Blockbuster: Secret Russian Source: Trump Deploying Sarin/VG Gas to Persian Gulf for Chemical First Strike on Iran (unconfirmed)

Russians intercepted emails sent to groups around the country, telling them to "stand up and stand by"


VT: This report just in, 8 PM EST 1/5/2021

The US has deployed chemical warfare units (that we claim don’t exist) to the Persian Gulf to operate off the USS Nimitz.  Special planes, F 35 naval variants, the report states, can deploy low concentrations of Sarin or VZ gas that would kill tens of thousands of Iranian Revolutionary Guards before any knew what hit them.

From Stephen Lendman at

In 2001, the Bush administration rejected the 1972 Biological Weapons Convention (BWC). Claiming a need to counter chemical and biological weapons threats, it spent multi-billions illegally to develop, test and stockpile “first-strike” chemical and biological weapons.

A BWC loophole lets appropriate types and amounts of biological agents be used for “prophylactic, protective or other peaceful purposes.” It also permits research, not development. BWC predated genetic engineering that causes harm to human health. Post-9/11, America paid lip service alone to disarmament. Its nuclear, chemical and biological weapons programs continue. The 1970 Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) was abandoned to develop and test new weapons.

America won’t abolish its chemical weapons like most other states. Doing so would harm its agenda. Despite being a CWC signatory and OPCW State Party, it’s got them to use, not eliminate.

VT Editors (original story)

Confirmed: Our sources in Russian intelligence, at risk to themselves, are telling us that Generals Flynn and McInerney have been contacting their friends in the Pentagon to encourage military commanders to join with armed demonstrators on January 6, coordinating with Senator Ted Cruz who has been in contact with Russia.

The National Guard was ordered to stand down when confronted by armed insurgents in the US Capitol, according to the order issued below to Major General William J. Walker, appointed by Donald Trump:

Mar 18 Present Commanding General, District of Columbia National Guard, Washington, District of Columbia
Jan 17 Feb 18 Acting Commanding General, District of Columbia National Guard, Washington, District of Columbia
Copy of “disarm order” given to the DC National Guard Source: Russian intellignece

Trump’s phone demands to Georgia yesterday were intended to bolster this effort and blackmail election officials into putting a false air of legitimacy behind Trump’s planned address calling for enacting emergency powers.

Russians said that Trump’s retired military backers are working directly with armed militias and other groups, “oath groups,” police and neo-Nazis, to cause massive violence requiring a “military crackdown” which would continue past January 20.

Russians intercepted emails sent to groups around the country, telling them to “stand up and stand by,” and to come to Washington fully armed and await instructions as to where to deploy, instructions that would be coordinated with police and military.

This report comes directly from sources outside the US that met personally with the Russians this morning.

We have confirmations from the highest levels in the UAE who are deeply concerned.

Russians are telling us that Trump had COVID vaccine withheld and given to military to deploy against Iran when the Pentagon coup transpires.  This is the reason for the mysterious failure in the vaccine roll out.

Similarly, Israel has falsely reported that 500 of their military have tested positive after being vaccinated.  This story is intended to create resistance to vaccination in order to continue the pandemic into the Biden presidency if Trump military coup fails.

Meanwhile, Israel is reporting the following story:

Times of Israel: “Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif claimed Saturday that Israeli agents were planning to attack American targets in order to instigate an aggressive US reaction against Iran and spark armed conflict, warning President Donald Trump to avoid such a “trap.”

And he warned that any attack against the Islamic Republic by the US would “backfire badly” on Washington’s ‘BFFs (an initialism for “best friends forever”), in an apparent reference to the Jewish state.”

Trump’s GOP Opposition

An opposing group, led by Pence and Kushner, are trying to stop Trump.  Both Pence and Kushner are, we are told, at great personal risk.  Their plan, we are told is outlined below:

The US military will move against Donald Trump, arresting him for sedition, depending on the outcome of January 6 and the level of violence in Washington DC.  For some time, both Pence and Kushner, have sought reliable and secret back channel contacts with the military, special operations and intelligence communities.

