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WAR CRIMES & DECEITS. ICC against Putin! Unpunished NATO Allies: Ukrainian...

After 8 years of opening proceedings, there is still no accused for the 2014 coup in Kiev in which Georgian mercenary snipers fired on the crowd, nor for the massacres in the pro-Russian Donbass carried out by the neo-Nazis of the Azov Battalion.

NEO/Intel Drop: Ukrainian War Lies Expose Frightening Reality Shift

No one can afford to allow a unipolar world based on gangsterism.

Global War Crimes and Misdemeanors Go Un-Prosecuted

President Biden has been vocal about calling Putin a war criminal for civilian deaths in Ukraine, and says he will be held accountable, but how will the U.S. lead by example when it doesn’t prosecute alleged war crimes itself?

Will Israeli Supremacism continue to get a free pass?

Jim W. Dean - The Zionist regim has responded that the ICC can stuff its investigation of Israel's war crimes against the Palestinians where the sun does not shine

Antony Blinken lifts sanctions on ICC prosecutor targeting troops

Jim W. Dean - There is a bigger story that remains in maximum security, the long, visible, and heavily documented history of US use of proxy terrorism.

Netherlands says Israel must stay away from ICC’s war crimes probe

The Netherlands says Israel must not interfere with the work of the International Criminal Court in the case of the Palestinian Foreign Minister, whose travel credentials have been revoked by the regime.

Gush Shalom analysis of the new International Criminal Court ruling

The ICC in The Hague ruled unequivocally that the court has full authority to hear and decide on Palestinian complaints of violations of International Law.

ICC has clawed back jurisdiction over Palestine territory stolen by Israel

The International Criminal Court has announced that it has jurisdiction in the Palestinian territories illegally occupied by Israel since 1967. This decision will allow the ICC to investigate potential war crimes carried out by Israel for the first time.

Association for defending of victims of terrorism

Jim W. Dean - VT has supported the ADVT in its honoring Iran's terror victims since we first learned that they had suffered five times the KIAs than the US did on 9-11.

International Criminal Court Asserts Jurisdiction Over US Actions in Afghanistan

I.P.O. Information Service THE INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL COURT IN THE WEB OF POWER POLITICS Statement by Dr. Hans Köchler on the Executive Order signed by the President of...

ICC people should stay out of planes after Pompeo’s gangster style...

Pompeo's threat is reminiscent of when Dick Cheney threatened that there would be the "consequences for yourself, and the state of Minnesota" to Paul Wellstone.

NEO – Lies and censorship, a second pandemic

by Gordon Duff, VT Sr. Editor, ...with New Eastern Outlook, Moscow, of the Russian Academy of Science (Est: 1816) - First published ... May 21,...