Who Do the Bolshies Love Today, a Short Russian Press Review


VT probably has the most expertise at psychological warfare of any organization.  To an extent, though some at VT are still Trumpists, VT raped what we consider the Bolshevik effort to give us 4 more years of tyranny and disaster.

In the process, we made enemies.  In the US and around the world, a Bolshevik 5th column has taken power, they run Fox News, they ran America under Trump, they are SCOTUS and other American courts, they are the 3 Percenters, QAnon, the Zionists, the Christian evangelists, they are the Proud Boys and the Oath Kreepers, they run big oil, the banks and the GOP.

They are the Freemasons, the Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS, al Qaeda, they run much of today’s CIA, they control the rank and file of the FBI and run a Nazi underground inside America’s police.

Simply put, if you see them on TV, read them in the news, see them on a pulpit or receive an email, its them reaching out.  They are Google, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Telegram, Zoom…

Well, today this is a minor exorcise…looking at the sewage of the worst of the Russian press, something we have been recognized as a primary resource on by US agencies but something we have also been recognized as a threat for by other agencies, like Barr’s DOJ.

We do have enemies, mostly at home but some “over there.”

Back in November, the US Department of Justice at the request of Donald Trump, filed a case against VT and its Senior Editor in particular citing his opposition to Donald Trump as proof he is a Russian agent.

No we aren’t kidding.

They cited an article in New Eastern Outlook supporting Biden as proof both Duff and now President Joe Biden are Russian agents.

No we aren’t kidding.

Duff is currently one of the most popular columnists inside Russia, in the Russian language, according to a recent study.  He writes on American culture for the Russian media and has been widely published.  He has also been featured in numerous documentaries.

These Russian language publications were taken as an attempt to influence the US government on behalf of Russia.

No, we aren’t kidding.

So, today we will look at a single day in Sputnik News and the Russia Today and see exactly who Russia supports and who Russia hates.  In reality, RT and Sputnik are Bolshevik publications we believe are heavily influenced by Kosher Nostra gangsters and really don’t reflect Russia at all.  VT doesn’t hate Russia, not hardly, but we do love truth and honesty…and courage.

Who Russia Hates or loves Today:



Here it is:

What are the lessons here?  The Kosher Nostra seems to love the British Royals and Piers Morgan, formerly of the despicable Daily Mirror.  Look it up, see what the Daily Mirror is.

Behind so much of this the Murdoch (Maxwell/Epstein/Trump/Cohn) cartel.

They seem to hide Biden.  Why we like him.

They seem to love the GOP.  Check for yourself, do it every day, compare Fox News and OAN to the Bolsheviks in Russia.

Why are they the same?


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  1. The Iranians are the most hopelessly naïve people on the planet. They really believe that if they act honorably and keep their agreements that God will reward their good behavior (LMAO).
    In short, the Russkies love Trump because of his capacity to harm the U.S. I must say, they chose well.

    On that front, I do not believe that the Chinese know the U.S. psyche well enough to harm us. Don’t get me wrong, I work with Chinese engineers, they are brilliant people. I am only saying that culturally they don’t understand how childish we in the U.S. are. But the Russians got our number. The Russians get us, perhaps because we have been eyeball to eyeball in the Cold War for so long. They know that less is more. Just indulge our stupidity and we will rip ourselves apart.

  2. At least the Iranians are always honest with us & just how has that worked out “over the years” ?
    BTW – Exclusive: CIA Files Prove America Helped Saddam as He Gassed Iran

  3. Since I believe in being honest and not patronizing people, I consider VT a bit bonkers and overboard on your theories but … Trump might as well have been a Russian agent. His followers have no idea how much he gutted the issues they care about.
    Foreign policy restraint / realism – out the window, good people like Col MacGregor who were appointed by Trump are now toxic.
    Illegal Immigration and fighting for the working class – Trump made that toxic by turning it into a racists issue, yes, he did call Mexicans rapists, or close enough to ruin that issue.
    I’m a Russophile and the sites I read were constantly making excuses for Trump’s barbaric behavior. They want us to break apart like they did. I don’t blame them but their fake concern does piss me off. I said you were bonkers but at least you really love our country.

    • You don’t have to digest the bonkers stuff but the good stuff in between, which you won’t find anywhere, or at least you won’t find it in layman’s terms, instead with a lot of PC sentencing that it hardly conveys the message correctly and coherently.

      I’m with you a thousand percent on RT and the rest of the lineup. I’m a recovering RT reader to the point that I don’t even glance at the site. They went bonkers when they grabbed that orange blob to do exactly what you said. It’s the Bolshevik in them that pretends to be pure, but it’s pure hasbara.

    • The Russian activists are funny people. I liked them when they said … 1. we are pissed off at you for dancing on our bones after the Cold War, breaking us up, and stealing our natural resources, 2. We hate how arrogant you are when you (the USA) are the ones causing all of the chaos in the world. But when they pretended that our election was stolen and were concerned that we were falling for the ‘Covid19 hoax’ I was like, wait a minute. These Russkies want us to drop dead and our country to fall apart. I get that, but don’t pretend to be my friend while you it. At least the Iranians are always honest with us.

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