Maud’ Dib: Ripple Effect, the Day Tony Blair Played Bush, the Most Dangerous Video in History


VT: John Anthony Hill has been a friend and contributor for many years.  He was extradited from Ireland to Britain because he produced this film proving beyond any doubt that the British government, filled with Murdoch blackmailed Freemasons…pedophiles…working with the Mossad…staged the 7/7 terror attacks…

Much the same as with 9/11…

Watch the video…and remember…never forget…and then you will understand why Trump gave us COVID 19…and he did and we can prove it…

The Real Perpetrators of the 7th July 2005 London Bombings – The Mossad

See the best movie proving what really happened – 77 Ripple Effect 3A by Muad’Dib


Millions of people all over the world doubt the official version of 911, with lots of evidence on the internet to prove that it’s in fact a bold-faced lie.

The same applies to the 7th July 2005 London Bombings, falsely blamed on 4 innocent Muslims, who were murdered to keep them quiet.

The movie 77 Ripple Effect by Muad’Dib is now out in its 3rd version, which irrefutably proves that the Mossad did the bombings.

Plus there are a few other additions; and they all prove that the theorised version of events in the original 77 Ripple Effect movie were in fact 100% correct.

The extended 77 Ripple Effect 3 version now has the damning proof that the Mossad, together with elements of the British establishment, did the bombings, and this is the first version that has Arabic sub-titles, for those who don’t know English.

Please distribute it far and wide. The only way the official story will be changed is if they know that millions know that they are liars, which they in fact are, and it’s the only way that justice will be served.

The movie, together with Muad’Dib’s story, is also at

77 Ripple Effect 3A English Arabic.pdf

An ISO file of the film can be downloaded here for making DVDs: 7:7 RIPPLE EFFECT 3A.iso


alternative: 7:7 RIPPLE EFFECT 3.mp4 + 77RE3 Arabic



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  1. Yes indeed it is amazing that the “British 9/11” (Ripple or 7/7 ) has gone unchallenged by the public.
    Richplanet TV has accumulated many facts which make very interesting reading.

  2. The extraction and removal of Trump is childs play compared to the decades old attempt to remove a heredity based family from power in England and the other Monarchies.
    They must abdicate the thorne and dissolve the house of lords before there will be peace.
    Australia and Canada are not helping, they should get a spine.

    • The pope has one chance to do the right thing. Such a simple thing, and yet the first time a clear conscience would be felt. The truth will set you free,….and us…

  3. I just wanted to chime in. I saw the original Ripple Effect in around 2006-2007. I am not sure on the exact years but it was quite a while ago. I am looking forward to seeing the updated version.

    This is an outstanding documentary (the original). Really mind blowing. I was in a state of shock after I saw it (2006-2007) It’s a bit long but please take time to see the whole thing. I don’t know if this was ever shown on the BBC but I would be stunned if it had. Would never be on mainstream US media. To be frank, I can’t believe it was even allowed to be made – and I thought that back in 2006-2007.

    Here is what it does. If one is a blue pill skeptic and not read in on things so to speak, this documentary is so compelling what if you’re were a juror you’d get a beyond a reasonable doubt unanimous verdict very quickly.

    If something goes seriously “wrong” in a drill, be very wary of meeting back up at a previously designated spot!

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