Gush Shalom statement, Feb. 6, 2022

 An unsatisfactory answer 

[ Editor’s Note: Uri Avnery may be dead but his legacy is not, as it lives on with Gush Shalom that continues the work of fighting for Palestinian human rights in a country that has given itself a free pass to do whatever it wants to the indigenous Palestinians.

Due to the corrupting influence of the various Jewish lobbies among the United Nations countries, Israel still remains a member despite flaunting its founding principles. The term ‘fake Jews’ comes to mind when trying to describe this.

Sure, a number of countries supply financial support to the Palestinians, including some liberal Jewish groups. Most all UN countries denounce anti-semitism, and honor the holocaust as it is presented.

But they do not honor the Palestinian victims who are getting the ‘Slow Holocausting’ treatment from those claiming to have suffered under the Holocaust, the Israelis themselves and worldwide supporters including the Christian Zionists in the US.

This is a dark shadow over the UN, one that it has acclimated itself to, and also for all the countries that not only pay tribute to the Israelis as eternal victims, but do so while they are victimizing others, revealing their moral debasement to the world.

The 400 righteous Jews that helped plant olive trees last week in the West Bank were not attacked by the West Bank settlers while the police and army watched, something that happen a few weeks ago.

VT supports all those who have stood up against the tremendous injustice inflicted upon the native Palestinians. Maybe, just maybe, it might be time to think about moving the Israelis back to the land of Khazaria, so the Palestinians can be free… Jim W. Dean ]

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Hebrew graffiti in Palestine – You can just imagine the outrage if it read ‘Kill all Jews’, yet the world pays no attention because the Palestinians are not Jews

First published February 8, 2022

The Prime Minister Takes pride In the fact that His government Will not negotiate With the Palestinians Under any circumstances, And certainly not Make an agreement With them.

The Foreign Minister Made it crystal clear That when he Becomes Prime Minister, That policy will Remain unchanged

Any Palestinian, Anywhere and at any time, Can fall victim to Arbitrary, sometimes fatal, Abuse by Israeli soldiers. Even an 80 year-old grandfather Is not safe.

The settlers are not satisfied With the army’s violence And add a full measure Of their own violence.

As far as the government Is concerned, This state of affairs Can and should Continue indefinitely.

When accused of Imposing a policy Of apartheid, The Prime Minister And the Foreign Minister Shriek: “Antisemitism! Antisemitism!”

But, truth to tell, That response Just rings hollow.

Gush Shalom statement, Feb. 6, 2022

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  1. “Maybe, just maybe, it might be time to think about moving the Israelis back to land of Khazaria, so the Palestinians can be free.”

    Like that’s going to happen any time soon… Remember, Jim, Zionism, just like US Manifest Destiny, is all about domination and exploitation, the notion that certain Europeans were “chosen” by God to range around the planet subduing the aboriginals and stealing their land. This is a European invention. It happened all over the planet, not just in Palestine. If you don’t accept this notion, just have any Native American or Palestinian explain it to you.

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