ICC expands its Jurisdiction to include occupied Palestine, enrages Israel

..from Press TV, Tehran

[ Editor’s Note: This is the longest article I have seen published on PressTV, a strong hint of its importance. The issue of having the United Nations deciding what parts of agreements they have pledged to uphold is a fool’s game, and may be one that was hard wired into the UN charter.

Why? It is because the charter had no mechanism to throw member countries out for violating founding principles. Israel has never been sent to the time out box for any of its transgressions and has set a low standard for other countries to follow.

Israel has the political and espionage muscle to protect itself from challenges due to the huge blackmail folders it has compiled on any prospective problem makers. And those countries that allow this certainly don’t want their subservience put on permanent display.

Israel actually helps countries under its influence avoid problems by attacking anyone proposing reforms or exposing Israel’s wanton disregard for international law with the usual ‘Jew hate’ smear, which the alleged ‘not controlled Jewish media’ makes sure is front page news to put on display for what awaits anyone poking the Zionist bear.

Sure, I am not planning a celebration party for when Israel confesses its sins. It will not. The ICC effort here is to force the issue more into the public eye, which will trigger at least some token reforms to get the issue out of the media cycle.

Biden has a bigger problem than Israel. He has presented himself as the good guy, Mr. Fair, so if he does nothing substantial to rein in Israel’s transgressions, he will merely join the long list of US politicians who have promised anything to gain office.

I have a feeling he cares more about his legacy and would want to avoid joining the ‘bend a knee’ crowd just to be liked by the Israelis. We have an early sign with his avoiding talking to Bibi and letting the ICC chew on him first.

Biden is going to handle Bibi carefully, as he has to get it right the first time. The best way to support the new President’s efforts is to make sure he knows we are watching him closely Jim W. Dean]

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The ICC’s Fatou Bensouda

First published … February 16, 2021

The International Criminal Court has announced that it has jurisdiction in the Palestinian territories illegally occupied by Israel since 1967. This decision will allow the ICC to investigate potential war crimes carried out by Israel for the first time.

On February, 5 2021, the International Criminal Court, or ICC, headquartered in The Hague, published a ruling, establishing its jurisdiction in Palestine. This jurisdictional ruling from the ICC’s pre Trial Chamber one establishes that Palestiness West Bank, Gaza Strip, and East Jerusalem, which Israel has been illegally occupying since 1967, are indeed in the scope of the ICC’s territorial jurisdiction, and therefore it can proceed with investigating potential war crimes committed by Israel.

In 2019, the ICC’s chief prosecutor, Fatou Bensouda, had already established through a preliminary investigation that the situation in Palestine did indeed meet the Rome statutes criteria for an investigation. However, before proceeding, she sought the court’s opinion on whether the Palestinian territories fell under the ICC’s jurisdiction.

In 2012, Palestine achieved non member observer state status at the United Nations, and then acceded to the statute in 2015.

The Rome Statute is the treaty that established the International Criminal Court in 1998. It was formed with the objective of holding individuals accountable for violating international law, specifically war crimes, crimes against humanity, genocide, and the crime of aggression. 123 countries are state parties to the Rome Statute.

However, Sudan, Russia Israel and the United States, despite signing the treaty, informed the UN Under Secretary General that they intended to no longer become a party to the Treaty.

Of course the United States and Israel would have good reason to, if they ratified the treaty, most likely, every single US president and Israeli Prime Minister would be convicted of war crimes and genocide going back at least several decades, including a majority of their cabinets.

ICC investigate US war crimes in Afghanistan

The US is currently being investigated by the ICC for war crimes in Afghanistan, and when Trump was in office he actually put sanctions on the ICC’s chief prosecutor Fatou Bensouda, as well as Phakiso Mochochoko, the ICC director of jurisdiction, in order to block them from carrying out their investigation or being able to travel to the United States.

There are several reasons why the ICC under Fatou Bensouda has chosen to investigate Israel, and potentially Hamas and the PA for war crimes. This includes Israel’s invasion and brutal assault on the Gaza Strip, in 2014, codenamed Operation Protective Edge.

