Happy New Year!

Michael Shrimpton looks at the year ahead, which he suspects may not actually be all that happy, and comments on Boris Johnson's surrender to European demands.


Happy New Year everyone, except Democrats, the Chinese and the French! Optimistic as I am by nature, I’m not entirely sure that it is going to be a happy year, but there it is. It looks as though Joe ‘Chinese’ Biden will seize control of the federal government on January 20th, at which point Washington will join Peking, Brussels, Berlin and Teheran on the Axis of Evil. The arguments about the stolen election won’t be going away, however. The Biden Administration will never enjoy democratic legitimacy, nor will Kamala Harris when she succeeds Biden as America’s dictator.

I trust that everyone who isn’t a Democrat had a happy Christmas. Midnight Mass at Salisbury Cathedral was a strange affair this Christmas, with the congregation limited to just 150, that is to say not much bigger than the choir.

There was the usual crop of Carry On movies over Christmas, including my favorite, Carry on Cleo, featuring the late Charles Hawtrey as a wise sage who knows his onions, but gets a good stuffing in the end. Hawtrey was a great, if not entirely sober, character. Told his legs would have to be amputated to save his life he declined, preferring to die with his boots on, which he did.

Charles Hawtrey

I’m pleased to say that I got my stuffing right this time. At any rate my stuffing balls didn’t end up looking like cookies! I roasted a turkey joint, which lasted till New Year’s Day. With my diabetes in remission I was able to stuff myself with choccies, Tim-Tams (a rare Australian delicacy) and Froot Loops, the tasty and nutritious cereal from Kelloggs.

‘Chinese’ Biden

As a Chinese asset, no offense intended, there’s no way that Joe Biden could ever be the leader of the Western World in the way that President Trump has been. Since many of President Trump’s supporters have guns, some Democrats are going to get hurt, sadly. At any rate I predict that there will be fewer Democrats at the year’s end than at the beginning. There may also be fewer states in the Union.

I’m afraid that I still don’t see the Supreme Court intervening. They’ve been bullied and blackmailed into submission, sadly. The lower courts are taking refuge in procedural arguments about delay and standing. No doubt they’re frightened by the strength of the evidence that there was massive fraud on November 3rd.

America’s retreat from democracy is encouraging Bad Actors around the world to do the same. I’ve even seen reporting that that the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, a politician so evil, no offense intended, that he actually supported British membership of the EU, has ordered voting machines from the States! After the fiasco in the swing states in November we all know why politicians order voting machines – it’s because they fear losing and want to switch votes.

There’s no sign of the President declaring martial law and ordering military tribunals to conduct fair and impartial trials of leading Democrats before ordering them to be shot. Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi (TIPWNOI) and Chuck Schumer are still alive, a matter for regret, except for them of course, and their masters in the Chinese Communist Party. All that’s happened is the occasional pig’s head getting chucked in their driveways. I don’t approve of that of course – it must be upsetting for the poor little pigs. There’s nothing worse than having your head sawn off.

Boris Johnson will doubtless welcome a Biden Administration, but he’ll be off even before Joe himself, who’s unlikely to see the year out as President given his sad mental decline, all the more troubling since his starting point wasn’t that high. (Biden is a Democrat, after all.) Not that Boris Johnson is the sharpest knife in the box either – he didn’t even have the wit to appear surprised when asked on the Andrew Marr Show on BBC1 this morning whether he would be resigning now that Brexit is done. Boris denied that he was planning to resign, pretty much confirming that he will be.

The Brexit Deal

Typical! As soon as I say that they’ve left it too late the UK and the EU concluded a comprehensive Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA). It rather looks as though Brexit Watch were right and that the negotiations were choreographed with a view to evading democratic scrutiny.

The bill implementing the agreement was rushed through Parliament in a day. Given that with annexes it runs to over 1,250 pages it’s doubtful that even those MPs who can read actually read it. The deal is provisional as the European Parliament has yet to ratify it, but they will. They’re just a rubber stamp after all, about as effectual as the Reichstag, upon which the assembly (Parliament is too strong a word) is modelled.

As predicted, the deal is a disaster. Already humiliated by the sinister Svengali-like figure of Michael Gove, no offense intended, over the Internal Market Bill, Boris has been humiliated further. (It’s clear that Michael forced the deal on Boris.) He’s caved in completely to the French over fishing and to the Spanish over Gibraltar. The agreement won’t apply to Gibraltar at all and our with respect pathetic negotiators have agreed in principle that Gib will be forced into the Schengen Area.

