…by Jonas E. Alexis, VT Editor

If you haven’t noticed, Mike Pompeo has just lied again. Pompeo has staged a horror show of epic proportions by axiomatically stating, without evidence, that al-Qaeda has “a home base” in Iran.

“Iran is indeed the new Afghanistan, as the key geographic hub for al-Qaeda,” Pompeo has recently spewed out. “They’re partners in terrorism, partners in hate. This axis poses a grave threat to the security of nations and to the American homeland itself.”[1]

Pompeo, as an Israeli shill, has to perpetuate things like that because he obviously thinks that this is going to frighten the vast majority of Americans. He obviously believes that the United States can repeat what they did in Iraq by telling Americans one lie after another. USA Today has reported:

“His provocative remarks come just days before President-elect Joe Biden takes office with promises to revive U.S.-Iran diplomacy, including the 2015 multilateral nuclear deal, aimed at curbing Tehran’s nuclear program, which the Trump administration withdrew from in 2018.

“Pompeo, an Iran hawk, has made it clear he opposes Biden’s plans to return to nuclear negotiations with Iran. Although he did not mention Biden by name on Tuesday, he denounced the ‘appeasement’ of Tehran as naive.”[2]

Pompeo again stated: “Let’s not lie to the American people about Iranian moderation and pretend the appeasement will work.”[3] A lying liar is telling us that framing a peaceful resolution with Iran and trying to avoid wars at all cost isn’t good. Trita Parsi—author of the trilogy A Single Roll of the Dice: Obama’s Diplomacy with Iran, Treacherous Alliance: The Secret Dealings of Israel, Iran, and the United States, and Losing an Enemy: Obama, Iran, and the Triumph of Diplomacy—obviously gets it:

“It’s just not believable at this point. This is an administration that is doing everything it can to create conflict inside of the U.S., and now it’s doing everything it can to make sure that no diplomacy can take place between the U.S. and Iran after it leaves.”[4]

Ebony Bowden

Yet Ebony Bowden of the New York Post, in her desperate zeal to support a diabolical regime which never stops to look for fresh blood in the Middle East, has put out a misleading article earlier entitled, “Pompeo reveals Iran-al Qaeda secret terror alliance.” How can something be revealed without a shred of evidence? Does Bowden really think that she can fool everyone all the time? Listen to Bowden here:

“Revealing newly unclassified intelligence, Pompeo said the Iranian regime was providing logistical support to the extremist group and had become their new base — allowing al Qaeda to focus on new terror attacks and posing ‘a grave threat’ to US security.”[5]

And what is this “unclassified intelligence”? Well, it’s Pompeo himself. The Post continued to quote Pompeo saying,

“We ignore this Iran-al Qaeda nexus at our own peril. We need to acknowledge it. We must confront it. We must defeat it. Iran decided to allow al Qaeda to establish a new operational headquarters on the condition that al Qaeda operatives abide by regime’s rules governing al Qaeda.

“We now have the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism, the Islamic Republic of Iran, as the home base for al Qaeda. They are partners in terrorism, partners in hate. This axis poses a grave threat to the security of nations and the American homeland itself. Al Qaeda today is operating underneath the hard shell of the Iranian regime protection. America has far less visibility on al Qaeda’s capabilities and their activities than we did.”[6]

Pompeo means to tell us that Iran spent years fighting al-Qaeda in Syria, and now Iran is working with al-Qaeda! How stupid can it get? Moreover, why doesn’t Pompeo start talking the MEK, the terrorist organ which both the United States and Israel have used in the past to create terror in Iran?

