their insider knowledge later. The US Gov divisions wanted to avoid a never ending talent raiding war going on to get and keep the best code checkers. I would bet the Chinese and Russian top code people are never allowed to go onto the open market. This was a disaster just waiting to happen.

    • As I see it Jim the author *impliedly* blames China; IOW that’s the conclusion he wants his readers to arrive at even if he doesn’t explicitly say it. The fact that he doesn’t even mention the outbreak at the Greenspring Retirement Community; the closure of Ft. Detrick for unspecified “breaches of containment”; etc. gives it away as a shameless propaganda piece, IMO.

  14. On the other hand, it’s possible Dr. Shoham may be describing something of a “dog chasing its tail” explantion. The Wuhan lab is part of a global network of bio-weapon labs, university labs, private labs and other institutions that cooperate together to research “emerging” viruses, emerging because some people want them to. Like Gordon said recently, China’s one level 4 lab may have been let in on the North Carolina project to ultimately make them the fall guy for an attempt by the US to destroy the Chinese economy.

    • Wuhan was listed in the NC report because the Chinese provided the bat virus samples, and were paid for them. The incredible breach of omitting the NC funding sources, which is always done so outside evaluations can be made as to whether a funder wanted a particular result, had bells going off as soon as we read that. When the print version of the report came out a decade plus later, they put in that Ft. Detrick, the bio-weapons lab, had loaned equipment for the project, tidying up the earlier omission and thinking that no one would care, which no one did at the time since it was an old report.

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