Corrupt Pentagon Trumpites withheld support for Capitol Police for 3 hours and 19 minutes


VT: A key piece of the puzzle is being covered up, the role of Charles Flynn, brother of Michael Flynn, one of the organizers of the events of January 6.

The Pentagon was caught erasing his name from the lists of decision makers that we now know held up the military response that would have saved the capitol from being overrun by GOP paramilitaries.  From CNN…

The Army is now acknowledging that Lt. Gen. Charles Flynn, the brother of President Donald Trump’s former national security adviser Michael Flynn, was in the room for one of the key January 6 phone calls in which DC government and US Capitol Police were asking for National Guard troops to quell the unfolding violence at the US Capitol.

The decision-making has come under scrutiny as city and Capitol Police officials have alleged that the Pentagon was slow to respond, while the Pentagon and Army maintain they never denied or delayed requests for the National Guard.
In official timelines released by the Department of Defense in the wake of the riot, Charles Flynn, the deputy chief of staff of the Army, was not listed as participating in any of the calls that day about mobilizing the National Guard to respond to the riot.

And this from the Guardian…


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  1. This is typically the way mil scores are settled..

    Just don’t be there for someone who has pissed you off, when they need you badly..

    “sorry you breaking up say again lol.. ..eta is er crackle crackle pop.. there is no eta, wait out..”

    Insurrectionist sympathiser good old boys in uniform will know this..

    We can only hope their next posting is counting penguins in antarctica!

  2. One of Trumps first actions after his inauguration was to fire the Army sec and override the EIS order for Dakota Access, which later led to militant mercenaries protecting oil company interests urinating openly on Indigenous grave sites, and even arresting elders and confiscating their ceremonial objects, which were later found in a dumpster with urine and feces on them.
    So many other things. So, here is the smoking gun, and Walker has done the right thing.
    Looks to me like the rats are cornered. Warrants for arrest should be issued immediately.

    • JCOS should issue an emergency declaration , and demand the apprehension and arrest of all top chain of command above the memo, namely McCarthy and Trump,…and no phones should be open until that happens. A freeze on orders and communications is the only logical step to remove them from becoming complicit in civilian affairs until such time, civilian law is restored.
      If the current president and acting AG do not act immediately, they are complicit.
      This is very simple.

  3. We are all assuming that they will have ‘all hands on deck’ for the protests requested again by Trump on March 6th. The grand event Trump has upped room rates to 1000$ for at his DC hotel so his worshipers can bestow more wealth his way. I am sure not enough has been done since 01/06/21 to remove the white supremacist Oath keepers in the ranks.
    And to Senaca, what do we make of all the big white male-leaning bullies without compassion and/or females who are women, controlling their men? I guess there are women who really love ‘big dicks’.

    • I like that M. and agree with you Senaca. Pandora syndrome describes an “anxiopathy,” a pathologic condition resulting from anxiety associated with chronic perception of threat. I try to manage the anxiety but admit my guilt. Had to look that one up but it fits. I am not so much spooked by powerful women who fit your perceived worldview of all women, my concern is about the ones who have found and abuse that power. Since society seems to readily hand power to dominating males -and that shit is getting old – it is easier to see and be critical of those in power and be aware of their glaring flaws and abuses. My point is that there are woman who are driving the white supremacist agenda but do it on the sidelines. “Controllers” are very effective with deception. And that works regardless of gender. By the way I’m a bastard. But I love my adoptive mother and I know I had a big hand in corrupting my ‘Eve’ it did not take no snake or fig leaf.

    • My bad. It is apparently tomorrow March 4 that the stop the steal protests are happening not the 6th.
      M I will give you a a few ‘vast female conspiracy of non do-gooders.’ starting with my favorite Sarah Palin, But focusing too much on masculinity obscures a crucial truth: Many women were either present at the riot or cheering on the insurrectionists from back home. There was Ashli Babbitt, the 35-year-old Air Force veteran and apparent devotee of QAnon ideology who was killed during the riot. There was the woman photographed with “zip-tie guy” Eric Munchel, now believed to be his mother. There was Martha Chansley, the mother of the widely photographed “QAnon shaman” who wore a horned hat and carried a spear to Congress. And, of course, there were the women lawmakers who boosted conspiracy theories and false claims about the election being stolen, including Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, a QAnon adherent who railed against Democrats and Black Lives Matter protesters in a speech on the House floor this week while wearing a mask reading “censored.” Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert.

    • Oh and by the way I work in a hospital so I see a lot of humanity. Yes there are I would estimate 60% to 40% shity men vs. women. That is a rough estimate. I see rape and abuse victims, children are abused by women too. Drugs affect everyone. I am not making excuses or placing gender blame. Ok maybe a little and would put most on Men at this juncture in history and our paternal society.
      The issue here is who or what was controlling the response to the insurrection. And the influence and connection with the brothers Flynn. White Supremacy and Fascism within leadership, the military and security created this Capital siege.

    • Be aware of your statistics I believe a demographic of white women voted in the majority for Trump.

  4. Standard operating procedure; whenever there is a real “clear and present danger,” stand down; U.S. Liberty ship, 9/11, Covid-19 outbreak and now Jan. 6th.

    • Jan. 6 was obviously done to make “Trump look bad.”
      And if he was aware of what was going to happen, it REALLY makes him “look bad.”

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