Exopolitics Update:  War With Iran, Super Soldiers and the Legacy of Wesley Clark


                                                                           by Rich Scheck

Those familiar with Wesley Clark’s comments following the 9/11 attacks in 2001 know that he was informed by top

Pentagon sources that a series of wars in the Middle East were planned against 7 nations including Iran.
Most of those wars have happened but a key part is missing with Iran remaining a big barrier in the goal of US regional
domination in support of Israel.
Those expecting a major change from Trump’s proactive approach towards satisfying Bibi Netanyahu’s agenda
will likely be disappointed.  Tony Blinkey may be no Mike Pompeo but he, Wendy Sherman, Victoria Nuland,
Susan Rice and the rest of Biden’s foreign policy team including VP Harris all have strong Zionist credentials.
Now comes the latest indication that Israel will inevitably get its way under Biden with the announcement of a
US/Israel Strategic Consultative Group designed to coordinate policy towards Iran.
The president gleefully announced to foreign leaders that “America is back!”  Russia, China, and Iran consider
that as a major threat to their security and an escalation of tensions possibly leading to war.
Iran in particular must be deeply concerned under the circumstances with US dependence on Saudi oil output
being enhanced following Biden’s Executive Order ending the Keystone Pipeline.
Combine that with the slap on the wrist to MbS following the recent intelligence report implicating him in the
murder of Jamal Khashoggi, the insertion of more US troops into Syria with a bombing campaign that defies
the Constitution, threats of Cyberwarfare against Russia, strong languange from Blinkey about China’s human
rights abuses and we may soon be off to the races to fulfill the Clark prediction to satisfy the MIC’s thirst for
Pax Americana.
In addition to the other factors involved is the element of Exopolitics described by Dr. Michael Salla where he
speculates that Middle East wars may provide cover for the introduction of specially trained super soldiers to
take on ET combatants in a scenario that may be more consistent with a Sci Fi movie than with reality.
But readers should keep in mind that the discussion of UFOs and ETs has become increasingly mainstream as we
saw again yesterday when former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid renewed reference to unspecified threats
from UFOs.
That means Salla’s intuitive sense that there may be more here than is publicly described is a clear possibility as the
global players take their moves for world domination increasingly off planet into the heavens with Russia and China
announcing plans for a joint Moon base around 2035.


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  1. Several years ago, I went to Israel to shoot a portion of a religious documentary. Having traveled all over the world to do shoots, it’s the only country that both hotels we stayed at had porters who looked at our bags and equipment and said they wouldn’t help us because we probably wouldn’t tip them enough.

    Those sons of bitches should have told us that since we’re Americans they’ll gladly take everything to our rooms gratis as a way to thank our country for all it does to help theirs.

    To top it off, our two HD broadcast cameras were stolen on the first night at the second hotel. It was an inside job. They gave the producer, who was holding onto the equipment in his room, one with a broken lock on the deck sliding glass door. The deck was adjacent to steps going down to the grounds below it. They waited until he walked back out of the lobby to get some dinner. When he returned the cameras were gone, along with the tapes with irreplaceable footage in them. They were worth over $50K.

    Since the following day was Shabbot, the police wouldn’t come over to investigate until the following day.

    My observations concluded that Israelis are totally self-absorbed racists who don’t care about any country, INCLUDING AMERICA, but their own.

    Fuck that country. And them.

  2. Luckily G-G, if there is one that cares, is probably totally unaware of Israel & Iran & dealing with the entity so large, that it would take a million years to cruise around

  3. About Iran, Zionists in the USA have always seen Iran as the nation most in need of attacking. You have to remember that most Zionists in the USA are Christian. They see an attack on Iran as the precursor to that transformative apocalyptic conflict that will bring their warrior messiah back to the planet Earth. It will be the end of the USA as we know it and the beginning of some kind of world theocracy.

    Most ReTrumplicans would just as soon you didn’t know this, as they’re posing as America-firsters when in fact Trump isn’t about MAGA so much as he’s about MIGA, Make Israel Greater Again. That’s where he will most likely head once he is indicted for his many crimes.

  4. In land combat, my money is on the IRGC.
    The only thing we can do is destroy, not take and hold territory but that is what psycho-nyahu wants. Since 2001 there has been a relentless campaign to demonize Iranians. Iran scratches ONE tanker and it was terrorism. Israel attacks a dozen oil tankers delivering badly needed oil to Syrians and that is fighting terrorism. If one of those damaged tankers spills oil on Israeli beaches from damages by Israel that is Iranian eco-terrorism.
    I have seen all of these statements made on youtube and the comments section is ‘take out Iran’, ‘God will bless Israel’.

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