…by Jonas E. Alexis, VT Editor, and Brother Nathanael Kapner

The Mossad has been assassinating perceived enemies since its inception,[1] and they make no apology for their essentially diabolical enterprise.[2] They have assassinated Iranian scientists, and even former president Barack Obama had to ask the Israelis to stop killing people they do not like.[3]

Even the Daily Mail, of all places, reported that Israel, “a country born in bloodshed, has become the leader in assassinations.”[4] Taking its cues from Ronen Bergman’s Rise and Kill First: The Secret History of Israel’s Targeted Assassinations, the Daily Mail continues to say:

“Not only have Mossad’s secret agents killed more people than the agents of any other state since World War II, but the pace has rapidly increased, with some 800 operations in the past decade…

“One operation in 1968 was directly inspired by the film The Manchurian Candidate, with Mossad hiring a Swedish-born psychologist to brainwash a Palestinian prisoner into murdering Yasser Arafat, chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organisation.

“The psychologist picked a suitable prisoner and spent three months hypnotising him with the simple message: ‘Arafat bad. He must be removed’. The prisoner, known only as Fatkhi, was trained to shoot at pictures of Arafat, hidden in a specially prepared room. On December 19, 1968, a Mossad team smuggled Fatkhi across the River Jordan, from where he was supposed to infiltrate Arafat’s headquarters.

“Then they waited. Five hours later, news came. Fatkhi had wasted no time. He had gone straight to a police station and accused Mossad of trying to brainwash him. The operation was an abject failure.”[5]

have argued elsewhere that the Mossad is a pernicious organization that will do virtually any wicked thing—including propounding deliberate lies and falsifications, assassinating scientists, sabotaging nuclear facilities, corrupting computers with viruses such as Stuxnet, spreading bloodshed in the name of “defense,” making alliances with terrorist organizations such as the MEK, using fake passports and documents to infiltrate countries and assassinate individuals, playing semantics and manipulating public opinion, spying on “friends” such as America, cooperating with dictators, and launching “terrorizing campaigns” at “European experts”[6]—in order to complete the Zionist dream. Some of these covert and wicked activities have been going on for over sixty years.

Jewish writers Dan Raviv and Yossi Melman try very hard not to say that the Mossad acts like terrorists, but there is an actual team from within the Mossad called Kiddon that practiced not only covert operations but the assassination of perceived enemies.[7] Most of the assassinations are approved by the prime minister. A classic example would be the strategic plan to assassinate the late Yasser Arafat.[8]

  Brother Nathanael Kapner

THE MOSSAD PRIDES ITSELF ON DEEP infiltration & penetration into every
‘Muslim’ militant group in the world. Thus any media-hyped ‘terrorist’ attack reported by the Jewish occupied press is doubtless a Mossad operation.

All of the Mossad-engineered ‘terrorist’ attacks benefit the Khazarian Mafia since it galvanizes the Western world into making Israel’s enemies their own – and gives Israel a free hand in dealing with the Palestinians who are looked upon as enemies of the world.

The infiltration of the Mossad into the US political & military infrastructure had its greatest impetus in the 1980’s during the Reagan & Bush Sr administrations. Zionist Jews with close ties to the Mossad held influential offices in the Pentagon during this period:

Richard Perle: Perle worked at the Pentagon as Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Policy from 1981 to 1987. Prior to this, Perle was investigated by the US Justice Department for discussing classified information with an employee at the Israeli Embassy, but of course, the case was dropped.

Paul Wolfowitz: Wolfowitz worked at the Pentagon as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Regional Programs from 1977-1982. At this time, he was involved in establishing the US military central command. From 1982-1986 Wolfowitz worked at the State Department as Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs. And from 1989-1993 Wolfowitz was back at the Pentagon as Under Secretary for Defense Policy.

Douglas Feith: Feith worked at the Pentagon from 1984-1986 as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Negotiations Policy. Feith was also employed as Special Counsel to Assistant Secretary of Defense, Robert Sims.