You see, the Neocons and warmongers in the United States do not believe that MEK is a problem at all because the terrorist organization has been supporting both Israel and the United States since the beginning of time. The flaming Neocon Daniel Pipes himself said: “The MEK poses no danger to Americans or Europeans, and has not for decades. It does pose a danger to the malign, bellicose theocratic regime in Tehran.”[7]

Pipes continued to say elsewhere that the United States must continue to establish a vibrant relationship with the MEK and “Remove the unwarranted terrorist tag from the MeK, as the European Union has already done.”[8]  The United States, Pipes moved on to say, must “seek out culturally similar hosts for MeK members; perhaps Persian-speaking countries (such as Tajikistan or Afghanistan) or Muslim Middle Eastern countries hostile to the Islamic Republic of Iran (such as Saudi Arabia or the Persian Gulf statelets).”[9]

In other words, if a terrorist organization is attacking Iran and perceived enemies of Israel, then that organization can never be a terrorist cell in the strict sense of the word. That organization has to be good. This ought to be called Satanism in the political sphere, and both Mike Pompeo and Daniel Pipes are Satanists because they will deliberately use lies and fabrications in order to keep a Luciferian ideology alive and well.

As my dear friend Mark Dankof stated in 2019:

It is clear that “regime change” in Iran is the goal of the Neo-Conservative, Zionist foreign policy of the Trump Administration. The situation in Iran must be understood not only in light of what the CIA and British intelligence did in Tehran with Operation Ajax in 1953, but in contemporary terms in the 4 decades since the overthrow of Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi in 1979 with ongoing American and Israeli subversion in various cities and provinces of Iran, along with the current American Empire machinations in Ukraine, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Bolivia, Venezuela, and now Hong Kong among others.

Pompeo’s recent announcement giving Israel the green light to steal the West Bank along with solidifying their theft of East Jerusalem (al-Quds) must also be added to this demonic mix and overview. Jewish settlement in Hebron (al-Khalil) alone has now tripled, as but one example of the ramifications. The American backed horrors in Gaza and Yemen amplify a very blood-soaked picture.

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  1. All the presidents from JFK are / were controlled by the Khazarian Mafia, that includes the demented senile corrupt Creepy Joe. Trumpkin, as lame brained as he was/is, started no wars and after threatening N. Korea, all of a sudden he was on the 38th parallel with Kim Jong Un shaking hands and tried to bring peace. Even attempting to meet with Iran leaders, they refused then their general was murdered, by who? Undoubtedly Israel to put the blame on Trump. Trump’s idiot son-in-law was undoubtedly the mole in the WH, like Chelsea’s husband, in the event Hillary the snake was elected prez. But fortunately, that didn’t happen yet Israel’s Yinon Plan was saved and ongoing. Soon the world will smarten up – hopefully not too late.

    • What’s lame is your attempt to whitewash the biggest loser here, the military industrial complex. I fact Trump’s personal sanctions on Iran was always a prelude to a hot war with the IRI that his boss now ten feet under mud wanted. That cancer now rotting for good was clear from the getgo when he hired your guy, that Iran will never bend for talks under pressure, hence his psychotic statement 7 years ago to nuke Iran.
      Now watch Joe change all of that as in cutting the fat from pentagon and stopping the madness in Yemen, something you tools always avoid talking about because it’s just simply messy and there is no republican talking points to use on their massacre like there is plenty on the ayatollahs.

  2. In Russia, our people understood from the very beginning who this narcissistic, arrogant and deceitful bastard Pompeo was. I really hope that he will no longer be seen in American politics.

    • He was hired by your favorite thug, executing every order on behalf of his “commander in chief” Lol.
      The problem with you Russians is that you put your money on fascist figures who are easily manipulated but lack substance.

      Putting your bets on this imbecile instead of Hillary just because you hate liberals did cost you years of harsh sanctions that wouldn’t have been nearly as bad if the email lady was in place. I can even go further and say that Iran would have been economically vibrant with Hillary and a senate majority democrats all away from your favorite fascist Tea Party and the likes of what we saw for four years, would’ve been at the helm.
      And domestically there is absolutely no question that Hillary would have been avoiding hundreds of thousands of perished lives to covid and saving an economy that was doing far better than this lying sack of sheet wanted to portray when he came in.
      Stock market performance is not a gauge of the economy.

