The Case for Trump as Antichrist


Let’s try an experiment. Let’s travel back in time to 1820 and view the chaos of 2020 America through the eyes of someone from that era. What would he, or she, make of our present sorry situation? Raging forest fires? Destructive winds and hurricanes? Blood and mayhem in the streets? Our Republic teetering on the edge of collapse? And, most frightening of all, a mighty pestilence sweeping the land killing people by the thousands.

Most folks had only one book in their home library back then, if they had any books at all. And even those who were illiterate, as many were, knew at least parts of what is contained in the Holy Bible. They knew more of it than the average American Christian does today. We may be confused, but they would not have been. Clearly this is the Wrath of God at work. The Great Earthquake of 1811-12 would have been still fresh in their minds. The quake that devastated parts of Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, and spawned a religious revival.

There would have been a considerable argument over why God’s Wrath had been brought down upon America. Some might have argued that Americans were rejecting God or violating God’s plan for Mankind, which is perfect and holy. Others might have said that people were ignoring God in their pursuit of earthly wealth and pleasure. Those who returned to the fold after the great quake were so numerous that they earned the nickname of Earthquake Christians. All good Christians would have agreed that the Lord God had every right to punish us for our transgressions.  read more…

Donald Trump, Antichrist



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  1. The average American Christian doesn’t read the Bible and doesn’t study history, including this author. The reformers know the antichrist and his system came from Rome. This is the history of the last 400 years, there are volumes written to support this and volumes written by Rome to refute it. The mark used by the beast system is the dollar based central banking system.
    During the Roman Empire lenders based in temples gave loans. This grew and developed over time to what we have today. Many histories position the crucial historical development of a banking system to medieval and Renaissance Italy. Today Rome is the temple that gives loans to governments typically through its London and Swiss branches. The US is the police force or muscle that guarantees payment. That muscle also makes sure that you take the loan offered. Look at 20th century history. Countries without central bank’s were over thrown and were given a banking system to cover the IMF loans they were given to “rebuild”. Now they people have to pay ever increasing taxes making them have the mark and think about the mark. As far as Trump being “The” antichrist no I don’t think so. The antichrist is someone the world loves and follows, a true leader that people will have a hard time talking against. The Bible states there are many antichrist.

  2. After reading the whole article, if you think Trump is out of the running for being the Anti-Christ because he doesn’t come “from among seven hills” consider this. Trump received over $400 million in today’s dollars from his father’s real estate operation — which included two Staten Island properties — that allowed him to amass a fortune. Oddly, Staten Island has seven hills, Fort Hill, Ward Hill, Fox Hill, Grymes Hill, Emerson Hill, Todt Hill, and Richmond Hill. Could these be the seven hills referred to in the Book of Revelation, “and I saw a beast coming out of the sea with ten horns and seven heads, which stand for seven hills” and could Staten Island, the beginning of Trump’s real estate empire make him the “beast” that the rapture-me-outta-here Christian Zionists are looking for? Only God knows…

  3. Actually, the Hopi predicted this current scenario with amazing detail but not attributing it to any devil or individual, but to the younger white brother who carries the cross as a sword.
    The materialism we are witnessing being carried out at the business end of this domination nightmare will continue to worsen, unless we rebalance the material and spiritual. Jesus and the book, or any devil, has nothing to do with it. Clearly they are the problem. Fruit does not often match intentions of the children. ” We didn’t mean to” is the most common refrain. Demonic Possession, is not a defense allowable in court and recklessness should never be mistaken for such.

    • That is a highly bizarre belief Elvin. The myopia of a random earthling.
      The lesson from Trump,…there is no reward for blind obedience or belief. In fact, it isn’t really advised at all.

  4. The editor”s perspective is well taken, but even as an antichrist Trump sucked, he was such a shitty diablo.

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