Pentagon Accusation: Russia Downing US Aircraft over Syria with Secret ‘Death Ray’ (story banned/censored in US)

Russia has deployed many advanced electronic warfare groups in Syria. Illustration

US Lieutenant General Raymond Anthony Thomas III bitterly exclaimed: Russia was testing us every day, jamming communications, disconnecting our AC-130s in Syria.

The specialists drew first of all attention to the statement of the US Army Lieutenant General Raymond Anthony Thomas, who stated that the Russian military is actively using its “invisible weapon” in Syria, and even managed to knock out the American AC-130 aircraft, as previously reported. the news agency has already reported.

“In Syria, we are in the most active electronic warfare environment on earth, because our opponents are Russians … They check us every day, constantly drowning out communication channels, by attacking our AC-130 aircraft.”– said American high-ranking officer.

Russian complexes “Krasukha-4”, “Zhitel” and “Samarkand” are also charged with regular attacks on American unmanned aerial vehicles and several emergency landings of military helicopters are linked with the direct impact of Russian weapons.

Several years ago, there were at least 12 Russian electronic warfare systems on the territory of Syria, and now the number of such may turn out to be even much larger, however, experts draw attention to the fact that there was no real need to use such weapons against the United States.

Russian electronic warfare causes the US and its allies to embrace hatred

The Russian military bases in Syria always have to be on the lookout for possible attacks from terrorist groups. These bases are regularly subjected to attacks by UAVs and rebel jet artillery.

To crack these attacks, effective air defense systems were established, as well as a cluster of electronic warfare vehicles. The electronic newspaper (Russia) shared about the state-of-the-art Russian complexes in Syria.


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    Since 2018, 118 UAVs have been launched by rebels towards Khmeimim airbase, the headquarters of Russian military forces in Syria. However, the absence of any aircraft to reach the boundary of this base is due to the great merits of electronic warfare means.

    Another example of the effectiveness of electronic warfare vehicles is the events that happened on April 7, 2017.

    At that time, out of 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles, launched from the Ross and Porter frigates of the US against the Syrian Ash-Shairat airbase, 36 were “lost”, meaning they were crashed along the way, not even in time to reach the target.

    Then, the media reported that at least two American rockets were found and handed over to the Russian side by the Syrian army.

    According to this newspaper, in the Khmeimim air base area, electronic warfare means “add realism” to potential Russian adversaries.

    As a result, the navigation and targeting systems of American missiles, aircraft and UAVs, entering the operational area of ​​electronic warfare vehicles, fall victim to “illusions. “electronic radio.

    Russia drove America crazy in Syria: Tomahawk, AH-64 Apache massively crashed - Big victory - Photo 2.

    The American AH-64D Longbow attack helicopter had to make an emergency landing because of an unknown reason, but it could be due to the “tantalizing” Russian electronic warfare.

    The newspaper quoted US Army Lt. Gen. Raymond Anthony Thomas III, who in April 2018 bitterly admitted at a conference on the application of electronic warfare means in Syria:

    “In Syria, we are in the very most active electronic warfare environment on earth, because our opponents – the Russians … They test us every day, constantly jamming inter-channels. communication, disconnection of our AC-130 aircraft,… “.


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      The NBC television channel (US), based on sources in the US administration also reported that, the Russian military made jamming to control US UAVs in Syria, which seriously affected Washington’s campaigns. in this country.

      The Center for Defense Research Prospects of America in 2019 published a report “Above us are just the stars. Exposing the danger of GPS signals in Russia and Syria”.

      Fraud or surrogate – it is a method of falsifying data about the situation on the ground and in the air by means of electronic warfare. That means that Russian electronic warfare vehicles not only interrupt the GPS positioning signal, but also replace it with other signals.

      As a result, rockets, aircraft or warships will fly and move to where not the operator or commander wants them, but to a completely different direction.

      Russia drove America crazy in Syria: Tomahawk, AH-64 Apache massively crashed - Big victory - Photo 4.

      Krasnukha-4 electronic warfare system.

      It was a joke in the Russia-America duel in Syria

      In the C4ADS report, there are four Russian electronic warfare groups capable of creating such “joke” with weapons and weapons in Syria: “Krasnukha-4”, the R jamming station. -330Z “Zitel”, the state-of-the-art anti-radio complexes “Samarkand” and “Shipovnik-AERO”.

      The impact on GPS receivers has prevented some ships in the eastern Mediterranean region from providing their exact location.

