Israel’s Vaccination Program Running at Warp Speed on Stolen Blue State Inventories

Israel's 'Jews Only' Vaccination Program Racing Forward as Trump Reroutes Inventories from Biden Voting States and the US Sinks Deeper and Deeper into a COVID Hell

  • It began with holding up FDA approval until Israel got their first big shipment.  

  • Now Blue States are having their inventories cut, even stolen (Michigan) while Israel vaccinates their own

  • and Israel is selling vaccinations to Eurotrash and wealthy Arabs at new Israeli COVID vaccine clinics in the UAE

The Senior Editor

Michigan is getting no vaccines, almost none.  Sources at Pfizer say Michigan’s allocation have gone to Israel and South Korea.  Why would that be?  Who would do something like this?

From the Guardian:

By the end of this week, the country of 9 million is expected to have injected more than 10% of its population with vaccines, a far higher fraction than other states including the UK, which began vaccinating almost two weeks earlier. (ED: With Michigan’s vaccine inventory which Trump rerouted)

Having ramped up to a 24/7 operation, health providers are administering the first dose of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine at a rate of 150,000 people a day – almost 2% of the population. (ED: Ibid)

Over-60s, healthcare workers, carers and high-risk people, are being prioritised. Local media have reported deals with Pfizer and Moderna to procure several more million  doses for early 2021, which will be critical if the rollout is to keep up the pace. (While much older Americans wait weeks…and our shipments continue to be rerouted to Israel)

Trump’s plan is clear, leave this nation in the same condition Hitler left Germany.  Trump has moved from huckster fakery and grifting to pardoning criminals (and one of our folks by mistake we think), destroying public schools and doing everything possible to push up COVID death rates.

He has been massively successful at bankrupting American businesses, leaving Americans homeless and, of course, killing them with America’s highest death count of all time, surpassing even the Second World War.

His war on America with COVID, which we now believe he ordered unleashed on the US for profit, has entered a new stage, fighting to keep COVID alive and sabotaging vaccine distribution.

Trump seems to have fallen in love with the COVID virus.

Publicly, Michigan’s governor, “That Woman,” says poor planning by Trump appointees is responsible for the vaccination process having ground to a halt in certain states.  Trump has order his goon squad to make up continually changing regulations for states with Federal officials seizing the minute quantities of vaccine already allocated and cutting the rest to next to nothing.

By today, 20 million Americans were to be vaccinated.  By today, over 100,000,000 doses have been manufactured and can be shipped.

Michigan has, however, received only 179,000 doses and has only been allowed by “confused” Trump officials to vaccinate 59,000 of a population of 10 million.  That’s .6 percent in a month of “highest effort.” Most of Michigan’s very small allocation is being withheld and normal shipments have been cut in half and still can’t be used.

“Every state is building an apparatus to get vaccines out as soon as possible,” Whitmer said. “The federal government doesn’t have a reliable plan for distributing vaccines to states. We, as a nation, are struggling with this.”

Two weeks ago, Michigan’s supplies were cut off.  From the Detroit Free Press:

“Even though Michigan health officials and those from several other states have reported this week that they will receive less vaccine than they expected, Pfizer says there are no issues in the production and distribution of its COVID-19 vaccine, which received federal approval last weekend and arrived at many metro Detroit hospitals this week.”

Michigan is the center for worldwide COVID vaccine production and countless millions of doses sit in a vast warehouse in Southern Michigan.

People are dying in unprecedented numbers and only the vaccine can help.

Who has been vaccinated?  Nobody knows.

If you are 60, healthy and Jewish, Israel will vaccinate you in a few days…maybe they can send a few doses back here for our Jews too.


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  1. There appears to be valid concerns with rushing out for Ivermectin. Of course veterinary products do not have the same purity requirements so maybe don’t run to your local veterinarian for heartworm pills. Dosing is critical and organizations such as FLCCC have developed important protocols with other important medicines. I-MATH and MASK protocols seem to utilize Ivermectin to is best potential. There is one researcher who is putting together her own clinical study but since the drug is now generic, Ivermectin developed by MERK does not offer the profits corporations want and probably need by ‘corporate laws of profit’ to take on losing studies that compete with their patentable products. U.S.A. Inc.! She is self funding her studies.

  2. Ivermectin has shown to be effective cheap and available, I have seen reports that South Africa is criminalizing it.

    • Ivermectin was intended for anti-parasitic use and is heavily used in tropical areas, including sub-saharan Africa. Go google the death rates for some of those countries for covid, they are amazingly low. Considering the devastation this is doing to the economy world wide and peoples lives, it’s a bit breath taking to see how slow governments are to move on the data provided by the FLCCC. Even non-conspiracy types are smelling a rat.

    • Ivermectin helped save a kitten we rescued that had a lung parasite. Two weeks of that nearly killed him but saved him as well. I will write something…

  3. Livingston County in south-central Michigan has a population of 192,000 people. A few days ago our allocation of 800 doses of vaccine was delivered to us. This is rightfully being given to a few lucky overworked health care professionals who desperately need protection. 800 doses is not enough even enough to vaccinate all of those workers who deal with covid patients on a daily basis. But obstructionist Senators like Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and Lindsay Graham have gotten their shots despite doing all they can to deny this protection to others. Graham is old enough to be considered high risk though he is in a low risk occupation but the other two are young and should have waited for their turns. A few honorable members of the Senate and the House, of both parties, have refused to jump the line and have said that they will wait like others of their age.

  4. Gordon, I know what to do. Let the residents of Michigan do a flash mob and record a video message to Putin to send vaccines from Russia. To make the federal authorities ashamed. Then the government will move.

  5. “Home of the brave, land of the free”. From here the USA looks more like a rabbit caught in headlights: can’t believe what it’s seeing, unable to decide what (if anything) to do. Pitiful.

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