Edgy: The Writings of Michael Dargaville



By Michael Dargaville

Benevolent and loving human aliens (ETs) have stressed we cannot join their organisation until a world government has been formed in western China’s Sichuan Province.

These aliens called the Galactic Federation, who are comprised 60% of human aliens/ETs and who are our ancestors, have surrounded our planet since the start of this century urging official ET truth.

They came en masse in the year 2000 to destroy negative reptilian aliens called Reptoids who had a giant psychotronic mind control weapons base on the moon. These Reptoid aliens have attacked more than 500 galactic human planets in our galaxy in a similar way causing massive destruction.

These Reptoid aliens had come to this solar system to destroy our planet or to control it and if it were not for the Galactic Federation this planet would easily now be a distant memory. In the Year 2000 that Reptoid base, housing more than 6000 of these shapeshifting reptilian ETs who can live for 30,000 years, was destroyed by the Galactic Federation.

I had direct alien Galactic Federation contact in 1998 with an ET who lives in a human body (coming as a walk-in, a walk-in has had a soul exchange with a human) on this planet.

This alien demonstrated to me massive super human powers that were truly remarkable and it then sent me off to work in China on the entire agenda because I had   incarnation connections in the Orient, had high level qualifications in quantum physics and medicine, was a famous poet, singer and journalist, and was committed to the Galactic Federation and wanted world change. I spent nearly 20 years traveling all over China teaching my research in universities at professorial level and working in global journalism.

In May 2009 two large Galactic Federation spaceships hovered for four days over Jinan City, capital of Shandong Province, seen at close range by 1 million people and reported in all Chinese media at the time with extensive video footage. Shortly after this Beijing sent me into universities in the region to teach about the New Age and alien agenda and situation.

Briefly, world New Age leaders say all humans in our galaxy were developed on the Vega Star system 7 million years ago by powerful creator forces, developed to a high sentient level by 6 million BC years ago, then space traveled across the galaxy setting up galactic human civilizations including earth 2 million years ago. Two major earth galactic human civilizations called Lemuria and Atlantis were destroyed by Reptoid aliens. Many galactic human planets are highly advanced living from ages ranging from 2-300 years to a massive 30,000 years by Arctureans. The Galactic Federation was formed more than 4 million years ago to give human planets protection from these Reptoid aliens.

Currently all governments on our planet know the situation yet still say no official truth. It is now critical for China, India and the USA to stand on their feet and lead this planet into a new world government in western China. This world government would fully recognise and honour the sovereignty of each country and the rights within that. Each nation of course would honour and keep their own languages, cultures, political system, education system, sacred folklore, judicial system and all other aspects that represents their innate sacred sovereignty and right of self determination, yet at the same time JOIN together in a world government capital in western China. Sichuan in China is perfect because it is right on the border with India and these two countries, being easily the largest in terms of population, now lead the planet in conjunction with ALL other countries on this sacred globe.

We need the Galactic Federation, who are our forebears and direct ancestors, to protect us from marauding negative Reptoid aliens. This is critically vital for our planet’s interest and safety and we cannot join (the Galactic Federation) until there is a firm democratic libertarian “SOCIALIST” world government in place.

It is now vital for China and the USA and indeed the Western Empire to put aside their differences and to become firm friends instead of this combative emerging development. The “we and us” syndrome is not going to protect our planet from Reptoids that are hell bent on killing us. Make no mistake, hundreds of human Galactic Federation planets have been attacked and destroyed by these evil reptilian aliens. My alien friend categorically told me this and it was this fact alone that has seen me relentlessly writing for a new world government based on peace and love, truth and socialism. China and India are now the two leading countries of the world because of their vast size in populations and power, yet all countries are vital and important for the development of this new sacred government that would obviously give full recognition to the role of the Galactic Federation.

These human Galactic Federation aliens have made China the most powerful military power in the world because they can stop all USA and Russian (and other) nuclear missiles and thus protecting China from nuclear destruction. In fact these ETs are protecting the entire planet from any nuclear destruction. In fact these ETs are protecting the entire planet from any nuclear weapon including the USA, which is under direct threat from Russia, and visa versa.

The entire geo-political situation has been turned upside down in a bid to turn this planet into a realm of peace, love and nation co-operation and friendship.

And of course this would be the basis of a new world government – nation co-operation, friendship, economic co-operation, interstellar space travel, the end of disease, global reconciliation, worldwide spiritual communism or socialism or some form of genuine Leftism, a global clean-up and the MASSIVE support of all impoverished “Third World” and “Developing World” countries.