      The electronic newspaper noted that the “Samarkand” fixed electronic warfare cooperative group was commissioned for the Russian Army in 2017.

      Its features are kept secret. The Americans cannot determine exactly where it is deployed in Syria. It is known that the “Shipovnik-AERO” combination only takes 1 second to break into the computer on the UAV if it encounters a familiar system, if the system is strange, it will take control within a few minutes.

      “Shipovnik-AERO” is also capable of jamming video and audio transceivers, communication stations, mobile network stations and modules, etc.

      The R-330Z “Zitel” station a few years ago was upgraded. It receives and analyzes signals from broadcast sources, creating radar interference for foreign global satellite communications systems such as “Inmarsat” and “Iridium”, the locators of the equipment used. using GPS satellite positioning system and communication base stations of GSM-900/1800 mobile system.


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  1. The war in Syria has been the place where new weapons are tried out by both sides. Think of the Israelis and the US using tactical nukes that leave no residual radiation. Syria has become the devil’s playground.

    Pity the poor Syrians who just happen to be living on someone else’s land, Greater Israel, from the Nile to the Euphrates. Crazy US Christian Zionists think that, too. Trump conned them into believing that he was their ticket to the Rapture and they bought it hook line and sinker. That’s why he must have “won” the election no matter who actually got the most votes.

  2. people who should listen dont? God will never bless wickedness, no, God will judge wickedness! biden is illegitimate president working for the antichrist!

  3. The US lost the war in Vietnam, many advanced Russian missles and fighter planes to help the vietnamese.
    Russia also won the battles with USA over Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan since Russia not so fucking stupid to participate in invasions of mass murder like the Nazis in US congress seem to enjoy creating. Russians can only laugh at the sick joke of satanists it all is and it’s not funny.

    Nukes were used in vietnam as the perfect way to chop off the top of a hill, create an airport instantly, and in 3 days troops and planes could start landing…thats what they thought anyways; in reality many got deadly sick from radiation poisoning and the generals didn’t give a fuck about it ;
    “Thats top secret why you are dying so slow soldier!”. Radiation poisoning deaths passed of as monsanto’s fault and mysterious unknown causes but they are dead now so who cares.

  4. No wonder. Our electronic warfare is pretty good. Produced by KRET company. Suburban of Moscow. I was working near their huge laboratories. Knowledge is power.
    Teach your kids mathematics, physics and chemistry! Instead of BLM-KKK bullshit and LGBT, when your kids’ main task is to determine what gender they wanna choose.

    • Americans are caught in a Catch-22 where they cannot afford for the masses to understand basic math. The rate of interest on a typical micro-loan or payday-loan (e.g., $335 today for $400 in 10-days) is 64,622% per annum, but Americans are told that it is only 708% per annum, and which is then disguised / reduced by nominal loan fees to arrive at somewhere between 300% and 400% per annum. Something obviously very high, but still palatable – under no circumstances can the masses be to allowed to know the truth that the average of all such micro/payday-loans in America is about 30,000% per annum.

      The basic building block of the financial system is the manner in which banks etc calculate interest. The formula required under the 1968 U.S federal Consumer Protection / Truth-in-Lending Act, for all nominal creditors in the U.S., has been banned as criminal fraud in the U.K. since 1974 on the grounds that it is “false and seriously misleading” – which itself is the understatement of the century.

      If Americans could do basic math, then they would realize that the total amount of interest money being drained from the U.S. economy is on the order of 20 to 50-times greater than they think it is. That is also why the stock markets are booming as the world collapses around them. So shhhh! Don’t tell the secret.

  5. Tell to the Lieutenant General that the solution of their problems it is very easy, come back home his planes and get out his troops of Syria, nobody called him and have nothing to do there.

    • …or even misdirecting their missiles, smart bombs. IF this report is more than just ink on paper, then Russia has some explaining to do. If they are capable of doing this, why even talk about Israeli forays in the first place? Why complain about intrusions at all, they shouldn’t even be happening if they can be neutralized without confrontation. How much faster would Syria be free to eliminate terrorists? Would this not be a positive for Russia? Have the Russians given Israel protection? After 6 years of Russian intervention and Russian blood? Something smells.

  6. I have to say that I’m delighted Russia is ‘downing’ US UAV’s planes & Missiles. I may not be popular for saying so here but the fact of the matter is that US is ILLEGALLY in Syria and accordingly, Syria and its Allies are quite entitled to blow any foreign and/or malign objects out of the sky.
    Just GO HOME!!

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