Jewish American Spy Jonathan Pollard Freed by Trump Counsels Jews to Spy for Israel


Jonathan Pollard, an American Jew who served thirty years in prison for spying for the Israeli regime, has suggested that he would counsel a young American Jew working in the American security apparatus to spy for Israel.

“I’d tell him, not doing anything is unacceptable. So simply going home [to Israel] is not acceptable. Making aliyah (immigration to Israel) is not acceptable,” Pollard told the Israel Hayom daily, months after he moved to Israel following the end of his parole.

“You have to make a decision whether your concern for Israel and loyalty to Israel and loyalty to your fellow Jews is more important than your life,” he said.

Pollard said American Jews have one major problem which is they consider themselves more American than Jewish, stating that Jews are considered “unreliable” in the United States.

“It’s as simple as that. If you live in a country where you are constantly under that charge, then you don’t belong there. You go home. You come home,” he stated.

“The bottom line on this charge of dual loyalty is, I’m sorry, we’re Jews, and if we’re Jews, we will always have dual loyalty.”

Pollard was arrested and sentenced to life in prison in the 1980s for selling US secrets to Israel as a US Navy intelligence analyst.

He was released in 2015 after serving three decades behind bars, but he was kept in the United States on parole until the end of the former US president Donald Trump’s tenure when he was fully released and left the US after years of Israeli lobbying.

He told the Israeli paper that after his arrest, his FBI interrogators gave him a book with names of prominent “pro-Jewish individuals”, telling him to identify those he suspected had ties to Israeli intelligence.

“It reminded me of the book the Nazis had for the invasion of England with names of Jews. [They said], ‘You won’t have to give evidence, you won’t have to give testimony in court, nothing, just put a checkmark next to their name.’ I didn’t touch it,” Pollard recalled.

He further suggested that Jews were deluding themselves if they thought of the US as their home.

“And I always have an argument with these people: I said my loyalty is to the Jewish people and the Jewish state. And they said, ‘Well, you don’t belong here.’ I said, ‘Barur [obviously]. I don’t belong here, I said neither do you. You should go home.’ Their answer was, ‘We are home. This isn’t exile, this is the United States.’”


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  2. At least there are Jews who believe America is their home. I just hope they mean it in an altruistic sense.

  3. Uncle Shmuel has been a dual citizen since way back in 1909 when Zionist Cyrus Scofield introduced his Scofield Reference Bible to the USA, financed by Ashkenazi New York lawyer Samuel Untermayer. Christian Zionists have gone on to become Israel-firsters rather than America-firsters. Trump was their ticket to the Rapture so of course he “won” the election. As the chairman of the Republican Party of New Mexico, Steve Pearce, said back in December, “Trump is our president FOREVER and no one can take that away from us.”

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