Help US Find These Assholes…Send This EVERYWHERE!


VT: The list below is a long one. Look for faces but also clothing and gear. If you recognize anyone here, please contact the FBI. Send this around to all your contacts.




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  1. After the revolution, the Loyalists were kicked out of the country, most went to Canada.
    I would certainly think deportation or revocation of citizenship should be on the menu.
    Particularly for elected officials who condone usurping elections.

  2. Didn’t Putin arrest 3600 for a peaceful demonstration while we have 120 for trying to burn down the White House? Let’s see an armed mob hit the Kremlin and walk away unharmed.

    • Still processing, but quite possibly, the softest response EVER in kept history , to a violent insurrection at the heart of any power. There is no question, it will be repeated, if nothing further is added to the response. It is like watching the victim of an assault, seemingly deciding whether to fight back or relax and die, as if there is some disassociated guilt from an extraneous past.

    • 1. I do not know the exact number of those detained after the all-Russian rally in support of the pro-Western Navalny. These are the detainees. The police will draw up protocols on them and release them. Those who took part in the attack on the police will be convicted. This is a normal practice all over the world. In the Russian Federation, everyone knows who Navalny is, so it was young people who came to the rally. Initially, they were counted on, because the minds of young people are not strong and it is easy for them to lay down an idea. In fact, they were very aggressive against the police and provoked the authorities. They didn’t have a program. Just like football fans took to the streets, shouted “Go away!” and provoked fights. Romance of young hearts. In Holland yesterday, the police dispersed people using harsher methods. Personally, I am against armed attacks on the Kremlin, the Capitol, etc. Instead of using forceful methods, it is necessary to build a dialogue with the authorities. It’s another matter that now all the authorities in the world have stopped listening to the people. As for Navalny, he is a clown behind which the ears of Washington and its EU subsidiary stick out. He pushes young people to the barricades, but young people themselves do not really understand what they are doing. The fact that Putin leaves the country will not raise salaries 5 times the next day. As for corruption, it is a worldwide practice and we know about this even without Navalny.

    • Andy, I always appreciate your perspectives on the site. As a Russian, you are aware that every regime on the planet us subject to being overthrown. It has no relationship to its legitimacy or the lack of it. It is just the normal cycle set down by the real “powers that be”, those that Jesus threw out of the Temple back in the day. I have a joke for you. An American and a Russian go into a bar. The American is going on about how he’s just lost his job, his home, and his wife has run off with another man and on top of that, some crazies had just stormed the Capitol. It seemed to him that the his world was turning upside down. The Russian replied, “You poor man, is this your first time?”

  3. Firstly I just want to say that I saw a video showing the violent acts against police officers that were done by some of the protestors and it sickened me. I felt a sadness for those officers and their families who were killed or injured as a result of these violent acts against them. But saying this I am against dobbing in these people. The authorities can find some of those responsible by telecommunication records (mobile phones are basically tracking devices) or scouring social media. VT often publishes articles that highlight the corruption and abuse of power within the FBI so why are you asking the audience here to help the FBI? The majority of us are against the governments abuse of its powers to intrude into our personal lives and the way they manipulate the public into giving up our freedom and rights. Now your asking us to help the same govt agency that has played a role in suppressing those freedoms and rights? Yeah naaah.

  4. It continues to amaze me that these folks committed felony murder while all the time knowing they were being captured on video. Many of them dressed up in funny costumes like it was ordinary street theater. This attack and the folks who planned it should definitely be filed under, What Were They Thinking?

    • Tommy, That is the point. They were not thinking, just sucked up into the moment after being pumped up at the Trump rally, and motivated before that to go all the way to Washington. But beside that, when the first drone flew over the crowd the cops had an hour and a half to get reinforcements to the capitol as the crowd size scream eminent danger, and there had to be undercover cops inside the crowd to pass on the crowd mood to central control.

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