This was one of the most horrific moments in Palestine’s history, under the Zionist occupation, which is really saying something. Israel, at the time, launched a ground invasion of Gaza In July 2014. During this period, which lasted around seven weeks until August 26, the United Nations report said that the scale of devastation was unprecedented.

Palestinians fired around 4800 rockets and 1750 mortars, killing 67 Israeli soldiers and six civilians. At the same time, Israel carried out 6000 airstrikes fired 14,500 tank shells and 45,000 artillery shells.

The death toll among Palestinians reached 2252, 65% of them were civilians, 25% of them were children. On top of that 11,000 Palestinians were left wounded. According UN estimates, at the time, up to 1000 children would be left permanently disabled as a result of the hostilities in 2014.

The report also said that post traumatic stress disorder, (PTSD), and other stress related symptoms have increased and about 20%, of the population in Gaza are estimated to be in need of long term mental health assistance, this includes 373,000.

Israel targeted residential buildings on purpose, with the vast majority of victims dying, either in or near their homes. This was clearly a strategy ordered at the highest levels of the Israeli government.

In total the United Nations estimates that 178,000 homes were damaged or destroyed and 100,000 Palestinians were left homeless. After this horrific war Israel then barred construction materials from even entering Gaza, so as to prevent Palestinians from rebuilding. To this day Gaza is still under siege.

Israel also shelled several United Nations facilities, as it has done in other countries before, like Lebanon. In total 118 UNWRA installations were damaged, including 83 schools and 10 health centres, among other crimes envisioned in the scope of the ICC’s investigation, are the wave of killings and brutal injuries inflicted on Palestinians during the right to return marches from 2018 to 2019.

During this time, the Israeli occupation forces inflicted immeasurable casualties on unarmed innocent Palestinians protesting peacefully for the right to return to their land. Israeli forces deliberately targeted Palestinians in their lower limbs by shooting them in their knees.

According to a report by the United Nations in this period alone, 6100 Palestinians were injured, with live ammunition and another 3000 by bullet fragmentation rubber coated metal bullets, or by hits from tear gas canisters. 122 people had to have their limbs amputated. 22 of them were children.

The United Nations Commission also found that Israeli snipers deliberately shot at journalists, health workers, children and persons with disabilities, knowing they were clearly recognisable as such. In one instance an article in Haaretz  features an interview with an Israeli sniper who boasts about having shot 42 knees in a single day.

By contrast, 4 Israelis were injured during this entire period. Another important area of concern for the ICC is the building of illegal Israeli settlements on Palestinian land. UN resolutions 446 and 447 assert Israel’s settlements in these areas are null and void, that they are illegal under international law.

Israel has been ethnically cleansing Palestine for decades; millions of Palestinians have been expelled in a diasporas, while millions of others are still living in Palestine as refugees, generation after generation, stateless on their own land.

Israel’s widespread practice of bulldozing people’s homes in broad daylight has been ignored by the international community, destroying people’s homes, whether with bombs or bulldozers and forcing them to flee so that you can bring in your own people, is called ethnic cleansing.

This is a brazen violation of international law, it is illegal under the Geneva Convention and it is considered a crime against humanity. Not even a year ago Netanyahu was still trying to push his annexation plan to seize the Jordan Valley and up to another 30% of the West Bank.

After the ICC published its decision on February 5 Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu went on a tirade, in which he expressed outrage and called the court’s decision quote pure anti-Semitism. He said Israel would do everything you can to fight the ruling.

When the ICC investigates Israel for fake war crimes this is pure anti-semitism. The court established to prevent atrocities, like the Nazi Holocaust against the Jewish people, is now targeting the one state of the Jewish people…Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu

Of course, what Netanyahu is saying here is absurd, the ICC does not prosecute entire countries, the ICC prosecutes individuals, whether they’re government officials military leaders, and so on. No matter what religion, ethnicity or nationality they are, as it has done in the past.

Netanyahu also conveniently fails to mention that the ICC’s decision applies to everyone in Palestine. This means that the ICC can also investigate Hamas and the Palestinian Authority, should it chooses to do so.

Reacting to this announcement, Germany, and Hungary’s foreign ministers also came out against the decision, the German Foreign Minister tweeted that the court has no jurisdiction, because of the absence of the element of Palestinian statehood required by international law.

