Iranian Defence Minister vows to level Tel Aviv and Haifa if Israel makes wrong move against Tehran

Gantz noted that Israel is ready to make the move even without approval from its allies or any other state


Israel’s Defence Minister Benny Gantz earlier revealed that Tel Aviv is drafting new plans to attack Iran’s nuclear infrastructure if it believes that Tehran is building nuclear weapons. Gantz noted that Israel is ready to make the move even without approval from its allies or any other state.

Tehran will level two of Israel’s biggest cities if Tel Aviv tries to attack the Islamic Republic, Iran’s Defence Minister Amir Hatami has warned.

“Sometimes, [Israel] makes big claims against the Islamic Republic of Iran out of desperation to allegedly threaten it, even though [Tel Aviv] knows […] that if it does a damn thing, we will raze Tel Aviv and Haifa to the ground”, Amir Hatami stated during a speech on 7 March.

Hatami stressed that Iran today possesses the means to protect the country and its “stability”. He added that Tehran also has “soft power” resources to assure the nation’s security.

Israel Draws Up New Plan for Strikes on Iran’s Nuclear Facilities

The Iranian defence minister delivered his remarks in response to a recent interview by his Israeli counterpart, Benny Gantz, with Fox News in which he revealed that Tel Aviv is updating its plans for a potential strike against the Islamic Republic’s nuclear infrastructure.

According to the Israeli defence minister, Tel Aviv will be ready to carry out the updated plan unilaterally and without approval from its allies, if it sees signs of escalating nuclear activities in Iran.

Israel has repeatedly accused Iran of devising plans to build nuclear weapons, continuing to make the allegations even after Tehran agreed to limit its nuclear programme under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), also known as the Iran nuclear deal, in 2015.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu claimed that his country’s intelligence obtained documents presumably showing that Tehran did not actually limit its nuclear activities and purportedly did not abandon plans to build a nuke.


Iran has multiple times rejected the said allegations that it is seeking to develop nuclear weapons, insisting on the peaceful nature of its nuclear programme. Senior officials in Tehran stressed that the use of nukes goes against the country’s official religion – Islam.

At the same time, Tehran pointed out the double standards of the international community and global bodies, as all eyes are on the Iranian nuclear programme, while little attention is given to similar activities in Israel. The latter, unlike Iran, has never joined the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and persistently refused to either confirm or deny allegations of having a nuclear arsenal.


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  1. Could you imagine where the world would be if all nations had Ministries of Peace the size of militarys for “defense instead”?
    Well I suppose we would F**k that up too.

  2. @NewtRallyt…This is the strategy of the Zionist/Kazarians. They get people to believe the unbelievable (ala Casey) and those people keep the memes alive. Logic and proof mean absolutely nothing to them, yet they call others ‘sheeple’. You can show them undeniable proof and it would still mean nothing. The best (in my opinion) couple of items has to do with Soros. You know, the POS Trumpets love to hate. Do they give a rats ass that he and Trump are business partners (in crime) and personal friends? No, that myopic vision again. Nor the fact that Trump could have outed Soros caravan tactic, but didn’t. What does that say? That Trump and Soros created the caravan for Trumps political stance, re: border wall. I have asked this one question many times and I get crickets or have my comment deleted. Then the pedo ‘arrests’ attributed to Trump…Trump, whose BFFs were Roy Cohn and Epstein. See? logic makes zero difference. Ditto for those he had in his cabinet, his gifts to Israel, on and on.

  3. please… do not link youtube full of spam videos, they must be boycotted, they don’t deserve nothing better

  4. Is this the real problem in the middle east?

    “Tehran pointed out the double standards of the international community and global bodies, as all eyes are on the Iranian nuclear programme, while little attention is given to similar activities in Israel. The latter, unlike Iran, has never joined the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and persistently refused to either confirm or deny allegations of having a nuclear arsenal.”

    How is it that a rogue military regime like israel always gets a pass? If the israelis are their own god’s chosen ones, they certainly are no one else’s chosen ones. If the dishonest israelis have a god, it is certainly not an honorable god, is it. Again, why do the israelis always get a pass?

    • Israelis always gets ‘a pass’ because they own every western government. Of course they wouldn’t be able to do this if western countries didn’t elect compromatted officials in the first place. All western countries are either on their knees to Zionist infiltraitors or blackmailed by them. Not to mention controlling the flow, availability and printing of money, which is another arm-twister.

