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[ Editor’s Note: This Bitcoin funding comes as no surprise. It is a marriage made in heaven for funders to hide their involvement and recipients to do the same. And the tool would be even more valuable for overseas transactions that have currency reporting requirements.

I have never been a close follower of BitCoin as I assumed it was a pump and dump scam from the beginning, and maybe even being run by an Intel agency.

For spooks using it at the country level, it opens up the possibility that their buying power could run BitCoin up to sell high, with the profits going to fund dissident groups and still have their original budget allotment to do something else with.

Despite the common belief that BitCoins are untraceable, those with the skills can do so, which I would assume includes all Intel agencies. The good old fashioned briefcase full of cash is still the gold standard for ‘private’ funding.

VT was suspicious of the amount of traveling a lot of these angry groups were doing. The groups appeared to contain a lot of people with little to no means of support, or a lot of the pandemic unemployed looking to moonlight.

You can be assured now that, due to the ultimate national security risk of the Capitol attack conspirators, the Feds are going to dig down into the bone marrow of the organizers. We will be getting what they are finding as the arrests are made, more when the charges are filed, and then more when the court hearings start.

Don’t hold your breath on those. I caught the news on someone arrested yesterday that their first hearing will not be until June, with the courts being backlogged everywhere.

I had thought that there would be some fast tracking on these Trumper commandos. This particular case was in State court. Maybe the Feds will assign special judges to handle the Capitol attack. The fallout will go on for a long timeJim W. Dean ]

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First published … January 14, 2022

Daily Beast and Yahoo News: Prominent white nationalists and right-wing groups in the U.S. received more than $500,000 in Bitcoin a month before the Capitol Riot from a foreign donor, most probably Russian intelligence.

Authorities are investigating whether the payments, which came from a computer programmer in France, were connected to the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol, according to Yahoo News.

White nationalist publication VDARE and the Daily Stormer received the cryptocurrency from an account on a French digital currency exchange on Dec. 8, as did 20 others. Nick Fuentes, a Holocaust denier who marched in Charlottesville in 2017, reportedly received $250,000.

During a press conference on Tuesday on the investigation into the Capitol riot, acting U.S. Attorney Michael Sherwin said the “scope and scale of this investigation in these cases are really unprecedented.”

At this time, Sherwin added, prosecutors are treating the matter as a “significant counterterrorism or counterintelligence investigation” involving deeper dives into “money, travel records, disposition, movement, communication records.” Other payments may have gone to religious leaders and GOP staffers as well.

Investigation is ongoing

A “newfound expertise in online messaging and recruitment, coupled with the fact that modern extremist groups are generally young and digitally savvy, means that these organizations and individuals have fundamentally altered the way that extremists raise money,” wrote Alex Newhouse, a data analyst at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey, in a 2019 report that explored the links between white supremacists and digital currency.

Some prominent right-wing groups or sites display their bitcoin wallets prominently, the report noted. “The lack of regulation over Bitcoin has driven its adoption by white supremacists,” it said.  read more



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  1. My mind translates “Russian” to “Zionist “.
    This has enabled me to remain sane and functional “Since 9/11”.

    Meanwhile, remember to be useful to your neighbors.


  2. Ah, the problems facing the “marginal actors” who serve as intermediaries between imperial powers and their subjects as they strive to manage the perceptions of the plebs:

    “To whom are you speaking, are you an insider or outsider? Different spaces, different voices, different truths—the open, public platform of the Rostra against the backdrop of the cloistered Senate Chamber”

    Patrick A Kelley discusses in his book Imperial Secrets: Remapping the Mind of Empire p.150 quoting Thomas McDonough in Naked City,

    “The elevation provided by “the overflight at high altitude” transforms the sociologist [or intelligence analyst] into a voyeur of sorts, who not only enjoys the erotics of seeing all from his hidden vantage point, but who also enjoys the erotics of knowing all”.

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