Breaking/Notice: Joint Chiefs cite Trump attack as ‘Insurrection and Sedition’ vow to support Biden Presidency in Official Memorandum (best copy available now)

Active duty and veterans involved in the attack on the Capitol should anticipate being hunted down for their deeds

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley Michael Reynolds/

Gen. Mark Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the Joint Chiefs of Staff are preparing to send a message to the entire military force reiterating a tone of reassurance given recent violence in Washington, according to two defense officials.

The message will remind the force that their obligation is to support and defend the Constitution and reject extremism, the sources said. The decision to issue the message was agreed upon by the chiefs on Tuesday, one of the officials said.

It is considered a significant step because the chiefs have sought to stay out of anything that may have political overtones. But given what has happened, they all felt it was important to make a statement given the gravity of events surrounding the inauguration.


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  1. And as a government of the people, Any US person is within their rights to petition any court for a private person arrest of Donald Trump for inciting insurrection, and murder. The proof is all on tape easily presented. A warrant should be issued immediately.
    Policies are not laws. They say we do not have Kings, but the evidence does not support this.
    We must be outraged, because we aren’t, then buy some knee pads.

  2. The dancing bear routine in the letter, is that first it is called a “violent riot” and then later, sedition and insurrection. But , at least they said something, and it is not their job to involve themselves in politics unless addressing a threat.
    That said, they could have cited a few other illegal actions that have occurred that have led to, and combine with, the insurrection ,…forming a legitimate domestic threat.
    We have serious chain of command issues, and security issues. Apparently, multi-trillions do not protect our largest cities, military headquarters, or even our capitol. All have been hit rather easily with barely a shot fired back in the past 20 years. That my friend is ABJECT FAILURE TO PROTECT. Defunding and replacement of entire commands and agencies is in order. Anything else is dereliction of duty.

  3. “Charles Quinton Brown Jr. is a United States Air Force four-star general who currently serves as the 22nd chief of staff of the Air Force. He is the first African-American to be appointed as Chief of Staff and the first African-American to lead any branch of the United States Armed Forces. ” assumed office Aug 6 2020

    That took 244 years. The Joint Chiefs are very new to integration.

    • correction he was CJCS ,.. the issue is the quote above is on Charles Browns wiki, so Powell must not be considered African American, which I suppose could be argued, but…

      Charles Brown is considered the first African American on the JC.

    • Well, it is a weird note, that Powell is listed as the first African -American Secretary of State, but not the first African American of the JCS, Secretary of State is the position he held at the onset of the Longest War in US History.
      But, I guess someone wants their cake and eat it too, as Brown is listed as the First African American on the JCS, and the entire point is, generally speaking our military is the least racist government agency, but not at the very top. They made a big deal announcing Brown as such. I do however, believe Milley is keenly aware of this. Check his testimony in front of congress regarding the confederate bases.

    • Colin Powell was made general because he covered up the Mỹ Lai massacre in Vietnam for the army, which was just 1 massacre that came to light of many more.

      Colin Powell is one of the boys (the US General fagg*ts collusion), and just another piece of trash.

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