As stated before this world government would be built on a commonwealth of sacrosanct independent sovereign nations committed to non-fossil fuel use, alien truth, and full Galactic Federation co-operation who has much advanced technology to give including a machine which fully revilalises a human for 7 years plus space technology to travel to Galactic Federation human planets which speak English and use oxygen. Obviously not all planets use oxygen but many do and English is in fact the “lingua franca” of the Galactic Federation. Can you imagine! English is in fact a sacred language and is used widely throughout the galaxy and is much older than we think. There are obviously many other languages plus of course deep telepathy and other methods. 50% of galactic human planets live in monogamy and the other half enjoys polygamy.

The internet has now made it possible for thousands of alternative and New Age websites around the world and has made it possible for hundreds of millions of people to be exposed to the basic principles of the New Age. My own internet journalism has been read by tens of millions.

I was sent by these very beautiful and powerful Galactic Federation aliens to work in China with the support of the Chinese Government for nearly 20 years and spent many years traveling from province to province teaching in universities my research in quantum theory and philosophy, which explains interstellar space travel plus the entire New Age and alien agenda. I was sent because I am a “spiritual communist” who has had incarnational connections in China and the Orient and I have been in virtually in all New Age sects, religions, and groups in the western world before going to China.

As previously stated, once humans developed on Vega more than 6 million years ago to a high sentient level, they traveled across the galaxy and set up human alien civilizations such as the Sirians, the Peiadians, the Arctureans, the Hydrans, and others. About 4 million years ago these human galactic aliens started having wars with these Reptoid aliens who evolved tens of millions of years ago, mentioned before, for the control of the galaxy. These terrible wars were devastating for human alien civilizations so they got together and formed the Galactic Federation. Thus human civilizations spread around the galaxy and the Galactic Federation came to Earth 2 million years ago and then set up Hybornea which was destroyed by negative reptilian aliens mentioned before called Reptoids. During this earth civilizations humans could live for a massive 5000 years. The Galactic Federation human aliens came back in 900,000BC and established Lemuria of which Atlantis was a secondary “daughter” empire within, and these civilizations were also destroyed about 30,000years ago by Reptoid aliens.

All of this was first outlined in 1994 clearly by the now world famous Galactic Federation contactee called Sheldon Nidle, who is American. His book, You Are Becoming A Galactic Human, clearly outlines this. My alien friend, who is 30,000 years old and is my “soulmate” confirmed all of this to be true, and the real history of our planet. I have subsequently provided a huge amount of extra and extremely important Galactic Federation history and current outlines with my own journalism representing the “Eastern World”. I am like an oriental in a Caucasian body to teach the New Age in the Orient.

About 60% of the Galactic Federation is human, while the remaining 40% comprised of good reptoids (yes, good reptoids!) who represent a minority of the 40% plus other “loved based” benevolent ET species including Insect aliens and the wonderful beautiful Dragon aliens, who are in fact the most powerful ET species in the Universe (or multiverse). The Leader of the Galactic Federation is Archangel Michael and the leader of the bad Reptoid aliens who attacked this planet and other galactic human planets is the Devil or Archangel Lucifer. Thus, this ALIEN WAR we have been involved with is in fact a war between two towering Archangels, one fighting for Love and the other fighting for Fear.

Humans from the Galactic Federation planets and star nations have different lifespans, different atmospheres and different levels of advancement. The Sirians, who look European, can live on average for 5000 years, the Pleiadians can live for 700 years, the Arctureans, mentioned before and who look oriental, can live for a massive 30,000 years. They are the most advanced galactic human in the galaxy and they have advanced spiritual powers as well and incredibly advanced spaceships. There are more than 500 human galactic alien planets who can live for between 200 and 500 years who, as mentioned, have all been attacked by bad Reptoid aliens. Many of these human planets living 200 to 500 year lifespans speak English and breathe oxygen and Earth humans can travel and live there when it joins the Galactic Federation.

So readers should be aware there have basically been 3 alien groups involved with our solar system and planet Earth. They are the good human Galactic Federation human aliens, the evil reptilians called Reptoids and lastly, the grey aliens, who are not powerful and only live for 200 years and who worked with the USA since the 1950s.

