Trump tormentor Michael Cohen feeds Trump some humble pie

Call me a meanie if you want, but I am going to enjoy watching all of this happen


Michael Cohen says ‘It does not look good’ for the Former President’s taxes

…from MSNBC

Former personal attorney to Trump, Michael Cohen, and former U.S. Attorney Joyce Vance join Katy Tur to discuss the recent Supreme Court Trump ruling.

[ Editor’s Note: There are not too many people who know more about Trump than Michael Cohen, but it looks like the public is finally going to get to see why Trump has been fighting so hard to block his tax return releases, something all past presidents have done.

To my great surprise, I have not seen a word about fixing this problem by requiring everyone running for president to disclose their tax returns BEFORE they run for office.

While the current focus is on his business tax returns, the bigger picture has yet to emerge. I predict the coming New York indictments are going to break the Trump dam.

By that I mean Cy Vance’s office is just going to get the ball rolling on all kinds of investigations into the Trump family. I can see the tax returns starting a domino effect, with witnesses taking plea agreements to reveal what one might expect would be called “running an ongoing criminal enterprise”.

Instead of cooling his heels on his old ways of doing business, Trump just doubled down as president, thinking that he was untouchable. His kids probably felt the same, and they are in for a big surprise, as I see no way they can insulate themselves.

Of course Donald seems to be choosing the martyr role, using the Trumptards as his big human shield to intimidate the legal process into backing off him. He is going to the CPAC convention to get some publicity, as he has been in ‘social media withdrawal’ by losing his twitter.

And he seems to not be paying attention to how all of his top marketers of “The Steal” are getting their asses sued, including some of the media platforms, sending them all a message that the game has changed. The general public is no longer their helpless punching bag.

Anticipate the Trump ‘brand’ becoming toxic to the point of being worthless. I think he expects it, and is going on the political offensive, as it is his only financial lifeline to keep the donor money rolling in and the consultant money being raked off for his grifter family and gang.

Call me a meanie if you want, but I am going to enjoy watching all of this happen, as it will be so deserved by the Trump family and their gang. Like Glenn Kirschner says, “Justice Matters”… Jim W. Dean ]

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  1. Jim’s expectancy see Trump in jail is even greater than Carlos Hathcock has when he was tryna hit a target to 2,500 yards on a .50-caliber machine gun…. 🙂

  2. His pedophile/rapist past and present would be good thing to expose much better. VT has posted lists of young girls and boys Trump paid off in the millions investigations should go lots deeper. Don’t let him off on only financial crime.
    Also I trumpet this here many times, Trump and Pompeo dosed Wuhan first with US military bioweapon nanoteched into common cold/flu virus, and did it again to Iran with a much deadlier doctored virus. Then Wuhan was used as easy excuse to how they “got away” with dosing Iran government in early February 2020. They always blame the victims thats how they work example Trump’s party buddy Epstein got away with it legally claiming his child trafficking victims only young prostitudes so it’s their fault.

  3. Glad I’m not his CPA. IF this is a true investigation and not a prime-time show, many heads will roll, as this has been an on going criminal enterprise for years. Those that enabled his immunity will be looking over their shoulders as well. Hopefully this will go back into ’03 where he was charged (along with G Soros, DB-AG) in a bid rigging scheme. As well, he could be tied to several ‘business’ dealings with Soros as late as 2009, including a deal to eliminate a part of a $160M debt to Soros, alleviated by a group including Soros, Fortress and Blackacre. Hmmm, getting help to eliminate a debt, from those he owes the debt to. How interesting…especially as Soros is supposedly Trumps ‘enemy’. Hell, even Glen Beck is mystified by the Trump/Soros connection. Funny how Soros is the king of evil, but indicted business partner and friend for years Trump is not. What will his supporters think if all his dealings with evil Soros are made public? Is this something else that Trump fears? Yet, when faced with this info, it’s likely Trumpets will ignore or discount it all. Aren’t blinders wonderful?

  4. This could explain why the Republicans decided not to impeach Trump.
    They already new his ticket to run again didn’t have a snowball’s chance of getting punched.

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