This is extremely hypocritical because the entire international community says Palestine is not a state, they prevent Palestine from becoming a state and then when Palestinians try to obtain justice they give them no other avenue. This doesn’t change the fact that Palestine is already acceded to the Rome Statute in 2015.

The United States, which subsidizes the Israeli occupation to the tune of $3.8 billion a year in military aid, so that it can shoot unarmed Palestinians in the knees and murder them in aerial bombardments, also condemned this announcement by the ICC.

Israel is the largest recipient of aid from the United States since World War Two, even as recently as December 2020 in the middle of a pandemic and economic crisis, with millions of Americans jobless and without health care, the United States still gave Israel $500 million.

Now on the flip side, Hamas and the Palestinian Authority actually welcomed the decision by the ICC despite the fact that they could also face prosecution themselves.

Many NGOs and human rights groups also welcomed this ruling by the ICC, Amnesty International, in particular, said that an ICC investigation marks a long overdue step towards justice for victims and is a chance to end the cycle of impunity that is at the heart of the human rights crisis in the occupied Palestinian territories.

Reacting to the news that the International Criminal Court at The Hague would be expanding its jurisdiction to include the Palestinian territories, illegally occupied by Israel since 1967 is Michael link.

He is associate professor of law at Western University in Ontario and also the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the Palestinian territories occupied since 1967. He asserts that the leading political organs of the United Nations have repeatedly failed to enforce their own significant body of resolutions on the Israeli occupation. This ruling opens the door for credible allegations of Rome Statute crimes to be finally investigated and potentially reach the trial stage at the ICC.

Germany, Hungary and the US join Israel against ICC ruling

The decision by the ICC surrounding its jurisdiction of Palestine has received a lot of pushback from not just Israel but, Germany, Hungary, the United States as well. We’ve seen the Israeli embassies dispatching their ambassadors to put a lot of pressure on other countries to tell the ICC not to go ahead with this.

Netanyahu was saying that the ICC is anti-Semitic, Danny Danon their Permanent Representative to the UN was saying that Fatou Bensouda, the ICC chief prosecutor, should be indicted herself.

A fundamental principle that every first year law student learns in any law school around the world is the independence of the judiciary. That courts once created and judges appointed, are to be independent of political influences and are to be able to make their decisions in full confidence that their independence is going to be respected.

That’s the only way in which we build public trust in the operation of the courts and the rule of law. So ever since the ICC announced, or the prosecutor announced that she was going to initiate investigations into the complaints coming to her office with respect to alleged war crimes, not only by Israel but also by Palestinian armed groups as well in Gaza and the West Bank in East Jerusalem. There has been a concerted pressure on the court which reached its apex last year when the United States said it was going to ban the travel to the United States of any international criminal court officials.

It’s astounding to me in this modern day and age that the prosecutor and judges and staff of an independent international court would be under threat of arrest by a leading Western democracy and the attention is not on the country or the groups who are alleged to have committed war crimes, it seems to have turned international criminal justice upside down.

Professor Michel Link, Western University, Ontario

What are some of the consequences that Israeli officials or Palestinian officials could face if they were to be charged or convicted?

One big one obviously is the fear of arrest. The practice of a court in other proceedings has to been to create… hidden indictments, which are then sent to all members of the current state members of the International Criminal Court. And those indictments are sitting there waiting for a potential war criminal to come to their jurisdiction, by which they’d be arrested and then turned over to the ICC in The Hague. So that would be the concern of anybody who might have participated, either in a military sense or in a political sense with respect to the commission of alleged war crimes.

So the big impact will be on travel, other impacts would be being arrested and then spending a long period of time as the guest of the, of the ICC either awaiting trial or if convicted then serving time in, I believe, Dutch jails.

Professor Michel Link, Western University, Ontario

The scope of the ICC’s ruling includes Operation Protective Edge, in 2014, the right to return protests or marches in 2018, and the illegal settlements that Israel has been building.