The epicentre of the worldwide New Age movement has been the United States where over the past 70 years a huge counter culture New Age movement has evolved there involving thousands of different groups. America also saw the rise of the powerful spiritual hippie counterculture during the 1950s and 1960s that was based on eastern spiritual liberation, socialism and hippie libertarianism that later allowed and helped form the worldwide New Age movement. California had an array of outstanding universities, such as Saybrook University and the University of California, promoting this new paradigm shift! The Beat Generation of American writers such as super poet Allen Ginsberg, novelist Jack Kerouac and William Burroughs became counter culture spiritual gurus for tens of millions around the world and hugely promoted the New Age notion of freedom, eastern karmic spirituality and individual self determination. The alien agenda really took by the end of the 1980s with many books and channellers claiming alien contact. Polls have found about 80% of Americans believe in and KNOW the alien agenda and believe their government has had a long secret deal with the grey aliens. Since the 1990s many groups were formed and military whistleblowers coming forward with extraordinary claims of the USA deal with the greys. Today thousands of independent ET/alien websites, magazines, radio stations and elsewhere discuss this. Many are demanding government official truth. This is why America has a pivotal role in promoting the alien and New Age agenda and needs to seriously be taken into negotiation tables for a world government as there are many Galactic Federation contactees and movements there. Having said that, many, many other countries also have contactees without the deep institutional base. Yet for the United States to be truly liberated it must realise that it simply does not have the power it once did, it must expose its crimes against humanity such in the Democratic Republic of Congo where Rwanda and Uganda were used as proxies by the Western Empire to kill more than 10 million people in that country in terrible wars since 1996. It must look at the legacy of war and imperialism in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Pakistan, the Ukraine, South American countries and many other countries in Africa. The world nevertheless needs to reach out to the United States and GIVE LOVE TO THEM and to urge them to recognise, as a nation, the crimes that have been committed, honestly and forthrightly. Indeed a great deal of cutting edge western journalism now supported by the Western Military Industrial Complex has shown clearly the forces involved behind what has happened including the role of the so-called Dark Cabal and “western world elite” super rich billionaires who were in fact behind 9/11. Many brave western journalists have done excellent work here that truly helps America. Also the fact that America had this deal with the grey aliens will only add hugely to the world government because the United States has experienced so many types of alien encounters. This can only help the planet. In fact the world famous American genuine Galactic Federation contactee Sheldon Nidle has recently stated that sections of the American Secret Space Program has JOINED the Galactic Federation. If this is so, this is the genuine beginning of planetary liberation.

As mentioned, I have had long and extensive personal ET/alien contact with a human Galactic Federation alien living in a human body on the planet. This alien taught me much after first meeting it in 1998 and it demonstrated to me utterly extraordinary super powers. I’ve seen Galactic Federation ships and my Masters and PhD research in the philosophy of quantum physics has shown how alien interstellar travel operates philosophically and scientifically. I am also a Galactic Federation alien starseed coming from a highly advanced galactic human alien planet on the far of the galaxy yet have had incarnational connections in the Orient to prepare me for my role now. So we are in fact ancestors of aliens ourselves in essence with alien DNA coming from other star systems. However, and this is extremely important, most humans born before 2002 on this planet are not starseeds, and have not spent time on other human planets, they are mainly young souls on earth and because of this they cannot be categorised as aliens, rather they are just using galactic human templates but have always been reincarnating here on this planet and generally have not had the chance to develop unlike galactic humans, some of whom can live for 30,000 years. All Generation Z (those born 2002 and after) are galactic human alien starseeds and will change the planet, Generation Y (born 1979 to 2001) are the tail end of the reincarnational cycle. Generation Y have not had much advanced music, literature, revolutionary spirit and New Age awareness, unlike previous generations where there were more starseeds from other advanced human planets. As mentioned before, I myself am a human alien starseed from a highly advanced human planet that has lifespans of more than 10,000 years on the far side of the galaxy but have had incarnational connections here mainly in the Orient to prepare for my role as a Galactic Federation spokesperson. New theories of physics show all of reality is a manifestation of Mind which is called philosophical IDEALISM in philosophy. Energy is produced by Mind yet energy faster than light is also produced by mind. This is called super energy and this is how aliens space travel using crystal bio-energetic computers in their ships to register super energy. Super energy also explains complementary and alternative medicine (C.A.M) or energy medicine. Chinese acupuncture works because a needle pierces meridian points on the body that are connected to super energy. Chakras are in super energy. Angels and archangels are in super energy. Sai Baba, the world famous Indian guru who actually came from a human Galactic Federation planet, and who could teleport, bilocate and materialise objects at will, used super energy to perform these feats. This theory was first developed by a brilliant British New Age physicist called David Ash. The Galactic Federation calls super energy plasma energy,

