Breaking: Oath Keepers Were Trying to Seize Nuclear Football and Launch Codes Plus Pence and Family for Armageddon

An even bigger security breach than 9/11, biggest in US history


Everything needed to launch a nuclear attack was there and the Pentagon never knew about it as they had been mysteriously ordered to stand down during the attack…just like they had on 9/11.

“US Strategic Command became aware of the gravity of the incident after seeing a video played at the Senate impeachment trial Wednesday showing Pence, his Secret Service agents and a military officer carrying the briefcase with classified nuclear launch information running down a flight of stairs inside the Capitol to get to safety, the official said,” reported Barbara Starr and Caroline Kelly. “It is not clear if other national security elements of the government such as the National Security Council or top officials at the Pentagon were aware of the gravity of Pence’s position and those of his team.”

Daily Beast: The U.S. military’s top command was unaware that Vice President Mike Pence’s “nuclear football” was at risk of being captured by rioters during the Jan. 6 storming of the Capitol—until they saw it on TV this week.

U.S. Strategic Command only became aware of the close call after seeing a video played at the Senate impeachment trial Wednesday that showed Pence, his Secret Service agents, and a military officer carrying the briefcase with the classified nuclear-launch information running down a flight of stairs inside the Capitol to get to safety, a source told CNN.

The vice president always has a backup of the president’s “football” in case the president becomes incapacitated. Kingston Reif, an expert on nuclear-weapons policy at the nonpartisan Arms Control Association, told CNN the incident “ought to raise further questions about the rationale for the anachronism that is the football.”



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  1. Well, if the Oath Keepers they had been able to seize nuclear football, just with the briefcase itself alone they had not been able launch only one nuke because is not one button to push there, they also would have needed the Pence plastic card with his code, and at this stage, the rioters they would have obtained just a phone call with the officers at National Military Command Center and NORAD which they would have rejected any launch order. But what yes they would have obteined is highly sensitive information about transmission frequencies of Emergency Action Notification System, Military Strategic and Tactical Relay satellites network and the books with with classified site locations and other information.

  2. Really nothing adds up in this ‘dog and pony’ show we call the Senate Impeachment Trial. You have Trumps defense making false claims about the status of a person being impeached, you have a defendant calling for and organizing a ‘mob’ at the height of a pandemic, a defendant who won’t even sit at his own trial.
    The Senate was specifically chosen in the Constitutional Convention because it was deemed ‘a tribunal sufficiently dignified’ and ‘sufficiently independent’. ‘What other body would be likely to feel confidence enough in its own situation, to preserve unawed and uninfluenced the necessary impartiality between an individual accused, and the representatives of the people, his accusers. mean while duche-bag Hawely sits in the balcony with his feet up playing with his GameStop GameBoy. These AssHats are doing someones bidding and We The People are not that.

  3. If you haven’t noticed the religious fervor of the Trumpsters, you haven’t been paying attention. Many, if not most of them, are adherents of so-called Christian Zionism. Their end-times theology looks toward a cataclysmic apocalyptic conflict (WWIII) that will be the end of the USA as we know it and the beginning of their Christian Zionist theocracy. These folks already believe that the Earth was created exactly 6025 years ago because they’ve counted up the “begats” in the Scofield Reference Bible, so it isn’t much of a stretch for them to believe that Trump actually “won” the election. He’s turned much of the Republican party into a personality cult that hangs on his every word. Those who stormed the Capitol were willing follow him right over the cliff. That they would be after the “nuclear football” makes perfect sense.

  4. Have been watching the impeachment process. How is it possible for the impeachment managers not mentioning this football?

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