  5. It is most of the time dreadful to observe that global stability means to rely on Israel’s interpretation of Iran’s energy policy. All and all it also helps the Palestinian cause none whatsoever.

  6. Hi Elvin
    Thanks, I have been harping my konehead theory about how the pandemic really came to be over and over here on VT comments section. If true and I think it is – as all evidence, motives, abilities, science too, says it’s not natural virus, lab concocted in US military labs, and the labs are all fuck ups (ft detriech ecample) everyone out to make a big buck…give them a billion bucks to nanotech a virus that can destroy all humans on earth they will do it they don’t care they don’t have to.
    So lthe labs made something probably Israeli origin that was supposed to target Persians only but went rogue infected whole world starting with Italy and Spain after Iran…same genetic structure…

    • More on theory: John Bolton original instigator to “get’ Iran by first dosing China “a little bit” with fake pneumonia virus that has no symptoms but highly contagious 14 days (“time release” nanotech feature)
      Wuhan the diversion/patsy as real target was Iran. They needed Wuhan first to cover up Iran deployment with the Wuhan deployment!
      Trump found out Sept 12 2019 and fired Bolton’s ass but wheels kept rolling Pompeo convinced Trump to go ahead with it. Just a tragic mistake is excuse all complicit will give to their creators upon judgement day…it was “supposed to” stay within first Chinese population, and secondly stay only within Persian genetic structure population…..but the biological death labs all total fuck ups as mentioned. Anyone who admits to being involved quickly silenced by those conttolling narratives. Note Trump only guilty in US press of fucking up the ” pandemic “response” for example and never dicussed his decisions the CAUSE of it. Many democrats in congress in the know but have Israel up their ass, first one to mention truth quickly silenced how they do it.

    • The biggest problem with your theory is that it was Trump who had Israel up his ass from the git-go…not the Dems. Not that I would defend the Dems, but hey, call the spade a spade. Trump was Israels’ man in the WH like no other ever was. Keep dreaming the dream that an Israeli Trojan Horse, bought and paid for by the biggest GOP donor, Adelson was going to save the US. From what? Him and his friends? Myopic vision can be a real bad condition. As for the plandemic, Trump is just playing the same old part in the same old scam. There is no other explanation why Trump did not bring out many experts across the globe to refute Fraudchi and friends. With Israel in his pocket (or visa versa) who did he fear? How do people continue to claim Trump was against the Zionists? Talk about cognitive dissonance. Trumps ONLY job was to stir shit and confuse the ‘electorate’ (sheeple). Who forced Trump to put a shitload of Zionist war-mongers in his cabinet? NO ONE.

  7. Better be ready, Israel and their number 1 stooge, Murder Inc. will be paying you a very unwelcome visit.

  8. Nuclear tipped missles lobbed into other countries “undoable” with any war-game scenario the military generals will play constantly. Only if opponent wiped out with a first-strike and no means of retaliation would a nuclear war with missles be a “good thing”
    But you know what, biological warfare is the new “norm” to deploy – it can be done covertly, blamed on mother nature or flu viruses, that the biological deat agents are nanoteched to.
    Was Iran attacked by the US and Israel ALREADY in early february with biological warfare in retaliation for the Iranian missle strikes on the two US airbases in Iraq?? Look at evidence (“virus” spread OVERNIGHT from China to Iran?? Qom nuclear base hit hard, government officials targeted, 81 countries got their first cases from Iranian travelers, not Chinese, etc.etc…..would Pompeo and Trump and Netanyahu hit Iran with biological warfard if they thought they could get away with it ? blame China) OF COURSE they would, and in a heartbeat and personally I think they did but what do I know eh.
    I will also contend the Wuhan nanoteched virus fairly quickly washed itself out, while what was used on Iran super deadly and contagious and is where the pandemic came from and we are all collateral damage no one will admit to.

    • You mean the likudnik bozos aka republicans thought of all of that without putting two cents into following it up and save their own people in the US to win a second term ?! Lol.
      If anything the soar ass of Trump is making a lot of loser endtimers very unhappy that they couldn’t get a second term to finish Iran.
      And I love how some of the worthless right wingers here gloat at the sight of Biden being squeezed by the trail of racist pigs left over from the last clown in diapers who want their war and won’t lay off.

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