The New Age movement itself is huge in Asia because both India and China are steeped in Hinduism and Buddhism which claim reincarnation, PHILOSOPHICAL IDEALISM, karmic retribution and much, much else. Asia is profoundly and utterly spiritual built on thousands of years of tried and trusted spiritual enlightenment resting on the anti-materialist notion that spirit and mind creates matter. All eastern religions and spiritualities including Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism and Confucianism is based on this premise and profound meditation practices have developed as well as a whole slew of utterly profound natural medical regimes including Chinese medicine and yoga to name but a few. And China has especially developed in socialism-communism to build a truly egalitarian society where everybody gets a chance. It is truly an extraordinary country and after 20 years of living there it utterly proved to me that socialism is a great wealth builder, with 60% of all corporations still resolutely state owned and all farming land. It is only the constant western propaganda that says China is not socialist. At the same time the alien and ET agenda is being accepted in China and other Asian countries. China does not stop any alien discussion groups that have formed around the country and has taken a hugely active interest in space technology and all forms of spirituality. The Chinese Government fully supported my own mission as a New Age and alien teacher and Lightworker and I will be forever grateful that I got this chance. China also has the added advantage of its socialist-communist base that preaches egalitarian democracy. Also China’s development of BRICS and the OBOR project, (the one belt one road project), to unify Eurasia is astounding to join the world together in an economic link from Asia into Europe and also Africa. America and Africa now need to be proactive and peace loving and join China’s excellent initiative here. The United States and China (and Russia) have planned to build a high speed train network and highway under the Berring Straight. THIS WILL BE ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT FRIENDSHIP DEALS on the planet and is an extremely important venture that would see this huge network running from the United States through Canada and Vancouver up into Asia. And then the planet will be completely joined, and unified..

Yet the East and the West urgently needs to JOIN together as one like never before, accept their profound differences, be hugely tolerant, be peaceful and co-exist and forge a new world government. It is now vital for this planet and our people. At the same time America and the Western Empire needs to back down on any form of hegemony and cut back their military bases. All Countries now can anyway get military protection from the the Galactic Federation aliens if they want, so REALLY, global hegemony by any country is now impossible because the Galactic Federation has made it possible for the world to live in peace and nation sovereignty.

A spiritual loving socialist world government capital in China’s western Sichuan province near India is what the Galactic Federation want. My alien Galactic Federation friend categorically stated this and I spent 5 years living in Chengdu and the entire region examining all the possibilities. Sichuan is truly a wonderful beautiful province and produces the most beautiful women in the world as my own wife on 10 years is a true Sichuan beauty. I love Sichuan with all my heart and would dearly love to see a world govenment capital based there, located somewhere south of Chengdu, somewhere between Leshan and southern cities.

Lastly, it is important to point out that the New Age movement on this planet also strongly recognises the notion of a Spiritual Hierarchy, or spiritual government on this planet. In theosophy Madame Blavatsky founded the Theosophical Society in India in the 1800s where she wrote widely about this Spiritual Hierarchy where these super human beings called Ascended Masters overlooked the planet and whose own Master is a figure called Maitreya, who was the Christ 2000 years ago, and is widely mentioned in Buddhism as a deity. Maitreya is meant now to be living in London surrounded by a coterie of Ascended Masters and has been there living in secret since 1977. This was written about widely by the world famous Ascended Master messenger Benjamin Creme, who died recently. My alien friend said categorically Maitreya HAS returned. His mission is loving spiritual socialism, world peace, the end of poverty, truth and justice. Sai Baba is called a “Cosmic Christ” in the New Age while Maitreya is called a “planetary Christ” because he comes from this planet and evolved here. The headquarters of the Spiritual Hierarchy is meant to be in the Gobi Desert in China’s Inner Mongolia located in super energy. This is where our Planetary Logos is located. The Planetary Logos used to be a magnificent being called Sanat Kumara but this has now changed and the new Planetary Logos, who ensouls the entire planet, has not been publicly named yet.

So the planet must now join together and this this happening. And the archangels that run the entire Universe will be guiding us, Archangel Michael, who is the leader of the Galactic Federation, Archangel Gabriel, angel of the creative arts, Archangel Raphael, angel of healing, Archangel Uriel, Archangel, Jophiel, Archangel Zadkiel, Archangel Sandalphon and others are here with us supporting this rapid change on our planet.

Important Points:

1: The Galactic Federation wants a United World Government with a capital in China’s western Sichuan Province.

2: This planet urgently needs Galactic Federation protection from negative evil aliens called Reptoids who are hell bent on destroying us.

3: We cannot join the Galactic Federation until a world government is formed.

4: Time has now speeded up to the point of 19 hour days perhaps even less. Governments must start telling these basic scientific facts.

