Strange 60 Minutes Interview w/Former Acting DC US Attorney Michael Sherwin re: Capitol Insurrection


Sherwin was removed for corruption by Biden…now 60 minutes has him on trying to cover for Trump…who got to 60 minutes???

The Department of Justice has strict guidelines that generally prohibit federal prosecutors from commenting on pending criminal investigations. Nevertheless, the Trump/Barr installed Acting US Attorney Michale Sherwin went on 60 Minutes and gave a strange and unorthodox interview.

This video reviews the US Attorneys’ Manual provisions governing Disclosure of Information Concerning Ongoing Investigations (section 1-7.400) and then discusses some of the revelations by Sherwin, who actually departed the DC US Attorney’s Office as of Friday. Curiouser and curiouser.


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  1. The whole group Trump had, view the president as a King and it had to be said multiple times by various judges booting frivolous cases, ‘We do not have Kings”.
    Garland has failed by being too soft already, and the time to act was immediately. because this was not done, the King lovers, decided it was their big chance to portray the insurrection as a carnival for soccer moms, and Trump had nothing to do with it.
    We do not have a functioning democracy if the law does not apply to everyone. In fact, high ranking officials and police and priests, should be held to a higher standard. Garland cried during his confirmation, not a good sign. The Biden team is soft and emotional, during a time when we need a strong response and a firm hand. They are terrified.

    • “His powers will not be questioned”.

      “Saying no to Trump is like saying no to God”…

      But my fave is the US AG saying he’s doesn’t know whether voting twice FOR TRUMP is illegal.

      Enough evidence there alone for DOJ being in Judicial branch.

      It’s on the same slippery slope that has at its extreme end, genocidal terrorist dictator Jackson saying “Let’s see SCOTUS enforce the law & stop me”.

    • If anyone else had held a confrontational rally at that location at that time, and knowingly conversed with and supported various groups that repeatedly exhibited the rhetoric and intention to interfere with the democratic process, while simultaneously hammering a lie and directing them to the capitol to “fight like hell” , and “take it”. They would be arrested by now for inciting a riot at minimum, and should be charged with “insurrection”. Everyone knows it,. Everyone knew it was going to happen, and our security dollars and justUs dollars are being wasted at best and stolen at worst. A soccer mom and her friends apparently can outsmart all of our agencies and military on any given day, even when telegraphing their intention beforehand for months.

  2. I attempted to watch 60 minutes a couple weeks back and got as far as the lead-in. They started with dictator Assad, who gassed and slaughtered his own people… That was as far as I got. Who runs the ‘outer limits’ op, that controls all you see and hear? The usual suspects…that one is not allowed to name.

  3. DeepState Comey didn’t care about those guidelines either.

    Had to kneecap Hillary right before the big dance.

    A few days later, DramaQueenDon was playing his not-so-subliminal victory song to a weary nation at 3am.

    🎶 “You (Voters) Can’t Always Get What You Want”. 🎶

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