We have been forced to continue accepting forty metric ton Euro-juggernauts, which will carry on smashing up our roads and shedding tyres on motorways, when having sensible truck weights was going to be a major benefit of Brexit. (I should explain that unlike the States we have no effective means of controlling truck weights, so the forty tonne figure is purely nominal.) Not only will these monster 88,000 lb trucks break up our roads they will continue to crush innocent British motorists, not least as the trucks’ braking systems aren’t designed to deal with 45 to 50 tons, the weight to which many of them appear to be loaded.

It’s possible that there will be effective customs checks, but it’s more likely that cocaine and heroin will continue to flood into the country in trucks coming over from Europe. Keeping GO2’s two distribution cartels supplied with dangerous narcotics is a key policy imperative for the Cabinet Office. The new Cabinet Secretary, Simon Case, is believed to be in favor of the British, but turning the Cabinet Office around is a major undertaking.

Maybe I should explain to new readers that the Cabinet Office was set up by the Imperial German Secret Service in 1916 in order to facilitate German control of Whitehall. Cabinet Office officials traditionally have seen their role as punishing Britain for her role in defeating Germany in the two world wars Harry Hun started in the 20th century.

The lack of tariff protection for Britain’s industries post-Brexit will benefit German exporters. Britain is the EU’s largest and most important export market, with a £100 billion plus trade deficit in goods in the EU’s favor in 2020 alone. Jerry was no doubt particularly anxious to prevent a revival of Britain’s car industry, which collapsed after EEC entry in 1973.

In addition to selling out our fishing communities and the loyal people of Gibraltar Boris has also sold Northern Ireland down the river. Effectively there is now a customs border down the Irish Sea. People are already talking of mainland businesses having to ‘export’ to Northern Ireland, which is a nonsense.

Support for the deal is draining away as people study the fine print. Boris is already in trouble with his backbenchers for using Covid-19 as an excuse to smash the economy. A pathetic figure, no offense intended, he’s fast running out of friends, although he’s yet to do a Keir Starmer and run down a cyclist, no offense to Sir Keir intended. (It rather looks as though the cyclist was not only a Liberal Democrat but a Remainer as well, so nobody’s too bothered and there’s no question of a prosecution.)

Parts of the deal are simply farcical – Article ENER 23, for example, which witters on about a supposed mutual interest in the safety of offshore oil and gas installations, when it was German intelligence who blew up the Piper Alpha oil and gas rig in 1988 in an effort to stop North Sea Oil! German assets in the Cabinet Office and Foreign Office have also successfully stopped the development of the vast South Atlantic Oil Field, presumably hoping to preserve the oil and gas for Argentina.

The new fast-track extradition procedures to replace the European Arrest Warrant are almost as bad. There’s no requirement for an extradition request to be backed up by evidence. British Citizens can still be dragged off to Europe, kicking and screaming, in the middle of the night, subject only to the formality of a hearing before the Westminster Magistrates’ Court, the court which likes to say yes to Europe, no offense intended (only Remainer judges are allowed to preside).

European justice – rounding up the usual suspects.

Not the least odd aspect of the deal is the mutual assumption that the UK will continue to levy Value Added Tax, a.k.a. Vodka And Tonic, which is a European tax. The Cabinet Office’s and Remainers’ strategy is clear: keep the UK as closely aligned to the EU as possible, with a view to going back in.

Remainer talk about this deal determining the UK/EU relationship for decades to come is just so much hot air. In five years’ time enough of the four million or so semi-skilled and unskilled EU workers dumped on the British economy will have qualified to vote to potentially affect the outcome of a third referendum. Never forget that the Cabinet Office and the CIA, acting on German orders, rigged the outcome of the first referendum, in 1975.

Remainer politicians and civil servants are worthless scum, no offense intended. They were happy enough to cheat their way to victory in the first referendum and tried to murder their way to victory in the second. There’s no doubt that they will try to lie their way to a third.

The good news is that the TCA is not binding. The EU’s practice of spraying money around to secure deals means that the UK can denounce it under Article 50 of the Vienna Convention, which deals with corruption of a state’s representatives. We know that cash was hosed around to secure the Withdrawal Agreement, which like the latest deal was sprung on everybody at the last moment like a rabbit out of a hat. Because the deals are linked they stand or fall together. It is reasonable to suppose that cash changed hands this time as well.

No notice is required under Article 50. The wronged state can simply denounce a corruptly obtained treaty. Obviously only a new British government would do this, but one won’t be long in coming. Forcing EU fishing predators out of our waters is especially going to be fun, with the cheerful prospect of the Navy opening fire and killing Europeans, no offense intended.

Johnny European knows the score. In humiliating a country as proud as Britain he knew that he was sacrificing some of his own people, just as Admiral Raeder knew that our community partners on KMS Bismarck were doomed from the moment that a radio signal was sent from the ship to blow up the dear old Hood.

