Trump Files for ‘Domestic Violence Restraining Order’ against Biden (You just can’t make this stuff up)


Reuters legal reporter Brad Heath on Monday posted a lawsuit filed by multiple pro-Trump organizations against multiple government officials that sought to bar President Biden from enacting any further executive orders on the basis that he is not a legitimate president.

“The Disputed President is hereby enjoined from signing any further Executive Orders without first submitting the order first to this Court for approval,” the plaintiffs wrote in their request for a restraining order against Biden.

The motion also declares that all Trump executive orders reversed by Biden should automatically go back into effect.

The lawsuit also demands that the entire 2020 presidential election be thrown out so that a new election can be held.

“This lawsuit merely seeks a return to the system of government contemplated by the founders of this nation — a republic where representatives are elected by its citizens — through a new election that conforms with existing law,” the motion states. “Despite the exaggerated ravings of such media outlets, it is actually not unreasonable to ask for a return to the rule of law through a legal election.”

All of this left Heath in a state of shock.

“I’ve never, ever seen a legal filing remotely like this,” he wrote in response.

Read the whole filing here (PDF).


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  1. If you haven’t noticed the religious fervor of the Trumpsters, you haven’t been paying attention. As the chairman of the Republican Party of New Mexico, Steve Pearce, said, “[Trump] is our president forever, no matter who won the election.” Many if not most of them are Christian Zionists. They see Trump as being chosen by God to lead the Ashkenazim back to Jerusalem and start that “transformative, apocalyptic conflict” (Bannon’s words) that will bring their warrior messiah back to earth to smite all unbelievers, everyone but them apparently. He’s their ticket to the Rapture, so of course he “won” the election. These folks are the rock-solid core of Trump’s base and they aren’t going away anytime soon.

  2. I need a link to post this on Facebook. lol
    I read he is creating ” the office of the former president ” where he can continue his presidential work. lol
    I am beginning to wonder if his offspring is filling his head with this mess in hopes he has a mental breakdown allowing them to take over Trump Inc. lol

    • A few clarifications:
      – His “presidential work” was a few signatures cancelling the US and gifting Israel and Russia.
      – Filling what head ?
      – His mental breakdown started when he first walked into the Oval Office in 2017.
      – By the time Pelosi is done with “Trump” “Trump Inc” will be what it always was a big liability.
      – And those retards you call offsprings will have to join their stepmom in her old line of work.

  3. Chief Inspector Charles LaRousse Dreyfus is in need of a quick triple dose of ketamine. All day and night under his straitjacket he’s been fantasizing about being like Putin and arresting 3700 people in one day.

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