Shape Shifters We Know and Don’t Love at All


VT: Today’s hypothesis?  Are there really lizard people as so many claim, and by “so many” I will add certain US agencies to that list.  There are EXTREMELY classified documents that claim exactly what so many “internet crazies” and attention seeking pundits have been saying all along, that some people aren’t people at all.

Many years ago, after volunteering (don’t ever do it) for an organization that reviewed evidence on UFOs, I was subjected to briefings unsupported by evidence.  Some of those briefings talked about humans interbreeding with shape shifting reptilian aliens that hated humans. (witnesses and proof of briefings)

These were classified briefings which, as we all know too well, may not contain fact at all.

Think 9/11 or WMDs.

After all, would the public back in the late 70s believe something like this?

That used to be a ‘hard sell’ but not anymore.  Chances are you are there now, when you drive past certain houses or watch OANN or Fox News, OK, not exactly “watch” but churn past before barfing.

Then you realize that millions actually watch this crap and that their cerebral functions are in no way conducive to mammalian behavior.

Tell me you don’t have these things every fucking day.

The Nashville bomber couldn’t get himself arrested, he was White in a 100% Klan run town.  I have a friend (Asian) who owns a private hospital there, Nashville is a filthy hellhole, not as bad as Raleigh mind you, but bad.

Then that New York thing last week.  Our guys say a prostitute working for a modeling agency that used to employ a Slovenian princess lost her phone.  She can’t get arrested either.

Then we have the two cows on Frontier Airlines.  Try telling flight crew you won’t do anything.  How many times have you seen police drag people off planes by their hair?  The fat white turd walks off smiling and issuing racial epithets.

In two recent cop shootings, names of murdering police were withheld and Google cleaned out their social media and any photos, even award ceremonies.  Killer cops tend to get lots of awards.

Anyone believe Epstein killed himself?

Waiting for Trump to pardon Ghislaine?

How many media whores are working overtime to keep General Asslick from being arrested for sedition?

There is a problem with America.  We have all been kidnapped by pig fucking hillbillies.

Not only do we all know it, but we talk of little else.

We are going to have to reassess and redefine what we call sentient beings.  Around 100 million Americans own pets, mostly cats and dogs.  Those who own pets, and I mean even fish, reptiles and birds, are well aware that their pets are more intelligent and emotionally responsible than many if not most of the humans they know.

Humans have never been an advanced species.  I have a pet theory that we are the creation of an experiment, certainly well over 100,000 years ago, where aliens created hybrids using DNA from apes and perhaps reptiles as well.  Trump has to be a reptile.

These are not Trump’s favorite photos.  No matter how ugly you are, get your phone out and try some selfies.  See if you can make yourself look reptilian like Trump does in these photos which weren’t photoshopped.  But also notice that photos one and two have totally different noses and skin.  Then try this one:

Try doing that.  We have more photos of Epstein as well.  We may have caught him in the middle of a switch, reptile to amphibian?  You know, with all the joking about reptiles and aliens, don’t you suspect there is something behind it?

OK, let’s say you have a dog.  When was the last time it did something genuinely ignorant?

And in this one, did Trump shit his pants or should we look for a nest full of eggs in the bushes off a fairway?

Then there is this photo. It is supposed to be the spaghetti queen but it looks male and the hind end, ass as it were, is a cartoon, not a photo, as though we had a hybrid of a guy in drag and Minnie Mouse. I don’t think this is Melania at all but the photo has been represented as a modeling photo of her. Why? The photo itself is grotesque.

Simply put, when we say “not all men are created equal” it is not just possible but likely that earth’s population of billions of human hybrids includes those who have inherited dominant characteristics that suppressed any development of mammalian characteristics.

Dogs are loyal. Cats are funny, quite affectionate and enormously social, even with dogs.

People bring wild animals into their homes all the time, often unwisely so, and infect YouTube with wonderful videos. Even a polar bear can babysit human children under the right circumstances.

Tell me if you would let a person who still has a Trump sign in front of his or her home watch your children?

Then remember we give them badges and guns and we’ve seen how that works out. We put a pile of them in congress…and of course they turned on us as well.


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  1. Whatever. The debate does not include us. It never has done. To ‘Them’ (?) we are merely a tool that ‘They’ have made socially/genetically/scientifically to be upcycled/discarded whenever.

