Blockbuster: Top Ten ‘Dumb Fuck’ things Trump did

VT has resisted being overwhelmed by Trump's idiocy


VT: For those out there deluding themselves they didn’t follow one of the dumbest human beings in existence…and to those who think VT’s (mostly) failure to fall in line even when threatened…

slam dunk proof, two great lists…

Salon, our first, did a good job but Slate hit one clearly “out of the park”

VT has resisted being overwhelmed by Trump’s idiocy and hasn’t as so many others had, decided to take the ‘zio-backhander’ and learn to praise the malevolent orange pissant…

Salon: We’re tentatively starting to emerge from the four year-long national nightmare of Donald Trump’s presidency, but the reckoning of what the nation endured will take years to really understand.

Trump was terrible in so many ways that it’s hard to catalog them all: His sociopathic lack of regard for others. His towering narcissism. His utter ease with lying. His cruelty and sadism. The glee he took in cheating and stomping on anything good and decent. His misogyny and racism. His love of encouraging violence, only equaled by his personal cowardice.

But of all the repulsive character traits in a man so wholly lacking in any redeemable qualities, perhaps the most perplexing to his opponents was Trump’s incredible stupidity.

On one hand, it was maddening that a man so painfully dumb, a man who clearly could barely read — even on those rare occasions when he deigned to wear glasses — still had the low cunning necessary to take over the Republican Party and then the White House.

On the other hand, it was the one aspect of Trump’s personality that kept hope alive. Surely a man so stupid, his opponents believed, will one day blunder so badly he can’t be saved, even by his most powerful sycophants.

That has proved to be the case as Trump fumbles his way through a failed coup, unable and unwilling to see that stealing the election from Joe Biden is a lost cause.

Trump’s unparalleled idiocy gave us a few laughs along the way, which we sorely needed in those troubled times. With that in mind, here’s a list of the 10 most jaw-droppingly stupid moments of Trump’s White House tenure.

1) That time Trump suggested injecting household cleaners into people’s lungs to cure them of the coronavirus. …read more

and then we have’s version as well...

The Donald Trump presidency ended, in a way, on Nov. 7. That was the day that media outlets called Pennsylvania, and thus the 2020 election, for Joe Biden. It was also the day that Trump tweeted his campaign would be holding a press conference at the Four Seasons in Philadelphia, only to follow up with a clarifying tweet that he meant “Four Seasons Landscaping,” a business located on the outskirts of the city near an adult bookstore and a crematorium.

Yes, the campaign later claimed there was a reason why they booked this particular venue. So, yes, we don’t know for sure that the campaign actually meant to hold its event, at which Rudy Giuliani made luridly dishonest and fantastical claims about voter fraud, at the Four Seasons Hotel, only to book the completely unrelated landscaping company by mistake. But we know.  …and now their incredible list….


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  1. If any leader of anything in the US thinks Washington took over air ports during the revolution, you are dealing with a front man for a shadow corp., not the actual leader.

  2. … Damn, I forgot he wanted to nuke hurricanes!

    Nevermind The Moat with gators AND snakes!

    This is too hard to narrow down! 🤣

  3. … He didn’t know how to use an umbrella!
    And he couldn’t figure it out!

    He thought you need ID to buy groceries.

    And he and Alex Jones had the nerve to call Hillary a clone (and a demon)!

    But my fave is more symbolic. Like when the “symbol/mascot of America” warned him…

    Daddy’s franchise casino brat so ironically STILL doesn’t understand that USA is #PlayingWithHouseMoney.

    • My “Fave” Trump Lies:

      1.) #TimApple: THE Dumbest Lie Of AllTime.

      2.) 4,000 #BadHombres On Terror Watchlist Stopped At Border.

      • Symbolic: He lied by a factor of… 666😈.
      • Ironic: Brought attn to fact more Watchlist stops at Canada border: #BuildTheWall there!

      3.) I’ll Show You 25 Articles!”

      • On his professed antiwar stance pre-Iraq: He professed there simultaneously were AND weren’t 25 articles! Because “I’m not a politician, so they don’t write down everything I say”.

      Dishonorable Mentions:

      Chicago Canceled Rally Lie, Contradicting/Implicating Police.

      “I Did Not Offer (ON VIDEO 🤣!) To Pay Legal Fees” (For Inciting Violence).

  4. That dude did totally nothing to make relations with my country better! Bla-bla-bla and no result. Now we have the worst relationship with the USA. More sanctions and craziness. For us he was useless and even destructive.

  5. The main question remaining is… there is enough free place in Mount Rushmore for add Trump’s face yet ?? 😀

    • A better question would be this:
      Do you think there will be a World Wide backlash against Israel because of:
      HASBARA Cyber Terrorism ?

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