    • NewtRallyt, my dear friend, did you forget to take your pills this morning? ‘Cause you sound aggressive today 😁

      I, of course, do not work as a systems analyst in Putin’s situational headquarters and I do not make decisions. What I see now is a bunch of villains in the White House: evil, crazy, aggressive, rude, etc. And I don’t care who they are, donkeys or elephants. The flamboyant Trump throughout his entire term changed personnel in the administration, like gloves. Biden, like an old blind horse, drags old senile and warmongers, freaks into his administration. Both are a bunch of problems. Including for my country. But we will have to negotiate in any case. And the people of the United States will have to come to an agreement, eliminate the consequences of the split within the country. The whole world saw that in the United States the democracy is dead, the 1st amendment is dead, and society is full of deep social contradictions. You can’t go on living like that.
      Get well soon, my dear Yankees! 👍

    • @Adrian2MiL18
      I’m amazed at the American system. They close their eyes to their affairs, but yell at every corner about other countries. Americans can murder democratically, overthrow governments, bomb countries. The same BLM was blowing cities in the USA to pieces for half a year – that was normal.
      Amazing people. In my opinion, 70% of the inhabitants of the White House should move to the zoo, and not deal with the fate of the world.

    • Adrian, since you and Andy always work in tandem I’m relying to both of you: I’m anti drug, lol, I only drink and only when I’m relaxed. Otherwise I have enough time to exercise 3 straight hours a day and enjoy life.
      What I’m enjoying right now is seeing people jump ship like there is no tomorrow. Lol. All my zionist friends are ducking right now …
      When a few years ago I got away from RT it was because for a few years you Russians were ripping yourselves new ones in the writeups and comment sections to demonize the democrats (dimoogratz !!) and push this fraud Trump. That right there was most of the election meddling that no one can blame Russia for it. But your bets were off.
      He was a fraud from the getgo and you couldn’t see it.

      What happened in Libya however was the work of Tony Blair and the rest of that society who’s good at always blaming others, just like it was in Iraq. They even joined EU just to destroy it.
      And you Russians always focus on the wrong people, solely based on ideology. Russophobia is a British product just like Israel is.

      Time to wakeup.

    • Andrew, I’m not amazed about anything since long time ago, and as George Bernard Shaw said once….patriotism is your conviction that this country is superior to all others because you were born in it.

      Newt, there is not any work in tadem with Andrew, the fact that occasionally we can agree is just random as well as the time we comments because there is 6 hours difference between Andy country and mine

    • Forget the tandem remark, my bad but if you care to look closer at the Operation Ajax, you will see that it was solely the work of the Brits but using US’s money and image to display a US overthrow of Iran’s democracy. Reza Shah knew all about the Brits and had warned his son the Shah who was also taken down by the Brits later, to be careful with them.

    • @NewtRallyt, comrade, nothing personal, as you know! )) But don’t blame Adrian2MiL18, he is not Russian and he doesn’t deserve to be witch hunted. Both of you are good persons and i like your comments. As for RT, i have no biased opinion about them and how they work. And i have never read the comments there. You know, we have a lot of crazy Russians there, as every country has. I express my personal opinion. In Russia we have a true freedom of speech. And even the 5th pro-Washington column in Russia have their tv and radio programs. That would be impossible to imagine in the USA. And everytime when i criticize the USA, i speak about their government, not ordinary people like you and me. Cheers!

  3. 7 days, 9 hrs, 35 mins to end this madness for an administration that showed utter incompetence, unforgivable lack of responsibilities, and mindless bias for Isrealis cause at the detriment of both American & Iranian nations. Here is PM Javad Zarif’s response to Pompeo’s recent lie, [“ Mr. we lie, cheat, steal” is pathetically ending his disastrous career with more warmongering lies. No one is fooled. All 9/11 terrorists came from secretary Pompeo’s favorite ME destinations; NONE from Iran.] Off the topic but interesting that no other Alt Media except Sputnik reported the death of Sheldon Adelson today!

    • I hope Jim and Gordon will write on Adelson’s legacy which is filled with nothing but crimes, corruption and Israel support of their theft and crimes.
      He was literally the money behind every filth in GOP. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the criminal was funding the Capitol takeover.

  4. I can almost hear the sound of Javad and Joe undoing everything that this terrorist trash is doing in his last moments to make life hard for the new administration.
    Javad and Joe !

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