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Zionist Supremacism and Anti-Palestianism still Reign Supreme in Israel

Jim W. Dean - Maybe, just maybe, it might be time to think about moving the Israelis back to land of Khazaria, so the Palestinians can be free.

Progressive Israelis stand against West Bank settler violence

Jim W. Dean - The last time these activists went out to help the West Bank Palestinians, the settlers attacked and beat the crap out of them, with the police and army just watching as usual.

VT Israel: Uri Avnery, RIP – The Pied Piper of Zion

Uri Avnery - All the moral people in all the countries of the world should see it as their duty to help those groups and persons inside Israel who continue to fight for democracy, justice and equality.

Gush Shalom analysis of the new International Criminal Court ruling

The ICC in The Hague ruled unequivocally that the court has full authority to hear and decide on Palestinian complaints of violations of International Law.