I don’t think the file is closed as to what the prosecutor might look at, assuming everything begins going forward with respect to investigation. You’ve mentioned the three principal areas, involving Israel, but I, you know, I could imagine that there might be future complaints which may turn into allegations of a war crime, with respect to apartheid. With respect to wars of aggression, With respect to crimes against humanity, so all of those are part and parcel of what could happen, depending on where the prosecutor goes and what facts are revealed to him or to her.

Professor Michel Link, Western University, Ontario

Isn’t there a glaring double standard going on here because you know the Israelis are arguing that Palestine can be considered under ICC jurisdiction because it doesn’t possess the key elements of effective territorial control.


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  1. Israel with the 100% backing of the USA has done a magnificent job of Ethnic Cleansing in Palestine which continues to be Brutal in the extreme & against promises they had made.
    The number of violations are so many it makes the last 70 years utterly depressing to recall but the “west” being mostly Christian Zionists who believe that their God is the “best” & most righteous “God” & have been engaging in all these murderous Crusades to carry out the wishes of their “Almighty God” which some believe will soon herald the end of civilization.

  2. Zionism is EVIL! Zionism is the Curse of Mankind! The ‘Modus Operandi’ for the demonic Zionist zealots is, ‘False Flag’ attacks’ “Lavon Affair”, ‘USS LIBERTY”! What they do to a Friend? http://www.holocaustonthehighseas.com Those TWO F.F. attacks, failed, but on “9/11/2001”, they Pulled Down the WTC. Towers #1,#2 #7, (Controlled Demolition), murdering 2977 innocent Collateral Victims, ‘Sacrificial Lambs’, with that, ‘Crime Against Humanity-Against the American People’, they dragged the, ‘Land of the Free’ into the unending wars of the Middle East! With a friend(?) like Zionist Israel, who needs enemies? !!

  3. The usual accusation of one being Anti-Semitic is what the Israelis is good at whenever they are opposed one way or the other. With a spineless Western politician elite, nothing whatsoever will come to fruition with regards to the illegal land grabs.

  4. It is actually easy to say, and correct, that Israel is anti-semitic. The celebration is when the US joins the ICC and moves toward becoming a sovereign country again, no longer responsible for Britains or Romes creations and trouble making. We are supposed to be free from religion. That is what the promise and document say. Yet we pay with our lives and money because “believers” cannot communicate without shooting and beating. The deadest and most pulverized horse in the world. The case to prove Pious Fraud and Monetary fraud is prepared and ready , to go well beyond reasonable doubt. The species deserves it.

    • Ask the Neturie Karta Orthodox Jews about how anti-semitic that they think the Likuds are. I had called Rabbi Weiss in New York a few days ago looking for an introduction. He remembered his trip to Atlanta with his posse where we protested the AIPAC convention in Buckhead. And for a double pump, I got a permit to get one lane closed, hoping to bring a flat bed trailer in to get me up off the ground visibly for a USS Liberty ‘salute’. I used that term to avoid permit issuing potential problems. But I could get no high school ROTC color guard, or trailer, so I had to set up five 6 ft folding tables with bunting aroung the front. I had a faux funeral bier on top with a draped flag, with a big easel display the USS Liberty and dead and wounded count. I aslo rented an Navy Captain’s uniform (not illegal to wear) and pinned on my Military Order of World War PR officer name tag. It worked like a charm. Traffic driving by and stopping for the red lights was confused at first. But eventually one Vet figuted it out and got out of his car with his two kids and they saluted. Others started doing the same. It was just wonderful. The USS Liberty guys loved me after that. The Zios across the street went silent, all talking to themselves, as in “who that hell is that and how did they get permission to do this to us?”

  5. Lol. Iran had and has the largest and oldest Jewish community of the region out of occupied Palestine. Their intricacies are a part of their social fabric that no matter where they live when faced with a situation they need to differentiate themselves from others by using their historical past, which includes their struggles, their fears, their successes and their unity to display the victimhood card in any given situation.

    They have done it for so long in Iran that there are hard expressions in farsi that Iranians use to counter their nonsensical tantrums.
    Bibi has never gotten a mouthful from an Iranian when he gets to play the victim card which is everyday. Plus westerners feel too guilty and fear repercussions in order to attempt to say something, so they go unchecked.

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