Some of those inquiries have come to VT.

We have been in contact with Pence staffers now for 4 years.  With them, there has been Jared Kushner…

From day one, Pence and Kushner have been looking for protection from Donald Trump.  Both have known Trump is insane, dangerous and, with Pence at least, we aren’t sure about Kushner, there has been a fear for this country.

Pence may not be the brightest bulb in the pack, or bright at all but we suspect he isn’t a traitor and Russian agent.  Neither is Kushner.

We know for a fact that Trump is, and we have known it since March 2016 for sure, sure enough to prove it though our Russian contacts have totally refused to ever say a word, even in person, about Trump.  He is considered their “secret weapon” against the United States, especially now.

VT has tried to inform Russia, through NEO articles which we have had Colonel Khrushchev deliver personally, to stay out of American politics.  Their love affair with Trump has pushed Russia into supporting racists and anti-immigrant causes in the US.

More to come…


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  1. Ironic that a nation that claims it needs to exist based on (dubious claims of) mass exterminations of its tribe in gas chambers is now urging mass poison gas attacks on a country that it has never been attacked by (unless supporting defensive efforts of others is an attack, but only those too stupid to live* believe that).

    Also ironic that the hasbara that all non-self-hating Jews are Zionists and Jews and the States of Israel are one and the same combined with the Zionist attacks on the other 7.5+ billion humans will eventually lead to blowback that will be worse than the (likely partly fictional) Holocaust narrative.

    *If I may borrow a Duffism.

  2. NewtRallyt,
    Well, why don’t you go ahead and list the rest of the Zionist Khazar leaders worldwide ?
    The British attract more attention given The Zionist Khazar criminal Banking Cabal, it’s financial institutions, and corporate headquarters of most Cabal owned industry, manufacturing, production, processing is.
    (Groupe LCF Rothschild)
    All US President’s are related. All European, Eurasian, Royalty is related. (even Tsar Nicholas)
    Who’d you think Russian oligharcs are ?
    Yes, British, Her Royal Highness Queen
    Saxe-Coburg/Gotha….er….I mean Windsor…

    • Jim, he just doesn’t know the essence of life in Russia. Thus, it is the simple way to label: the Russians are coming, Russian mafia, Russian hackers. He sells what he has bought. It is the best brand for selling.

  3. Donald J. Trump
    “I hope the Democrats, and even more importantly, the weak and ineffective RINO section of the Republican Party, are looking at the thousands of people pouring into D.C. They won’t stand for a landslide election victory to be stolen”.
    This tweet tonight from Trump is an implicit threat of violence and mayhem. He should be arrested immediately!

  4. I think things will go smoothly on Jan 6th. There will be some noise from the MAGA supporters and militia types but they are not going to disrupt the proceeding or storm the Capitol. DC police and National Guard can handle them. I think a lot are all bark and little bite. Nothing burger.

    I think the Russian intel is completely wrong on this. They have been listing too much of Q and the chatter on Parler. I mean these same sources probably said Biden would drop out and Trump would win in a landslide. Most pro Trump predictions to date have been catastrophically wrong (1-2 VT contributors come to mind).

    My assessment on Jan 6th: 1) Pence with verbally object to the certain slates of electors. 2) After min. 1 rep and 1 senator object, will go to both houses for debate. Both houses will fail to uphold the objections and they will pass a joint resolution saying that Pence has no power to determine whether a vote is fraudulent/void or not. Result: Biden/Harris confirmed. Set for Jan 20 at 12:00 Noon.

    Time will tell. But must stay vigilant. My assessment. 5-7% chance I’m wrong overall.

    • I love it, after countless decades of lying, cheating, stealing, torture, bullying and genocide throughout the world the exceptional and indispensable “nation” is in meltdown over an election they didn’t even have a say in. The Zionist/Khazars/Deep Dtate have taken everything, the top 1% own everything and the hoodwinked Americans, be they democrat or republian are left with absolutely nothing….what a truely exceptional mess !….who say Karma doesn’t happen ?

