Glenn Kirschner pushes for 50 State prosecutions for Covid negligence


Team Justice Letter to State AGs Demanding Criminal Investigations of Trump & Co. for COVID Deaths

…from Glenn Kirschner, at Team Justice

[ Editor’s Note: Kirschner has sent a Team Justice letter to the new Department of Justice demanding criminal prosecution of the Trump regime for its various federal crimes.

This of course comes as no surprise. It made no sense to make this move earlier when the impeachment trial was dominating the news. But now that the political trial where the Republican Senators gave Trump a free pass in his insurrection attempt, they now have that act branded on their foreheads.

There have been news reports that Trump was going to reemerge after the trial to take the offensive again via some early campaigning for the 2022 elections to target non-Trumptard Republicans as a way to generate some publicity that he is still ‘relevant’.

Due to his social media bans, his getting out on the road would be one way to generate regular news coverage and encourage his Republican Congressional supporters to circle their wagons around him as the de facto party leader.

This could be a good thing for the rest of us, as that makes an easier target of the whole bunch. Sure, they can start flexing their campaign muscle and raise funds, but they won’t be getting much from a long list of traditional corporate supporters.

There will be an upcoming stream of stories on all the different criminal investigations. The Fulton County District Attorney in Georgia has already sent the message that Trump is only person that she will be looking at for attempted election fraud, with Lindsey Graham in the dock with Trump. Expect that list to grow.

Gone are the days where we were getting hammered by the Trump gang because they held the reins of power. Even his lawyers are assailed with lawsuit litigation on their Stop the Steal coup efforts, with litigation that will go on for years.

That is a lot of negative baggage to be carrying around while running for office. What is needed is the will to push the litigation through to its ultimate end, to convict all those deservingJim W. Dean ]

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US Supreme Court

First published … February 15, 2021

Team Justice is a diverse group of individuals dedicated to equal justice for all and accountability for government officials who commit crimes or abuse their power or position of public trust.

Team Justice was founded by Glenn Kirschner, a 30-year federal prosecutor who spent decades handling murder cases in the courts of the District of Columbia. We’ve drafted a letter to all 50 state attorneys general and the AG for the District of Columbia demanding they open criminal investigations into Trump and members of his administrations for avoidable/preventable coronavirus deaths.

We are asking all citizens to consider signing the letter if you believe state prosecutors should investigated Trumps gross mishandling of the coronavirus pandemic. The text of the letter is explained in this video and is listed below.

To sign the letter, simple click on this link:

Thank you, Team Justice

Dear Attorney General __________ We are writing to urge you to have your state law enforcement authorities open a criminal investigation into potential liability for avoidable/preventable coronavirus deaths in your state.

Given the public reporting, we believe there is prima facie evidence that Donald Trump, Jared Kushner, Mike Pence and potentially other Trump administration officials are criminally liable for, at a minimum, a low-level of homicide, such as negligent homicide/involuntary manslaughter. In our estimation, there certainly is adequate predication to open a criminal investigation into such matters.

Team Justice is a diverse group of people dedicated to honor, integrity and decency in public service, holding criminal government officials accountable for their crimes and, above all else, pursuing equal justice for all. There are signatories to this letter from each of the 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Collectively, we seek accountability for any and all crimes of our federal and state government officials, with the corresponding goal of restoring public trust, faith and confidence in government.

The founder of Team Justice, Glenn Kirschner, is a former career federal prosecutor who spent decades prosecuting murder cases as an Assistant United States Attorney for the District of Columbia. He also served as Chief of the Homicide Section of that office, supervising approximately 30 homicide prosecutors and overseeing all murder prosecutions in DC.

Without engaging in a full legal analysis (footnote), the publicly reported information about the grossly negligent mismanagement of the coronavirus pandemic by the Trump administration includes: Donald Trump’s lies to the American people about the danger of the virus and its ease of transmission and corresponding ease of prevention (as revealed in the Bob Woodward audio recordings of conversations with Donald Trump); the decision by Mike Pence, then serving as head of the Coronavirus task force, to allow Trump’s dangerous lies to the American people to go uncorrected; the complicity of Jared Kushner who advocated letting the virus flourish because it was disproportionally affecting so-called “blue states”; etc. These are just some of the facts and circumstances supporting opening a criminal investigation.

The families who lost loved ones to the coronavirus deserve and demand that the government officials responsible for allowing the pandemic to spread needlessly through our communities be held accountable.

Accordingly, we respectfully implore you to open criminal investigations into the conduct of government officials in an attempt to hold them accountable for any and all crimes supported by the evidence.

Only a full, fair, ethical, aggressive, apolitical investigation can ensure accountability and help prevent future misconduct by government officials. Absent accountability for avoidable coronavirus deaths there can be no justice. Absent justice there can be no healing for families who lost loved ones to the coronavirus.

We thank you for your time and attention to this most important matter and look forward to your reply. Sincerely, Team Justice By: _____________________ Glenn Kirschner Founder, Team Justice (footnote) Although statutes vary from state to state, there are certain universal principles in assessing potential homicide liability.

On the lower end of the homicide-liability scale, there are offenses referred to alternatively as negligent.

1. A negligent/grossly negligent/criminally reckless act OR a duty to act and a negligent/grossly negligent/reckless failure to act,

2. That act/failure to act is reasonably likely to result in death or serious bodily injury to another, which thereby,

3. Causes the death of another. Importantly, the term “causation” is generally defined in the law as conduct that is a substantial factor in bringing about the death.


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