Inside Israel’s Unholy Alliance With Right-Wing Evangelicals

The new documentary “’Til Kingdom Come” examines the deeply cynical Israel-Christian Evangelical partnership—one exacerbated by the Trump administration. Plus: an exclusive scene.


Historically, American Jews have leaned more liberal than conservative, especially given the anti-Semitic white nationalists and neo-Nazis that comfortably reside on the right. So what are we to make of the fact that today, the largest block of supporters of Israel are American Republicans and, in particular, Evangelical Christians?

Til Kingdom Come investigates that seemingly illogical alliance, unearthing a union born from a combination of extreme religious faith and strategic practicality. And while Maya Zinshtein’s non-fiction exposé doesn’t quite get to the bottom of this increasingly thorny issue, it remains an eye-opening examination of a relationship that both sides believe is ordained by God, even if it involves making a deal with the devil.

Premiering on VOD on Feb. 25, ’Til Kingdom Come takes a sober look at Israelis’ and Evangelicals’ spiritual-political pact, which spans the dirt-poor backwaters of America to the halls of Jerusalem power. That survey begins in Middlesboro, Kentucky, where Binghamtown Baptist Church Pastor Boyd Bingham IV goes target-shooting in his Breitbart T-shirt while speaking about the tough times Evangelicals endured under President Obama.

“We are the people that brought Donald Trump to power,” he says. “And he pushes our agenda”—by which he means not only pro-life and pro-gun stances, but fervent support of Israel, which Boyd, like his pastor-grandfather and father before him, believes was bequeathed by God to the Israelis.

Watch This Exclusive Clip From ’Til Kingdom Come:

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Until, that is, Armageddon, at which point two-thirds of all Jews will perish during the seven-year Tribulations, and the remaining third will be converted to Christianity. Devout Christians will be spared this hellish conflict by the Rapture, and then, following Jesus’ return to Earth, they will claim Jerusalem for themselves.  Read more…pay wall…


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  1. The more one reads about the so called Zionist Christians, the angrier one becomes. Its like the blind leading the blind – they will both fall in the pit! These Israel-firsters should be banned from holding office – if US is to be a respectful country again (.. don’t hold your breath).

  2. They are making each other worse. Evangelicals are not blessing Israel, they are encouraging their worst instincts to brutalize their neighbors, they in turn refer to the Shiites in dehumanizing terms to justify joint aggression to kill them on an ever larger scale.

    I lost it when I heard of the regular commentators on a program called ‘the watchman’ justify the blockade of Yemen by dismissing the Houthis as being part of the ‘Iranian terrorist empire’ and describe how they emerged from the desert to seize the capital. Note how he makes them sound like locusts needing to be eradicated.

  3. Christian Zionism is a death cult that presumes the same “chosenness” that the Ashkenazim do in Palestine. It is indeed a delusion, but that doesn’t stop them from forcing the USA into WWIII. Israel nuked us on 9/11 and got away with it. A redo of 9/11, this time blamed on Iran, coming right up…

    Always remember the Samson Option. “And yet, there is a right reserved only to us [Ashkenazim] (if indeed any human on Earth has this right): to be destroyed and to take the weary and sated world with us to the non-existence, along with its wondrous libraries and heart-stirring tunes – just so, after we descend to the grave, while the ground emits radioactive rays to all four winds.” – Israeli poet, Itamar Yaoz-Kest

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