  2. Whatever the problem is.
    Be it a human terrorist or a reptile who wears a human looking meat-suit, a .50BMG right between the eyes will solve that problem faster than you can say “Begone Demon!”.

    On a different note, if these nonhuman species exist on/in Earth do you suppose they have families like us and they know the warmth of emotions such as love and self-sacrifice?

    Or are they all malicious operators, no exceptions?

    Is this why WW2 fighter and bomber pilots reported seeing “foo fighters” (UFOs) on many occasions?
    Is there a relationship with why Nazi U-boats/subs made many trips to Antarctica, especially when the 3rd Empire was losing its war? And why so many Nazi Subs were unaccounted for and missing after the war, to this day?

    “Die Glocke” and other Nazi “Anti-God” weapons as they called it, came from these species?

    (End of 1/2)

  3. Part 1

    Not so far fetched this theory of different human species.
    Nor are the “theories” of alien involvement in genetic manipulations.

    Zacheria Sitchin has some very interesting books (and some videos might still be floating out there) about this issue.

    When one looks at the minute differences between “us” and some other species (chimps and gorillas for instance) this all becomes even more plausible. Enki and crew did various experiments until they had the “right” creature.

    I have some further theories about this which tie in to certain groups, but it also ties in with certain religions and why the feel they are the “favorite” people.

    Regardless, it is obvious and proven that there are differences in genetic makeup. Psychopaths are a well documented example of this.

    We are still struggling with a full understanding of our total genetic composition, and personally I am pretty convinced that there are some findings which are in that warehouse were the lost ark of Indiana Jones is stored.

    The important issues to remember are that humans brains are prone to manipulation (as are other species as illustrated by Pavlov) and that only a small group is not easily “trained”. Secondly many want to be seen as special and different, while still being within the safety of the “group”. (Religions are a prime example of this(= religious extremists of various degrees).

  4. Part 2

    And last but not least, certain genetic makeup groups have no ability to feel empathy. Their world revolves solely around their personal interests. No moral or emotional obstructions towards killing or maiming.

    This trait is not only hereditary, this group is also attracted to each other on a “vibration” we still do not exactly understand. Their numbers are not only expanding they have (and probably still are) actively canvassing new “members” (= bringing solitary equals under the group umbrella, as I have personally experienced. Topic of something Katherine Frisk was interested in).

    There is only one way to combat this group, if that doesn’t happen they will be the overlords, if they are not already. Thanks Enki (God) I am old.

  5. Adult human beings are recognizable by their empathy and intuitive understanding of life.
    They can sense the wrongs in society and even when confused, remember deep down our history. Our power is the connection to all life and the planet.
    In the event of a population explosion such as we have witnessed, many young will be present. Challenge,… not suffering , encourages the soul. Suffering damages the person and encourages violence. The proper measure of challenge, directed toward the development of empathy and recognition of the interconnectedness of all life and the planet, is basic knowledge. All things are inter generational.

    • The slowest and most difficult way out of this is to ignore it,.
      The fastest way is to use all of our energy and resources to address it.
      There is a consensus message from all elders, from the earth, “clean our house”.
      This has many meanings.

  6. When the black robes come holding their icon of a man nailed to a post, it is time to warn the village. That is actual human history.
    Since it became global, war is normal, and death is the product. Actual history is outlawed, and real museums burn or blow up. And they follow Trump , the protestants and the Catholics and even the so called masters of human psychology.
    My dog will not even go near a church. The product is clear and visible. If people don’t get it by now, they never will.

  7. Driving down to the south back in the 80’s I stopped in Nashville for fuel. A white Trooper enlisted my help to drive a car with a very drunk Black man from the gas station to his home, a couple of miles away. He then drove me back to my car. I don’t know, maybe they played football together. But, life in America! It was 2:00 am.

  8. I don’t know, but why a women like Karen Hudes, graduate of Yale Law School and she worked in the legal department of the World Bank for more than 20 years, one day she wake up at morning and decides to become in whisteblower and start to tell us an amazing story. What does she have to gain? …and if it is only a fantastic tale, why the World Bank Group has called for the arrest and imprisonment of Karen Hudes and her “cohorts” ???

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