…by Jonas E. Alexis, VT Editor

Likud minister Tzachi Hanegbi, an ally of Benjamin Netanyahu, has recently made a bold statement which seems to suggest that Israel is prepared to wage a nuclear war with Iran if Joe Biden happens to proceed with the nuclear deal. Hanegbi declared:

“If the United States government rejoins the nuclear deal — and that seems to be the stated policy as of now — the practical result will be that Israel will again be alone against Iran, which by the end of the deal will have received a green light from the world, including the United States, to continue with its nuclear weapons program. This of course we will not allow. We’ve already twice done what needed to be done, in 1981 against the Iraqi nuclear program and in 2007 against the Syrian nuclear program”[1]

Translation: If the United States happens to come up with a peaceful resolution with Iran, then Israel will presumably annihilate Iran. It doesn’t matter whether a peace deal will be good for America, for much of the Muslim world, and much of the entire planet. It only matters whether the peace deal will be congruent with a diabolical ideology which never ceases to look for blood virtually everywhere in the Middle East.

Here were have a serious problem. Whether you are a Democrat, Republican, non-partisan, we all need to be united on this very issue: no more war for Israel! We’ve all had enough. It was Iraq, then Afghanistan, then Syria, then Libya, and now we are back to Iran? And the reason for the war?

A categorical lie, a colossal hoax, and a thread-bare fabrication. And what’s that fabrication? Iran seeks to develop nuclear weapons which they will use against Israel. That mantra has been repeated since 1979, and the Israelis were hoping that people forget their history so that they can repeat the same old lie virtually every month or so.

We’ve already had numerous domestic issues that we all have to deal with, and we simply cannot afford to let the Israelis lead us into another war in the Middle East. Hanegbi continues to say:

“The Iranians want permission from Assad to act freely in Syria, to transform it into the model of Hezbollah [the Lebanon-based Iran-backed terror group]. This is all to deter us from acting against its nuclear program.”[2]

The evidence for this nonsense? Well, Hanegbi presented none. He expects the entire world to believe him because he is, after all, an Israeli official. They do possess evidence that the world does not possess. Hanegbi:

“The most important thing is to convince the incoming American administration not to repeat the mistakes of the Obama administration — to appease the Iranians. This only increased Iranian aggression and defiance. They saw this as American weakness.”[3]

Biden should pick up where Obama left off, and he will certainly make Americans proud if he can avoid another disaster in the Middle East. One more thing that we should point out here is that if the Israelis happen to wage a war with Iran, then we can be sure that they are slowly but surely heralding their doom because it will eventually be revealed to the entire world that Israel is indeed a menace, a rogue state, and a diabolical regime that needs to be bridled once and for all.

  • [1] Judah Ari Gross, “Likud minister warns Israel could attack Iran nuclear program if US rejoins deal,” Times of Israel, January 13, 2021.
  • [2] Ibid.
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  1. The Zionists are always asking for trouble; seems it is second nature to them. They are not able to lead a normal peaceful life.They are doing a good job of paving the way for wiping themselves out.

  2. Do the Israelis and their supporters realize that if they launch a nuclear strike against a country that they are not at war with and kill millions of people, they and other Jews (mostly innocent of the crime, of course) will be hunted down for decades or centuries to come? After all, how can a group (note that this is only a fraction of the Jewish population – many Jews of course do not hold ethnic/racial/religious supremacist beliefs to that extent) that considers all others lesser beings to exploited or destroyed, ever peacefully coexist with anyone else?

    Funny (but not ha ha funny) that Zionism is the worst thing ever to happen to the Jewish people.

  3. “We’ve already twice done what needed to be done, in 1981 against the Iraqi nuclear program”. Lol …

    delusional much ?
    “Operation Scorch Sword was a surprise airstrike carried out by the Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force on 30 September 1980, that damaged an almost-complete nuclear reactor located 17 kilometres (11 miles) southeast of Baghdad, Iraq.”

    “Document Friday: When Iran Bombed Iraq’s Nuclear Reactor
    by Nate Jones”

    “On 2 December 1980 an unmarked Boeing 707 landed under cover of darkness in Mehrabad Airport, Tehran. There, a crew member was handed “a small metal briefcase, with the instructions ‘Do Not X-Ray’ painted in English on the outside.” Inside, in all likelihood, were the images photographed by Iran and used by the Israeli Air Force in 1981 to conduct Operation Opera”

    Israel should be careful with Iran.

  4. Remember, Jonas, Israel nuked us on 9/11 and got away with it. This was predicted back in 1990 by Benjamin Netanyahu, “If we get caught they will just replace us with persons of the same cloth. So it does not matter what you do, America is a golden calf and we will suck it dry, chop it up, and sell it off piece by piece until there is nothing left but the world’s biggest welfare state that we will create and control. Why? Because it is the will of God, and America is big enough to take the hit so we can do it again and again and again. This is what we do to countries that we hate. We destroy them very slowly and make them suffer for refusing to be our slaves.” We didn’t pay attention then and we won’t pay attention now.

    • After reading this statement by Netanyahu, the Americans should understand what a back stabbing scum he is. Why don’t they come together to force the American Government to stop their unbridled and criminal support for Israel; this statement is enough for the dumbest person to recognise who their real enemy is?

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