  5. Yet another reason perhaps to de fund police?

    And perhaps our newest protest movement Black Lives Matters has nailed a valid problem as their members have been miss treated by same?

    As the “Who” once said “meet the new boss same as the old boss”. LOL

  6. In a perverse way, I’d kind of like to see this come about:it would mean I might actually get a chance to see republican traitors, and in particular the fat ass Orange traitor-in-chief, given a choice of the gallows or firing squad.

    • I’m agree with you, would be better once and for all taking out at sunlight dirty laundry… of all sides.

  7. Americans have been isolated and protected for a long time. They can cause mayhem in other countries without the fear of reprisal and inside US life goes on as normal! However, as unlikely as it may seem – not this time! Not because Iran is strong, but because God is much stronger and wants America chastised for being led around by a bunch of Satanic Zionists.

  8. Pence and JarJar are looking for cover it appears. If what you say is true, they know the man to be insane and they sat back through the bombings and pandemic. I have no sympathies for those two. Right now I have Georgia on my mind.

    • “Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif claimed Saturday that Israeli agents were planning to attack American targets [USS Nimitz?] in order to instigate an aggressive US reaction against Iran and spark armed conflict, warning President Donald Trump to avoid such a “trap.”

      No one will be “watching from the side” on this one, Andy. A redo of 9/11 blamed on Iran will go nuclear within hours. It will inevitably involve both Russia and China. WWIII, here we come.

    • Tommy, i mean watching for the news. Because it is not in my personal power to prevent such things.

  9. Excellent point, NewtRallyt. And of course Khazars have been doing that for a thousand years ever since they left the western shores of Khazaria. Banditry, subversion, killing their victims and taking their identities asset stripping them, infiltration.

    • That behavior is the exact reason they left the Western shores of Khazaria. Well, the survivors, anyway.

  10. Well, until I see otherwise I will not be mistaking cowardice for righteousness. These are mostly chickenhawks making noise, and have zero fortitude to stand behind a madman in his hour of petulant tantrum creation.
    This can hardly be counted as “patriotic”. If they thought they had any chance at all, they would be all in. Milley ain’t havin it.

  11. Just as Dr Quigley said in his “Tragedy and Hope”, every empire past its peak as it begins to fall into oblivion, becomes insane, dangerous and completely incoherent..

  12. America is in a great need of purge indeed, a lot of bad blood has been accumulated, this never comes easy for any generation. Republican party has gone on the dark side cannibalism like the Aztecs. The past few Republican presidencies and administrations need to be thrown into Hague.

  13. Do I read this correctly as saying that there is a plot, not just “to overthrow the ‘legitimate’ US government using armed mobs” (!) but ALSO “to use the US military to attack Iran” at the same time or shortly thereafter?
    If it is true, then it sounds about the daftest plan possible! Either one would be enough to create suicidal chaos, but both together? Truly, the mind boggles!! Break out the popcorn!

  14. When and how do we, or will we, find out who in the military remains loyal to their oaths, and who does not? Moreover, is it reasonable to believe those in the military loyal to their oaths are at this point knowledgable of the coup? Is this the reason for the letter from the 10 living former Secretaries-of-Defense?

  15. One of two things happen on January 20, at noontime: either Joe Biden is sworn in as 46th US President, or the presidency falls to the Speaker-of-the-House, Nancy Pelosi, as caretaker until such time as Biden is sworn in.

    • That would be the case if it wasn’t for the USA Patriot Act. This, from the Atlantic…

      “The moment the president declares a “national emergency”—a decision that is entirely within his discretion—more than 100 special provisions become available to him. While many of these tee up reasonable responses to genuine emergencies, some appear dangerously suited to a leader bent on amassing or retaining power.”

    • Russian Russian Russian everyone says Russian without having the balls to say it correctly, the Russian Jews who are dual citizens like the inbred southern US republicans who are devoted to Israel and its right wing Likud.
      It’s like in Iran, for a hundred years Iranians have been very clear that every misery around the world is the work of the Brits but before and even after the Iranian revolution they can’t bring themselves to say it correctly, the Zionist Brits (the entire British government).

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