Trump’s Real Farewell Address…


My fellow Americans and for those who served in the military, I address the suckers and losers…

I leave with my work half done, so much less than half.  Only 400,000 dead and $10 trillion in debt…

30 million unemployed….another 125,000 dying, but that will be Biden’s problem…

I grew rich selling American weapons, American secrets and American lives..

I grew rich on COVID scams…

I grew rich by bilking idiots out of $200 million for a cheap election hoax I made up while on the toilet…

And I leave America today, not as I found it…

A nation divided, lawless, more ignorant, more angry, a nation of suffering and hunger, a nation of refrigerator truck morgues and corpse bonfires

I left with powerful friends, a Russian president, dictators and sheiks…

I almost pulled off 20 plane loads of Brazilians infected with new strains of COVID until Biden put his food prematurely up my ass

I leave a White House like it was never before

Shit on the walls

The Kennedy rose garden plowed under

the smell of McDonald wrappers everywhere…

the stench of shit filled adult diapers…

and my lovely wife, Melania…



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  1. Trump was a great “President” for Israel.
    The big question still remains:
    Whose bright idea was it to put 6 million Parasitic Ashkenazis in an area the size of Vermont and then surround them with an estimated 250+ Nuclear Weapons?

  2. His final words before boarding Air Force One for the last time, “Have a good life, we will see you soon.” Hmm… Wonder what he meant by that? My guess is will divert the flight to Tel Aviv where his buddy Bibi will set him up in Trump Heights to escape prosecution for his many crimes. He promised his true-believer supporters that he would lead them to the Capitol when in reality he will leave them to take the fall.

    • … But he left us wiser!…

      To the millions of absolute f*cking morons in our midst.

      I publicly “predicted” him winning before anyone – Nov 2015 – earlier privately. But it was because ALL media anointed him “Tough On Trade”.

      The morons, I knew they were there, I just underestimated their numbers by about 5X.

  3. Dylan said it best 41 years ago where Evangelicism would take us.

    “Man’s ego is inflated, his laws are outdated, they don’t apply no more
    You can’t rely no more to be standing around waiting
    In the home of the brave, Jefferson turning over in his grave
    Fools glorifying themselves, trying to manipulate Satan
    And there’s slow, slow train coming up around the bend.”

    Bob Dylan

  4. Good summary G., you only forget to mention few things as Trump’s successful creation of US Space Force, which already they had his first deployment in outer……. outer of country, not of earth, because they were sent to… Qatar. 🙂

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