MAGA Tears: Seditionaries, FBI net closes on Maga mob that stormed the Capitol

Sedition is the most serious crime that anybody could be accused of from 6 January


Guardian: As prosecutors from the House of Representatives prepare to present their case against Donald Trump at his impeachment trial next week for incitement of insurrection, supporters who heeded his call on 6 January to “fight like hell” and went on to storm the Capitol Building are finding themselves in far greater legal peril.

The trial that kicks off in the US Senate on Tuesday could lead to a further vote that would permanently debar Trump from holding office in the future. By contrast, the mob of fervent Maga acolytes who broke into the US Capitol following an incendiary rally headlined by Trump could face prison for up to 20 years.

One month after the events which left five people dead including a US Capitol police officer, there is no sign of the Department of Justice and FBI letting up in their relentless pursuit of the insurrectionists. In the past week alone there have been arrests of alleged rioters in Seattle, WashingtonLas Vegas, NevadaCorinth, TexasGarner, North Carolina; and Marion, Illinois.

“Sedition is the most serious crime that anybody could be accused of from 6 January,” Gomez said. “It’s advocating the overthrow of the US government. It involves not just talking about overthrowing democracy but having the means and wherewithal to carry out those actions.”

As more has become known about those arrested, the strategy being pursued by the FBI has also revealed itself. In several cases, people who participated in the storming of the Capitol were picked up and charged with relatively minor offenses such as trespassing or theft of mail simply as a means to get them into prosecutorial clutches.  read more…


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  1. btw, Pink Hat Lady , mother of 8 seen using the battering ram,….owner of the used book store she worked at, and accomplice – another british transplant,…they are piling up and the threads forming ropes to Britain are all over the place

  2. This is a case where the insurrectionists and their lawyers are truly showing their “newness” to the concept of protest. Seasoned protestors, usually do a lot of research and consultation with lawyers regarding the legality and efficacy of their “intentions to execute a preplanned activity”. It does not matter to the individual cases that they thought the president was telling them to do something. He is not the supervisor or commander of civilians. It does matter to the impeachment however, that they are saying it, as it can be used as evidence against the president. It is evidence that the perception of independence and government by the people, is warped in their minds, and they seek autocratic leadership which does not exist in the US.

    • A comparison case, where 70 or so Native peoples occupied Last Childs Hill , during Standing Rock and began to perform religious ceremony, knowing they were within their rights to do so, and also understanding likelihood of arrest. This was the trap law enforcement fell into. They arrested everyone but later the charges were all thrown out, because the mercenary police acting in obedience to the oil companies and politicians, did not know or respect the law.
      Each individual who entered the capitol is on their own and acted under their own power. They were and are clueless about chain of command and civilian law. They are directly implicating Trump in “incitement” by repeating the sheepish bleeting about being directed.

    • For years I marched with the Nelly Gray right to lifers. Talked with many a Capital Police and discovered that their biggest concern was the safety of all the really old people walking too far. Jan 6th was a contracted riot with a hidden agenda. Point is, if you want to demonstrate, you can. And the Capital Police are pretty nice folks, especially if you are from out of town and lost.

  3. These folks seem to think that their actions don’t have consequences, that anything goes in support of their not-so-fearless leader. Truth be told, Trump is not going down with his fervent followers. He will skate to Israel and leave them to take the fall. Maybe his pal, Bibi Netanyahu, will build a golf course for him in Trump Heights up on the Golan. With Tel Megiddo right down the road, Christian Zionists will congregate there to have front-row seats for Armageddon, where their warrior messiah will smite all unbelievers and turn the world into some kind of Christian-Zionist theocracy. No doubt Trump will get a piece of the action.

    • Trumps own executive order from June of 2020 — Hilariously ironic
      “The order calls on the attorney general to prosecute to the fullest extent of the law any person or group that destroys or vandalises a monument, memorial or statue. Federal law authorises a penalty of up to 10 years in prison for the “willful injury” of federal property.
      The order also calls for maximum prosecution for anyone who incites violence and illegal activity, and it threatens state and local law enforcement agencies that fail to protect monuments with the loss of federal funding.”

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