All three of these people, whose loyalties are first to Israel & their fellow Neocons, were brought back into high Pentagon positions by their useful idiot, George Bush Jr, during his first term as President from 2001-2004.

According to Karen Kwiatkowski, former Political-Military Affairs Officer at the Pentagon, “high clearances were granted to Israeli’s & Likudniks who would march through the halls of the Pentagon.”

Having grown up as a Jew, I can attest that Zionists like Perle, Wolfowitz, & Feith, would not scruple to bring moles into the Pentagon to spy on our nation. I say this because the Khazarian Cult has an attitude of derision and contempt for “Gentile” America. Khazarian cultists look out for their own interests and will trash America when it comes to their own ’survival.’


“ISRAEL IS THE EAVESDROPPING CAPITAL OF THE WORLD” observes James Bamford in his recent October 2008 book, The Shadow Factory – The Eavesdropping On America. In his book, Bamford gives a detailed account of how spying on American citizens since 9/11 has been outsourced to companies closely linked to Israel’s intelligence service, the Mossad.

In an alarming passage, Bamford reveals that AT&T & Verizon outsourced their wire-tapping arrangements made with the FBI and the National Security Agency (NSA) to two companies founded in Israel, Verint and Narus. These two Israeli companies have close ties with the Mossad’s Unit 8200, the Israeli equivalent of the NSA.

Through the contractual agreement between America’s largest phone companies and the Israeli telecom firms, Verint and Narus, the Mossad has access to once-private American communications information. “Virtually all US voice and data communications can be remotely accessed by these companies in Israel,” writes Bamford.

Verint and Narus were founded by Israelis — the Israeli-born, Jacob Kobi Alexander, being the founder of Comverse Technology, Verint’s parent company, headquartered in Israel. Comverse Technology subcontracts the installation of tapping equipment now built into every phone system in America. And Comverse maintains its own connections to the phone tapping equipment, insisting that it is for “maintenance purposes only.”

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  1. Since they murdered ‘JFK’, the influence of the Zio-Jewish Agents, within the United States, have subverted, ENSLAVED, the ‘Land of the Free’ into their PLANTATION, from where the, ‘BLOOD and Treasure’ of the American People, has been used-abused, on the Barbaric-Bloody Altar of Zionism on the World Stage! Just think of the ‘False Flag’ attack in 1967? http://www.holocaustonthehighseas.com That one Failed! But they murdered 34 and wounded some 200 American Citizens, SAILORS! The next ‘False Flag’ attack they have undertaken that on ‘9/11/2001’ became a roaring success for the Demonic Zionist Zealots! They Pulled DOWN the WTC. Towers #1,#2 #7, by installing, ‘Controlled Demolition’ Explosives, into those Giant Structures, murdered 2977 innocent Collateral Victims and dragged the US into the unending Wars of the Middle East! Don’t forget that such an extensive, major installation required months, if not years of planning, logistics, security, that could have been accomplished ONLY with the support, of US Federal, State and N.Y. City Security Agencies, the US Military also had to be NEUTERED for that day! IT was an INSIDE JOB to a Great Extent! Our own Government Agencies went along with that Major, ‘Crime of the AGES’, on our OWN SOIL, against the American People ! Think About that, to understand the Influence, power over our Political Structure, that ‘JFK’ has pointed out, before He was eliminated, put out of the way!

  2. No, my friend. I have lived amonst the Israëlis, and they believe nothing like that they are the true blessing to the World. Rather, they believe they are in eternal peril and thus have to trick all others just so as to be able to survive. This is rightly called “pre-catastrophic trauma”. Maybe ingested thru thei mothers’ milk — I’ve seen it happen.

  3. Let’s not forget the co-öption of the local Kurds and local minorities (Bedous, a few Yahavies, Alamites and and many (from that hidden faith in the Beka’a vally) in ‘Israël into their army! This goes for many a christian immigrant also.

