Gush Shalom (Israeli Peace Bloc) press release, February 6, 2020

…by Adam Keller, Tel Aviv

[ Editor’s Note: Uri Avnery may be gone, but Gush Shalom is not. We are told international media is not controlled by Jewish people, despite their admitting privately that it is (because they are proud of it and want full credit).

It is an exaggeration to a degree, as the major Intel org have had media by the throat for some time, with the Israelis being seven of the ten fingers. In today’s case, we have the example of the media blackout on Gush Shalom, due to its being a stick in the eye for the pro-Zionist community that is onboard the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians.

Whereas “anti-Jewish” and anti-Semitism are terms constantly in the news, reminding the world that it must unite to prevent the extermination of the last Jews on earth, everybody knows that scenario is fiction.

On the other hand, the largest open air prison on the planet has been the disposessed Palestinians, including those on their own land, sort of, who suffer injustice on a scale certainly comparable to the Nazis, but dished out by Israeli Jews and Zionists, a term I use because they are a bifurcated people.

Think Trumpers and non-Trumpers as two peoples to understand I am not joking here. It does not take a rocket scientist to see the con that has gone on since the Nakba, where the former persecuted became the self anointed persecutors of the Palestinians, with the majority of world Jewry in support. Think “Trumpers” here…blind faith, demonization of the “others”, and death to all non-believers, to acknowledge the ISIS boys.

And just when you think all hope of the alleged Zio-Nazi boots forever remaining on the necks of the Palestinians is lost, along comes the ICC to claim legal jurisdiction over Palestinian claims of crimes against humanity.

Sure, the Zios will tell the ICC where it can stick its investigations and rulings, but the former knows the shine will be off the propaganda of the perennial victim on the planet always being a Jew somewhere.

Right now in the US we are hearing the term ‘accountability’ bantered around extensively, as in political and legal accountability. What an irony it would be to see the term catch fire and race around the world burning down fake regimes based on fake ideologies.

One of the most fake I can think of is the atheist-communist Jews that flooded into Palestine after WWII with the overt goal of dispossessing its inhabitants via an invisible deed claiming that God gave them the land of Israel.

If Jews around the world were all rounded up and put into camps like Gaza, and bombed at will by their oppressors, a howl would roll out around the world. But when Zionists are dishing out their ruthless oppression, only the Palestinians with a few allies, and now the ICC, resist.

Dear Mr. Biden, I hope you get to read this, as you have talked the talk of bringing in a new Social Justice dynamic, but to do that in Palestine you must subdue the oppressors, not enable them. You would have support for this if you askedJim W. Dean ]

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Uri Avnery … gone but not forgotten by VT

Gush Shalom (Israeli Peace Bloc) press release, December 6, 2020

Gush Shalom: The ruling by the International Criminal Court is a game-changer. From now on, Israeli Army soldiers and officers had better think twice about obeying orders to destroy Palestinian homes.

The judges of the International Criminal Court in The Hague ruled unequivocally that the court has full authority to hear and decide on Palestinian complaints of violations of International Law by the State of Israel and its army. Thereby, the rules of the game have fundamentally changed.

To date, the only judicial authority authorized to hear cases relating to acts by the Israeli Army in the Occupied Territories had been the Supreme Court in Jerusalem. In spite of prolonged wild incitement waged by Israeli right-wing circles against the Supreme Court and its judges, in practice the Supreme Court was and remains extremely forgiving towards the occupation army, rejecting the vast majority of appeals lodged by Palestinians.

When it comes to the judges of the International Criminal Court in The Hague, it’s a completely different matter. The Hague Court is bound by the provisions of International Law, specifically by the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949 which sets out in detail what an occupying state is allowed – and what it is forbidden – to do in a territory under the military rule of its army. Many of the acts that the IDF routinely undertakes in the territories under its rule may turn out to be serious violations of International Law.

For example: Just a few days ago, on the morning of Monday, February 1, a large military force arrived in the tiny village of Hamsa al-Fouka in the northern Jordan Valley.

The soldiers destroyed dozens of residential buildings and sheep pens, leaving 85 Palestinian residents – 45 of them children – homeless and exposed in the open air. The soldiers also demanded that the residents completely leave Hamsa al-Fouka and move to another location that the army would determine for them, threatening that if they did not leave voluntarily, they would be forcibly transferred by the army.

This act of destruction and devastation carried out by the army – and it is certainly not the first of its kind – has gone virtually unnoticed by the Israeli public and political system. Knesset Members who habitually engage in loud and vociferous debates failed to take up this issue. But make no mistake: outside the borders of the State of Israel, there are those who constantly monitor and closely record such acts.

At the International Court, indictments can certainly be filed against IDF officers and settlers as well as against officials and ministers in the Government of Israel. Among other things, acts of wanton destruction – carried out especially against small and highly vulnerable Palestinian communities in the Jordan Valley and the South Hebron Hills – can certainly lead to the filing of indictments against everybody involved.

From now on, IDF officers should think twice about obeying an order to participate in such acts of destruction, and risk serious consequences. Officers who nevertheless decide to continue participating in these acts of destruction had better make an effort to keep their identities secret, constantly wear masks regardless of the Kovid-19 situation, and in general start acting like law-breakers evading law enforcement – because that is exactly what their legal status is about to become.

Decision-makers in the State of Israel have been well aware in recent weeks that the decision of the judges in The Hague was imminent, and that President Trump – who tried to intimidate the International Court by series of blatant threats – is no longer in the White House.

It is surprising that in such a situation the decision-makers continued to order soldiers and officers to go on destroying of Palestinian homes, when knowing that those who carry out such orders may have to pay a heavy price.

Defense Minister Gantz should look up from his clashes with the Prime Minister and his party’s precarious electoral situation, and think about the consequences of the Hague judges’ decision – the consequences for himself personally, both regarding his former position as Army Chief of Staff and his present one as Defense Minister, and the changing judicial situation of the soldiers and officers for whom he is responsible as being in charge of Israel’s military system.

Contact: Adam Keller, Gush Shalom Spokesperson +972-(0)54-2340749


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  1. Oh man he was the first voice of reason out of that shithole. I don’t remember ever not liking what Avnery was writing.
    Compare him to Pompeo … lol.

    • I wrongly assumed that Uri had been grooming some people to continue the theme of his work. You can’t have a movement without some people that can write. Adam Keller has his hands full just keeping some protests going from what is left of the Israeli Left. But I guess there was a shortage of people willing to right for free. Who wood-a-figured??

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