FBI chief says Trump supporters committed ‘terrorism’ in Jan. 6 attack on Capitol Hill

"That siege was criminal behavior, pure and simple. It's behavior that we, the FBI, view as domestic terrorism," Wray told the Senate Judiciary Committee


…from PressTV, Tehran

[ Editor’s Note: Christopher Wray finally got his day to say what he wanted about the Trumpers’ attack on the Capitol in an un-muzzled Congressional hearing.

It also gave him a chance to poke a hole in the Trumpsters’ ‘Antifa did it’ feeble theatrical attempt both on Insurrection Day and in the follow up media echo chamber.

The QAnon folks are also 100% aboard the con that the attack was carried out by Democrats and Antifa dressed up as Trumpsters. But where they goofed is that no Democrats have been arrested or even identified on social media, given the online videos.

Yet, lack of evidence has never prevented Trumpsters from making any allegation they ‘liked’ if they felt that repetition made it a reality, to them anyway. The huge string of court losses did not affect them at all, a strong hint that Koolaid was on the scene.

These people are a corrupt politician’s dream come true, the ones that will follow you to hell and back, but where in Jim Jones’ case in the jungle in Guyana, it was a one way gig. I felt horrible for the parents poisoning their own kids, and hope the devil gave them a just reward for that nasty deed.

Unlike Jones, who just killed all of his flock, Trump and his crew want to poison America. Now we will see if Congress can get a domestic terrorism act passed to give our security people some solid guidelines to follow… Jim W. Dean ]

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Jim Jones people took his people with him. Trump is taking his down a dead end path, also.

First published … March 02, 2021 

The director of the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) says the acts of a mob of former President Donald Trump supporters during an attack on the US Capitol building on January 6 constituted “domestic terrorism.”

FBI Director appeared before Congress on Tuesday to answer questions regarding the deadly attack on Capitol Hill by Trump supporters.

“That siege was criminal behavior, pure and simple. It’s behavior that we, the FBI, view as domestic terrorism,” Wray told the Senate Judiciary Committee.

It was the first formal statement from the FBI about the status of an ongoing investigation of the attack.

Investigators say the perpetrators of the attack carried deadly weapons inside the Capitol building, including spears, sledge hammers, tasers, bear spray, and, in at least one case, a modified handgun.

“I was appalled that you, our country’s elected leaders, were victimized right here in these very halls,” Wray told the lawmakers, who were grilling him over the attack.

He promised the Committee that he would hold all the perpetrators accountable.

On the day of the attack, and before the raid was carried out, Trump told his loyalists in Washington, DC to show their support for him and asked them to “stop the steal” as lawmakers were in the process of confirming his defeat. Trump has been claiming to this day that he won the election and that it was stolen from him.

Trump was impeached by the US House of Representatives a historic second time for the instigation of the attack.

Five people were killed in the raid, including a police officer who reportedly died after inhaling bear spray used against him by one Trump supporter. So far, more than 300 individuals from the mob have been charged on criminal counts ranging from conspiracy to attacking police and obstructing Congress.

At least 18 people associated with the far-right “Proud Boys” group have been charged, and nine people tied to the anti-government militia known as the Oath Keepers are facing charges that they conspired as far back as November to storm the Capitol and block Congress from certifying Trump’s defeat.

Wray told lawmakers in his testimony on Tuesday that the claim that the rioters were fake Trump supporters who belonged to the left-leaning antifa movement — short for anti-fascist — were false.

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Dick Durbin blamed the US government for doing too little too late to fight the far-right extremists who perpetrated domestic terrorism.


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  1. My father only needed to bitss slap me ONCE for lying as an independent mature 12 year old. This Wray piece of genetic slag could have benefited from such an effective and inexpensive behavior modification technique before his soul rotted.

  2. The so-called War On Terror was always a con job perpetrated by the Ashkenazim and their willing slaves. Always remember, Israel nuked us on 9/11 and got away with it. That was the pretext for all the wars of this century, all for Israel. The day the FBI comes clean about 9/11 is the day I pay any attention to what one of their Hasbara slaves has to say.

    • We were nuked when the queen of England DIRECTLY bargained with the Rockefeller brothers David and Nelson to fit and install the prototype Kellogg nuke demolition system, with custom designed jet impact portals before the Manhattan Insurance Underwriters used their power to install it during construction, IN MANHATTAN. Who would that be? They still are in today’s telephone books. A few are buried, leaving MASSIVE estates. Millions of dead innocent people. The swine remain., and have been making us wear fear porn shame muzzles. Corona-SARS is extremely virulent for only about two weeks(According to British military and the U.S. Surgeon General and others. Harvard’s Charles M. Lieber made sure this virus could be stored and lay dormant at full biowarfare potential in laid down microtubule dust-like particles until released and shaken out much like eggs from a carton. Wray would rather lie than tell the truth. I am not amused.

  3. The label is too broad, and “terrorism” is designed to label anyone. Therefore it must be rejected on its face. Insurrection gives enough room to charge, and would be all that is needed unless the motive extends beyond the 1/6 event. Clarify incitement if needed, and strengthen laws governing the law makers, and give up executive powers and limit them forever if needed. But one thing that has a sure pathway to abuse, is the label of “terrorism”. We see how that is working out in the world, and it is disgusting and repulsive to any sane human being. If we lose the right to protest, we will lose the right to redress the government, and we end that day, and the Monarchs have won. This is everything they have wanted since the first day they received the declaration of Independence. Don’t do it. This is where we hold the line.

    • Christopher Wray has shown his character and his position. It is unacceptable to any free thinking person. The FBI has potential, but currently it lacks candor and original intention.
      It has not become what it could be. And what it should be. If tomorrow it did, it would be the first time. It is the student with a decision. If today is the indication of direction, it is best to send it to Britain. Maybe we could get some iron ore in trade.

  4. “I was appalled that you, our country’s elected leaders, were victimized right here in these very halls,” Wray told the lawmakers…”

    I wonder why that sentence sounds like he is washing his hands and kissing asses while is saying…. it wasn’t my fault

    • Yes, I also thought that statement possessed an element of shameless irony.
      He was “appalled?” But was he also unapologetic for his agency’s impotence in thwarting it? I don’t know if he addressed that issue, but it leapt off the screen at me at the end of his “appalling” statement.

  5. Was the election stolen?
    Has there ever been an election that wasn’t stolen? Who knows for sure; maybe a few.
    We’ve basically we’ve had a two-party system for most of our history. And the history of most “elections” has been one of ruthless battles fought by hook or crook.
    Ballot stuffing, gerrymandering, whiskey and cash, intimidations, court cases, various forms of disinformation and of course outright lies, and who knows what many other techniques of election theft have been put into service.
    When the dust settled, we had our winners. But how many could be said to have been fair and square?

    • And maybe the most egregious form of election theft is the very system itself.
      If the two main candidates are “chosen” by an unseen hand, what is “democratic” about that.
      Plus a hundred other angles you can think of.

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