Trump Anti-vaxxer Sabotages 500 vaccine doses at Wisconsin Medical Center

With Trump's even more sabotaged roll out, millions of doses will expire long before they can be used..

No name, just this jail photo

At our current rate, 60% of our vaccines already shipped will expire before being used

GRAFTON, Wis. (CBS 58) — A now former employee at the Aurora Medical Center in Grafton “intentionally removed” 57 vials of a COVID-19 vaccine from refrigeration earlier this week, forcing the clinic to discard nearly 500 doses.

From New York Magazine:

“How badly are we doing? In September, President Trump promised 100 million vaccinations by the end of the year. As a country, we have only 40 million doses, and had aimed, according to Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar, to vaccinate 20 million by year-end. That’s bad enough. But we have administered only 2 million of those — barely 10 percent of the goal. At this rate, achieving sufficient vaccination to reach herd immunity and bring the pandemic to a close in the U.S. will take about seven years. In Israel, they are vaccinating about one percent of the population each day, meaning the full program of population-wide vaccination will be done by this March.”

Aurora Medical Center officials made the announcement on Wednesday, Dec. 30, after the Moderna vaccines were removed from the pharmacy refrigerator by the individual on Dec. 26.

Officials said in a news release:

“We continue to believe that vaccination is our way out of the pandemic. We are more than disappointed that this individual’s actions will result in a delay of more than 500 people receiving their vaccine. This was a violation of our core values…”

Aurora Medical Center says the individual is no longer employed by them.


U.S. Vaccine Campaign

Jurisdiction Doses distributed Doses administered % shots used
U.S. totals 12,409,050 3,049,456 24.6
California 1,476,425 300,696 20.4
Texas 942,825 205,463 21.8
New York 682,425 203,000 29.7
New York City* 390,425 78,530 20.1
Florida 783,600 176,729 22.6
Federal Entities 781,050 156,885 20.1
Veterans Health 401,075 73,318 18.3
Department of Defense 230,525 55,111 23.9
Indian Health Service 141,850 23,386 16.5
Bureau of Prisons 7,600 5,070 66.7
Illinois 366,700 129,192 35.2
Pennsylvania 388,450 121,574 31.3
Ohio 291,100 94,078 32.3
Michigan 337,475 86,626 25.7
Colorado 246,275 82,342 33.4
Tennessee 250,175 79,282 31.7
Indiana 316,825 76,000 24.0
North Carolina 328,175 73,423 22.4
Missouri 213,925 66,540 31.1
Massachusetts 285,050 65,021 22.8
Virginia 305,225 62,920 20.6
New Jersey 332,825 62,901 18.9
Georgia 376,325 61,870 16.4
Washington 282,950 59,491 21.0
Connecticut 112,500 54,727 48.6
Minnesota 210,750 48,189 22.9
Wisconsin 159,800 47,157 29.5
Arizona 270,250 45,803 16.9
South Carolina 112,125 42,043 37.5
Louisiana 154,150 40,678 26.4
West Virginia 103,375 39,035 37.8
Oklahoma 180,750 36,969 20.5
Maryland 208,725 36,669 17.6
Oregon 167,100 31,382 18.8
Iowa 105,550 31,189 29.5
Arkansas 124,325 30,469 24.5
Kentucky 126,900 29,873 23.5
Puerto Rico 126,250 28,818 22.8
New Mexico 71,700 26,591 37.1
Alabama 124,275 26,409 21.3
Nebraska 63,100 24,077 38.2
Utah 127,375 23,970 18.8
Maine 53,075 23,527 44.3
Nevada 96,950 23,119 23.8
South Dakota 38,225 18,960 49.6
Mississippi 83,450 17,410 20.9
Rhode Island 49,000 17,020 34.7
Montana 36,400 17,000 46.7
Hawaii 56,050 14,894 26.6
North Dakota 33,300 13,989 42.0
Idaho 58,175 13,686 23.5
Alaska 49,425 13,271 26.9
New Hampshire 45,275 13,200 29.2
Kansas 114,850 12,164 10.6
District of Columbia 22,700 11,370 50.1
Vermont 30,025 11,157 37.2
Delaware 44,925 9,744 21.7
Wyoming 26,175 5,466 20.9
Northern Marianas 6,250 2,224 35.6
Guam 13,000 2,158 16.6
American Samoa 8,250 869 10.5
U.S. Virgin Islands 3,950 147 3.7
Micronesia 1,600
Marshall Islands 1,200

Note: Data gathered from government websites, official statements and Bloomberg interviews. Local governments and the CDC sometimes report different totals for the same jurisdiction; in these cases Bloomberg uses the higher number. It can take several days for counts to be reported to databases. “Doses distributed” have been recorded by the CDC as having shipped but may still be in transit; New York City’s doses are reported directly by the city only after they’ve been delivered.


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  1. Just before the Wuhan international bank celebration, Harvard’s Charles M. Lieber was stopped by U.S. customs while traveling from England to China. he was found to be carrying a set of corona-SARS virus, cure, and vaccine AND a copy of the queen of England’s U.S. Patent for same(#10,130,701). After the customs inventory and registering, he was released to proceed to China. Just after the outbreak, February 20, 2020, Lieber was stopped while returning to the U.S. by U.S. Customs and taken in for interrogation. After being caught lying about his activities at the Nanchang/Wuhan Pirbright biowarfare laboratory there, he was arrested and held on $1 million bailbond. Both the U.S. surgeon general and British have issued statements that the corona-SARS biowarfare weapon is extremely virulent for about 2 weeks, after which it reverts to its relatively benign natural form. Further releases of fresh virus, or activation of nanotubule corona virus containers is necessary to again cause lethal results. Why do I still see 5G towers all over the place. Lieber holds the U.S. Patent on 5G virus release systems. Wuhan had been the first major city (12 million) recently covered with 5G towers after the test group in a 45 house hamlet in south Korea.

  2. Did you ever breathe? Do you have any idea how many pollutants alter your DNA? Plastics factory nearby?

  3. How can VT on the one hand claim that COVID-19 is a bioweapon and on the other, claim that its deployment in the USA is being furthered by the slow rate of vaccinations? Of course they would sabotage the vaccine campaign. What kind of a bioweapon would it be if you could be vaccinated for it? They would have to go back to the lab in North Carolina and come up with a more effective one, which they apparently have done with the new and improved COVID-19 strain that is just now being deployed.

    • You can’t have a bioweapon unless a vaccine is developed at the SAME TIME as the weapon. Without that, you have a circular firing squad.

    • Yes, you told us back in June that “targeting with a virus is impossible without vaccines and how they are given out or sold is what gives the power to those who control the vaccines. Key to this was causing a massive pandemic in the US because the vaccine would be worthless if the disease were quickly controlled.”

      So, why all the handwringing about the slow vaccination rate in the blue states? Isn’t this just part of their diabolical plan? COVID-19 was designed to attack the elderly, the already infirm, and especially people of color. It was always about culling the herd, not developing herd immunity any more than giving the Plains Indians smallpox-infested blankets in the 19th Century was to keep them warm in the wintertime.

    • A circular firing squad would appeal to certain “End Times” whackos, but they are most likely “useful idiots” and not running the show.

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