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[ Editor’s Note: The US JCPOA dirty dance continues. Biden is already stumbling, not a good sign as certainly it had earlier worked out its approach for replacing Trump’s fake diplomacy with the real McCoy. Biden is in danger of joining the Trump club…a big mistake.

The new President has already exposed some weaseling in his earlier claims or rejoining the agreement, leaving out, as we now know, that like Trump he also wants to ‘renegotiate’, but just in a different way.

Our new Secretary of State Blinken gave up the ghost in a recent interview where he said that the US wants to ‘improv’ the agreement, a hucksters way of avoiding using the term ‘renegotiate’.

But Bliken was slick with his creative framing. He explained that Trump never had the EU JCPOA partners onboard his plan, whereas Biden does. And what is that plan? It’s to renegotiate.

Iran was not caught flatfooted with the ploy, as it has layered defenses. While it had earlier gotten on the table that the US coming back into the deal would require making up for all the lost benefits of its share, as the US and US deal partners got all of their benefits.

Iran wants damages, which under international law are a legal entitlement. But politically that is a difficult area for the US and the EU as they have other demands for funds now, but so does Iran.

So here we are with Iran’s JCOPOA Western partners ganged up against it, not only now wanting to pay damages, but to require Iran to make more concessions. Iran’s quick response is to just dial back its nuclear commitments to the deal while its partners continue trying to break it.

Notice also how the Western JCPOA partners are not trying to sweeten up the renegotiating via denuclearizing all the Mideast countries, starting with Israel, which is the obvious place to start ‘improving’ relations.

In my book Biden has flopped on his JCPOA fix rollout as it is just a new American pretend-a-deal effort, one less crude than Trump’s.

For now it looks like Biden will keep the squeeze on Iran, and the sanctions will remain.
And hence Iran will turn off the IAEA cameras to show that every time there is a fake attempt to negotiate, it will keep cranking up its nuke program, which is exactly what the US would do in its shoes, as you have to play the cards you haveJim W. Dean ]

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Once upon a time a deal was made, for ten years, then broken by the US.

First published … February 21, 2021

The head of the United Nations’ nuclear watchdog met Sunday with Iranian officials in a bid to preserve his inspectors’ ability to monitor Tehran’s atomic program, even as authorities said they planned to cut off their surveillance cameras at those sites.

…“This is not a deadline for the world. This is not an ultimatum,” Zarif told the government-run, English-language broadcaster Press TV in an interview aired during Grossi’s visit. “This is an internal domestic issue between the parliament and the government.”

“We have a democracy. We are supposed to implement the laws of the country. And the parliament adopted legislation — whether we like it or not.”

Under the protocol with Iran, the IAEA “collects and analyzes hundreds of thousands of images captured daily by its sophisticated surveillance cameras,” the agency said in 2017. The agency also said then that it had placed “2,000 tamper-proof seals on nuclear material and equipment.”

In his interview, Zarif said authorities would be “required by law not to provide the tapes of those cameras.” It wasn’t immediately clear if that also meant the cameras would be turned off entirely as Zarif called that a “technical decision, that’s not a political decision.”

“The IAEA certainly will not get footage from those cameras,” Zarif said.

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  1. Biden is obligated to the same Zionist cabal that Trump was. He has to do the little dance, although it is nothing remotely like the cheek-to-cheek dirty dance that Trump did with Netanyahu. The Zionists who control Congress are watching him like a hawk. He can only reinstate the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action if it doesn’t look like he’s completely caving in to Iran. It’s in Iran’s best interests to give him that fig leaf.

    • Iran doesn’t play to please the zionist trash while sanctions are on. They are far more adaptable to change than the west is. If the window of opportunity closes for the west it’s Israel’s fault. It’s time for the western politicians to grow balls.

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