The Mighty Hood

There is no question that this shameful, shabby surrender will mean dead Europeans. The only question is how many. A humiliation on this scale can only be expiated by blood sacrifice, just as Johnny Chinaman will one day be required by Western Civilization to render a blood sacrifice for Covid.


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  1. It’s Joshua 1:9 time today, for everyone. Btw, the best political advice I ever got was given to me when I was still a kid. He said to me, “Before you make a decision, pray and meditate. Make sure you’re on the side of the angels, or the results will not go well for you”.

    • 8 Wise Men (and women) were found yesterday, Epiphany, in the Senate. Not bad, under the circumstances. I would have liked to see more. But hey, at least there is hockey. St Louis Blues still rock.

  2. I haven’t seen They Died with Their Boots On. But the IMDb data for the movie shows some fun stuff, about a dozen (uncredited) American Indians are listed there by name, including the best all-around athlete of the last century, Jim Thorpe, Olympic medalist – baseball, football, and champ ballroom dancer too… However, the movie is fictionalized. In real life, the Crow and Shoshone were allies of the US and Gen. Crook, and saved him at the Rosebud. So the Shoshone would not have “smoked George” at the LBH/Greasy Grass, unless it was a mercy killing as he was dying. The Arapaho 5 who were there, admitted there was some “friendly fire”, aka oopsies. Their accounts were pretty honest, and both the Army account and the archaeological evidence supports them. Interestingly, the Arapaho who were there were extras later on in a 1930s movie, and hopefully they reprised their real-life roles… The Arapaho were allied with the Cheyenne (both Algonquin languages) but the Arapaho preferred trading rather than fighting, as you said.

  3. Shrimp !

    I kinda get it !

    A plaine shot of rye ! Tels gulps of coumandin in thos pletura of what behing our US ass and whats ahead..

    Ahw – bak to GA Custer.. if he was shot in the shoulder ( sharps 500M ++) by the Shoshone Scouts on the adjoining ridge… and the Arapahoe on the bluff next to the wake up call shot out the horses in Custers Detacment.. then Ft Apache w J Wayne (henry fonda)+ is allegory after Custer was Shot in the head; ?? the colors were given to the Lakota after laying siege (Split 45-50’s)..

    sioux only had 200 spencers… they were canibals and never had george over for fresh liver..

    soo who wore the war bonnets in the sioux painting of the period at the bend of the river gulch?

    >> clue.. if they “died with their boots on @ ft apache”.. then who was olivia de-havaland and what shoshone chief gave bing crosby a real eagle feather bonnet ???


    • Yes, they should have seen it coming, when the Sioux (and co.) surprised them at the Battle of the Rosebud, just 8 days before the Little Big Horn aka Greasy Grass.

    • Seapatch, with regard to “whats ahead”… I think there are better times ahead. And I believe that will include a healing of the nations, including the nations within the US. The 7th Cav, some years ago, joined with the Cheyenne to forgive each other. There is a short documentary about that, I believe titled “Your Chiefs are Peacemakers”. But there are still outstanding issues with the Sioux, and no wonder! Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse need to be physically allowed to go home, and please don’t ask me to explain that. They are not just famous Sioux leaders; they are famous American leaders.

      In the meantime, I salute your knowledge of old Westerns!

  4. Diversity is the key to survival. No species survives without depth. The reason we are clannish I believe, is to maintain diversity. If a species becomes to dilute it loses that diversity and becomes vulnerable. This may be why we are inherently racist. Yet we all know why we mingle, and why we War.
    Mr Shrimpton you are either disingenuous with your DVD bias or you lack curiosity. You are well aware of G4S. The corruption of your Royalty, and a certain bank, not to mention what was/is behind Empire building. Religious institutions hide behind the goodness of their prophets as well. Do you have inadequacy issues when it come to German ingenuity. I’ll give you -Brits are funny, but I’ll take a Porsche over a BMW any day if I’m looking for quality and craftsmanship. Thanks for The Beatles, Monty Python, and 007 but you know who gave us the Bomb. And that MFer packs a punch!

  5. The remaining monarchies of the world are going loose the ability to remain relevant. But I really have to hand it to England for convincing so many people in the “realms” they are independent. This however is the final play, so , when that evaporates, the world can finally move forward. The British virus and the interference in our elections is noted.

  6. 1st paragraph says, “It looks as though Joe ‘Chinese’ Biden will seize control of the federal government on January 20th…” We’ll see! January 6 should be interesting. It’s called Epiphany for a reason. I will be looking for Three Wise Men (or women) bearing gifts. Frankfurt evidence would be nice.

  7. There should be a celebration every year in honour of Bismarck heroes for sending at the ocean floor your dear old Hood

  8. We get it, you brits still hate america and are scrambling to protect your colonial establishment. Now mind your own business and leave us the f alone!

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