  4. The Mossad uses many failed and poor Izraëlis of Russian and Soviet origin to try to meke friends and influence people in other lands. Often in-directly by hitching up with their close relatives. (I’ve been the subject of such approaches myself — the object of the “Mata Haris” being my more famous leftist opinion leaders and politician relatives. They injegt them and us with “love posions” and the “spanish flea” to get us and them in heat.

    • Time and again, the Mossad have used “Mata Haris” (honey traps) to influence North Atlantisist policymakers. Often not those politicians or influential persons themselves, but rather close relatives or related policymakers in politics or public opinion. Often using “Spanish Flea” or related infusions on both parties to think they were anamored. And sending sub-class Russian girls away in the same operations. No end to it!

  5. The only botched Mossad operation I know of that resulted in sentencing occured in Lillehammer Town in East Norway in the summer of the year 1973 after the birth of our saviour (for us Goyim) Jesus Christ of Jerusalem. More than five Zionist assasin helpers were indighted and sentenced — albeit only to 2 1/2 to 5 year sentences and most of them pardoned or released prior to have served their time.
    I believe it might be because one or two of the perpetrators of the assasination in Lillehammer were true Ninnihammers, and that Zionist media want their youth to what mistakes never to do — that there are no lies and few distortions in the wikipedic versions of the story in english & Hebrew.
    Strangely, the saga o
    The English-language version is to be find (and fined) here:
    The other and more interesting entry is this one — because it is much longer and to the point in Modern Hebrew:
    The headline caption on the Hebrew-language version of the Wikipedia runs like this:
    העיירה לילהאמר בנורווגיה, שבה נהרג בטעות אחמד בושיקי על ידי צוות חיסול של המוסד
    Enjoy the read!

  6. Plus as a hasbara writer you can’t bring yourself to admit that what you just posted is pure Marco Polo legend and folklore. Instead you dress it up as fact. On your Alamut Castle hasbara (great place to hike today): “During the medieval period, Western scholarship on the Ismailis contributed to the popular view of the community as a radical sect of assassins, believed to be trained for the precise murder of their adversaries.”

  7. And also do the math from 1077 to 1231 only in a hasbara handbook the number 154 is referred to as “hundreds.”

  8. I wonder why Mossad’s alleged desk inside Langley is allowed to continue to operate. Yes, it appears that the American government has been infiltrated, and we now are seeing an almost repeat of the Russian 1917 revolution in this country. That would be the last thing I, as an American, would want to see happen. It is past time to remove all of the zio-israeli influences and controls from this country. They brag about being the great destroyers, and that is exactly what they do – they destroy those who do not subscribe to their political and religious ideologies. The world needs builders, not destroyers.

  9. Your version of history is a little slanted. The Mongolian rift with the Kharazmshahian an Iranian Turkish dynasty formed by Turks who ruled over Iran of then, didn’t start over any assassinations of “Persians going around and killing people” (that’s your hasbara version) but over Mongols wanting trade and relations with the Iran and Iraq of then and not given the courtesy. Mongols were considered primitive and they were as they burned all the books, but the elimination of the Kara-Khitans by Sultan Mohammad facilitated the Mongolian attack on Iran. There was also the shit disturbing bitch Terken Khatun who was meddling in everything.

    But it was after the end of Kharazmshahian in 1231 that they say their army produced a lot of mercenaries from which a gang freed Jerusalem from 1244 til 1917 where it got occupied again by invaders.

  10. Yes, they have a lot of experience. Since the founding of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, whose mission was to capture Nazi criminals around the world. Well, I also remember how they inexorably got all the members of the terrorist group who committed a terrorist attack at the Olympic Games many years ago.

  11. Well I guess the fuckers can come get me now. They know I’m no friend, or threat. Time may be on their side, but life goes on and I was born with no guarantees and only one Fuck.

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