Trump’s impeachment defense team leaves less than 2 weeks before trial

CNN's expert feels the legal team did not want to make fools of themselves by risking their law licenses for submitting false testimony knowingly


…from CNN

[ Editor’s Note: It appears that the impeachment trial strategy session with Trump and his lawyers had them heading out the door. The main reason appears to be Trump’s demand that his defense be focused on the election being stolen from him.

CNN’s expert feels the legal team did not want to make fools of themselves by risking their law licenses for submitting false testimony knowingly, a detail that Mr. Trump has never concerned himself over.

My feeling is that Trump feels his worst case scenario is losing control over his base, and thus The Steal frenzy is his political lifeboat, if not for running for office if convicted, but keeping control of the Republican party with his Trumptard army not only as a voting block, but a violent one to intimidate the non-Trumptard wing.

It is also posed that if Trump does not feasibly have time for new lawyers to prepare for the written brief deadline, he could fall back on a defense that impeaching him after leaving office is unconstitutional, as the Senate Republicans have already voted such, and that would save himself a lot in legal fees.

So the Trump circus continues, as does the evidence gathering on the preplanning for the insurrection coup, which the Senate proscecutors can use. If, as McConnell said last week that the impeachment trial is a political ruling, that still leaves the door open for Trump and team to face criminal prosecution by a Biden DoJJim W. Dean ]

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First published … January 31, 2021

Former President Donald Trump’s five impeachment defense attorneys have left a little more than a week before his trial is set to begin amid a disagreement over his legal strategy. CNN’s Elie Honig breaks down what this means for Trump’s case.


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  1. He doesn’t need a defense attorney if he has the votes. He is saving his money for the law suits that are going after the bankroll. He can submit a letter, and the outcome will be the same. Expert graft is rewarded in the US, and this is our main problem.

  2. The morally bankrupt ‘process argument’ that Trump is no longer in office has at least two counter-arguments.
    1. The Senators should vote strictly on the merits of the case and if Trump is convicted, Trump can appeal his conviction in Federal court for the Constitutional argument. That is how we normally settle Constitutional arguments you weasel Republican Senators.

    2. Trump receives a pension, staff, and travel expenses because of his office of President. Impeachment denies him these benefits, it would be more correct to say that he is no longer serving his term as President rather than say that he has no office. In any case, see argument #1.

  3. I think should be used the chinese way of execute to officials who take bribes and besides that would have an positive effect in DC, the price of housing would be very cheap, indeed would hit rock bottom…. 🙂

  4. In the alternate reality we live in It seem the defence that only a republican could get by with, “you can’t impeach someone who has left office. However, historically there is precedent. And when it is anyone other than a republican you can even impeach the dead. Hell the indicted dead Confederates leaders were pardoned to appease and thwart another Civil war. Everyone knows Democrats have no spine.

    Could it be that Trump, having lost his bullyhorn twit account is finally saying F’ it to conventional wisdom and his lawyers and is going to make his grand final stand and free ball it at the impeachment trial Go Big Or Go Home Donny John Drumph!

  5. What do you think. A year? Maybe two for this show?
    I’m thinkin in one year him and his fam will either be behind bars or financially ruined to the point he won’t even be a poop stain on the BVDs of history.

  6. “The attorneys had not yet been paid any advance fees and a letter of intent was never signed.”

    Shekelsteins Butch Bowers, Deborah Barbier, Josh Howard, Johnny Gasser and Greg Harris, are smart. It’s has nothing to do with having or not having integrity but instead everything to do with having to bend over for free.

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