Pentagon wades into political minefield in hunt for extremists

A force-wide 'stand down' following the events of Jan. 6 has some on edge over the risk of alienating conservatives in the ranks.


Politico: The Pentagon is launching an unprecedented campaign to root out extremists in the ranks after dozens of military veterans took part in the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.

But confronting white nationalism and other far-right ideologies is proving to be a political minefield for an institution that prides itself on staying out of the nation’s partisan wars. There’s a growing sense of anxiety within the Pentagon that this push could feed the perception that it is policing political thought, favoring one political party over another or muzzling free speech.

By the first week of April, all members of the military must take part in a highly unusual order from Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, in which unit leaders will conduct a day-long “stand down” to discuss the threat of extremism and gather feedback from troops on the extent that racism and other hateful ideologies or anti-government sentiment have taken root in recent years.

The Pentagon has not yet disclosed all the training materials it is providing commanders, but that hasn’t stopped lawmakers and right-wing commentators from accusing the Defense Department of initiating a witch hunt on behalf of the Biden administration to purge political opponents.

The day-long event is one in a series of steps the Pentagon has initiated in recent weeks to try to get a handle on the problem. The military, which has been accused of a “haphazard” approach to weeding out extremists, is also assessing the extent to which the problem has permeated the ranks, and has begun a series of reviews to determine if new training or regulations are needed to screen out extremist elements.  read more…


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  1. Well, everything eventually seeks a balance, and military service is overly venerated and medals are handed out like candy to bolster a very false sense of esteem. Shiny boots and medals do not make a man or woman. The military does have tools and processes that build character and maturity in some people, but probably the the most demoralizing thing is working for an idiot with undeserved rank, and having to listen to them every day wondering how they got there. Wanton domination and destruction is no longer a thing that will be venerated in human society of any sentient substance, so cut the budget, cut the veneration, eat some humble pie, and reward character over obedience. Pretty simple. Degrees do not play a role in character, and neither should they in rank. It’s divisive. Nature does not provide the numbers of warriors to any species that we seem to be requiring. It’s not a thing.

    • A holistic overview of how society is affected by extracting large numbers of people who embody a “protector spirit” , is required to adjust. Reducing unauthorized or unjustified global conflicts is absolutely necessary to the adjustment, so people with integrity and a sense of honor will once again be attracted to service. We are supposed to be defense, not offense.
      This self destructive policy of offense has negatively affected every aspect of whatever it means to be a protector of the human family. Extremism is and was an easily predicted result. Don’t act like we didn’t know it.

  2. America is supposed to be The UNITED States.
    We are not our own enemy!
    All the “people” basically want the same things when it comes down to it.
    But there is an ENEMY within who has succeeded in dis-United US into major and minor groups of petty self-interests.
    One guess who that enemy is?
    If Biden truly wants to be a great leader and President for all patriotic Americans (those whose allegiance is to America, and not some other nation, he stands on the threshold of a mighty opportunity not often presented to new Presidents.
    All he has to do is resolve to demonstrate unfettered concern for America and Americans.
    And he need not think that is something he can fake.
    If he puts America first in an unselfish manner, it will be instantly obvious.
    But if he continues to overtly, OR covertly put “the enemy within’s” interests over America’s interests, that will also be readily seen. And he will have missed his chance to rise to the heights of Lincoln, Washington and John F. Kennedy, and end up going in the infamous ways of Trump.

    • I realize expecting Biden to rebel and break free from his Talmudic Zionist masters is almost a pipe dream.
      If Biden has the courage of JFK, he can do it.
      But if he trembles and quakes in front of the male witches in black hats, we will remain in their bondage.
      Let’s hope Biden is an American Patriot.

  3. If someone believe with “…training materials…” will can “…handle on the problem…” he’s kidding. Nobody can turn that kind of convictions in no one with “training materials” and if the fix is weeding out extremists, maybe should be ready for weeding out the half of entire force which doesn’t mean not going to alienating doing that the remaining half after.

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