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[ Editor’s Note: It was quite a surprise to see Iran, with its hands full on the diplomatic front, playing this old Saddam chemical weapons card.

But maybe it was Iran’s payback to the EU for teaming up with Biden’s initial JCPOA move to insist that Iran, who did not leave the agreement, had to dial back its increased civilian nuclear activities AND be willing to renegotiate the deal.

The Biden move never made sense to me from the outset. I had thought that it was just a stalling move to buy time to deal with other major items on his plate, like the Covid economic relief bill and the vaccination mess left by Trump.

But I changed my mind after watching a new Secretary of State Blinken interview where he stated that he felt they were doing ‘fine’ on the JCPOA deal, as they had the EU partners fully onboard.

That seemed pretentious and silly, and the US could find itself in a weaker position. With Trump on record for continuing not only as head of the Republican Party, but wanting to run again in 2024, Iran is going to be even more careful in not giving an inch to those who reneged on JCPOA.

If Biden continues on this path he could be tagged as “Trump lite”, pretending to want to fix the deal while on the campaign trail, but keeping the status quo, where he will try to put the blame off on Iran for being intransigent.

We have not forgotten Obama’s saying that Joe was always in the room with him on all important decisions, which included the proxy terror war on Syria and Yemen, and getting nothing done in Palestine, with countless civilians suffering under the boot.

We remember who did what to whomJim W. Dean ]

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Saddam Hussein – He was not grinning on the gallows

First published … March 05, 2021

The head of the Iranian Judiciary’s High Council for Human Rights says Iran has filed lawsuits in international courts against European companies that provided chemical materials to former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein’s regime, who used chemical weapons against Iranians in the 1980s war.

Ali Baqeri-Kani made the remarks on Thursday in a meeting with families of the martyrs of the Sardasht chemical bombing during a visit to West Azerbaijan Province.

Baqeri-Kani said the Judiciary has filed lawsuits for more than 200 of the victims of Saddam’s chemical attacks, and final verdicts have been issued for 70 of the cases.

He lamented that the same countries which “brutally” butchered the Iranian people through their “chemical weapons” are now “arrogantly” violating the rights of the Iranian people through their “economic and political” tools, making a reference to their use of sanctions and international institutions against Iran.

“The governments that are exerting the highest amount of pressure and the most extensive sanctions against the Iranian people today are the ones that provided Saddam with chemical weapons, prevented international action against the Ba’athist regime and prevented media coverage of Saddam’s crime,” he stated.

He further said the same Western countries that suffocated civilians in Sardasht neighborhoods now claim to champion human rights in Geneva fortresses.

The official went on to invite Western rulers to hold their next so-called human rights meeting in Sardasht, so that they closely see the effects of their atrocities against the Iranian people.

“In the Sardasht crime, although Saddam played the role of the executioner in the most criminal way, the approach and action of some Western governments were certainly not less than the role of the executioner,” Baqeri-Kani said.

Those governments, he continued, consciously and deliberately produced and sold chemical weapons to Saddam, supported him in the international arena and suppressed media coverage of his crime in order to shift public opinion in their favor.

Sardasht, a small city in Iran’s West Azerbaijan Province, was targeted by Saddam’s Iraq on June 28, 1987, when Iraqi bombers attacked four densely populated parts of Sardasht with fatal chemical gasses.

Sardasht was the third city after Japan’s Hiroshima and Nagasaki to become the target of weapons of mass destruction. At least 110 people were killed and 5,000 more were injured during the attack.

Iraq had launched over 350 large-scale gas attacks along the Iran-Iraq border between 1980 and 1988 on combatants and non-combatants, leaving behind over 107,000 victims.

As many as 2,600 of that total died at the time, and more than 45,000 others were left in permanent need of treatment.

Saddam possessed a huge arsenal of chemical weapons, which were reportedly produced using materials supplied by the US and other Western countries. Iranian officials have on numerous occasions urged the international community to bring the perpetrators to justice.


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  1. (‘following of …)

    Anyway , your action is already a light-house in the black that covers the hugest crimes commited under the pretexts of wars . Nazi’s job have been covered by so many papers until today … that now it is used to mask the much terribler crimes perpetrated under our blinded eyes .
    My request is to help highlighting a little more what is being done by our kind super presidents , with their stealth mass murders habits .
    Nazi’s type actions must be shown to all , even if made by Jews .We have no other way out to avoid such futur to our kids !

  2. If you please , could I ask VT to help the folks who doesn’t know much concerning the action of joint forces of Israél-America war monger in Middle East . As former combat craftmen in these wars , you are the first awared of what have been done for the best efficiency of Iran-Iraqi’s slaughters .
    The Iraq Iran war , was clearlly organized by this jewish power that exists within inside of numerous occidental nations’ secret diplomacy to annihilate these two Oldest civilisations . The only & main motivation of this crime , being the Israel universal hatred and long term world domination’s plan ( what else ?). The military censor over war acts information , managed by Jewis control over most of medias have got some efficiency for trite peoples’folks who generally do not search for truth out of main stream medias .
    this is why I dare asking you makinng a kind of sum-up listing of all the criminal war actions managed and executed by their authors . From each sides of the clash .
    (… following next page )

  3. Whether poisonous gas, bio-weapon, ordinary (or nuclear) ordnance, so long as goyim are killing one-another the chosenite Khazar crim’s profit and continue toward their objective of world dominance.
    My gratitude is due, indeed, to this intrepid site (VT) who fearlessly disseminate the Truth!
    On the advice of Gordon Duff, I recently purchased: THE IRON CURTAIN OVER AMERICA by John Beaty. WOW! All that information in a single, cohesive book! I’m forced to wonder if historian David Irving read Beaty’s book prior to his imprisonment for exposing the hollow-hoax.
    Are we not dealing with humanoids who are generationally psychopathic?

  4. The fact that Israel, always threatening to attack Iran if the U.S. goes back to the agreement, and U.S. Admins, don’t want to go back to the JCPOA tells me one thing. Both groups believe that Iran is NOT and will not develop nuclear weapons and want to take advantage of Iran’s naïve lawfulness.

    If Iran is not developing nuclear weapons, then why reward them for something they are not going to do anyway. This is how psychopaths think. We can have our cake and eat it too. As ruthless and immoral as it is for us to take advantage of them, it makes me sick that we act like the victims while we do this. At some point, Iran may develop nuclear weapons. If they are going to be treated as if they have nuclear weapons no matter what they do, then they might as well acquire them.

    • What is evident is that , with such a zionist propaganda , Iran MUST have the Nuke power . As a peace keeping device , and as a war mean . Israel , who alreadu used nuke weapons ( Sanaa 2015 , Beyrouth 2020 ) makes no secret of it’s determination to nuke it’s ennemies … and their dialectic is ” any country is our potential ennemy ” . No peacefull way out , facing such a diplomacy !

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