5: The sun is not hot, spaceships fly through the sun and there is a replica of our solar system within the sun.

6: Lifespans have been radically reduced by the reduction of our oxygen levels. This can be changed by planting massive bamboo forests and putting trees in deserts using evaporated crude waste oil.

7: Hydrogen engine power plants could initially provide enough electricity to generate the planet before other technologies come through. The use of oil, which is Gaia’s bloodline, is massive destruction to our planetary plates. It is vital that fossil fuel use ceases ASAP.

8: All children born after 2002 are starseeds dying on human Galactic Federation planets and being reborn here. Generation Z on this planet will cause more trouble that Speed Gordon.

Here is a list of some useful websites who talk about the Galactic Federation and the alien agenda. Sheldon Nidle, an American and genuine contactee cand an be reached at http://www.paoweb.com.

http://www.goldenageofgaia.com, from Canada, is extremely useful and has some good archival information and has many people who claim Galactic Federation contact.

Other websites to consider include David Wilcock, the Disclosure Project by Dr Greer, Brother Veritus, Rense (especially Dr Preston James), Project Camerlot, Jelaila, Barbara Marciniak, Corey Goode, http://www.galacticconnections.com, http://www.christinedayonline.com, Emery Smith, plus many others. From these websites use their LINKS to many other thousands of websites that has a mountain of whistleblowers of every description, fanatical New Age journalists, UFO websites, UFO meetings and truthseekers, military operators, lightworkers, spiritual seekers to so many others.


By Michael Dargaville

The late 1970s was an extraordinary time. Punk music became our anthem and cause for socialism, anti-militarism, feminism and anti-imperialism. Sydney, Australia, where I grew up, was awash with radicals of all shapes and sizes and I was still in my teens. At university studying philosophy I quickly became a radical socialist and feminist activist.

At the same time the overlap of older hippie generation feminism had an all-powerful influence on the inner city. I’d go to hippie feminist bars and hotels where older hippie feminist women were throwing themselves at younger men such as myself. The hippie generation were those born between 1933-34 to 1956, and included the baby boomers born between 1946 to 1956. Their music was rock and folk and they made a radical shift in western society. The Beat Generation, or War Generation, born 1910 to 1933 were the generation before the hippies and included such amazing writers and poets such as the American super poet Allen Ginsberg and novelist Jack Kerouac who championed eastern religions such as Buddhism and got the New Age and worldwide western counter culture off the ground and hugely impacted on the hippies.

I learned quickly that the sexual revolution was not about easy sex but something much more important. It was about feminism where women were demanding sexual autonomy. This form of sexual revolution feminism was initially put in manifesto form by world famous Australian feminist Germaine Greer.

What was happening to me at this time was also the quiet realisation that I was quite different. In my teens I seemed to have sexual desire for all races of women yet as I moved on to become a young radical 21 year old feminist punk male, I got the first serious inkling of having very little sexual attraction to European, Indian or African women. I found myself looking strangely at oriental women, finding this extraordinary empathy and powerful sexual attraction to them. And so it was this utterly powerful attraction to oriental women that compelled me to radically examine my life. It was becoming so intense. It was beginning to overwhelm me.

As I developed as a writer, poet, journalist, fiction writer, musician and serious philosopher, living in the extraordinary inner city counter culture of Sydney was breathtakingly special and was awash with amazing feminist, socialist, gay and punk cultures. And of course they all overlapped, especially in my life. I spent much time investigating feminism. Many of my radical young feminist women friends, many of whom were 100% lesbians, trusted me implicitly because I was so committed to their ideology and lifestyle. At one stage I was invited to live in a famous feminist lesbian seperatist group household where I thrived. I loved these young radical women as true friends, and nothing else. They taught me a lot about 2nd wave feminism.

Of course I also had male friends, often punks, bohemians, poets, musicians, and very serious intellectuals. I found at New Wave punk gigs I was always attracted to young Vietnamese punk women feminists who happened to be in the scene at the time. By the age of 23 I had more or less realised I WAS indeed, not normal. This incredible attraction to oriental women became so overwhelming and powerful, that I found I wanted to be with them hugely. And this was hard to tell my non-oriental punk, feminist, socialist and gay friends as I felt very different compared to them. At the same time around this time I realised my LGBTQ inclinations in all its forms but with a very strong first order desire towards oriental women. And as I became famous as a poet and punk singer, I sought out a very adventurous life sometimes traveling the world widely, putting myself at serious risk, both emotionally, spiritually and physically. I didn’t know any punk radical socialist feminist gay friendly poet who lived such a life on the edge at the time. Living on the streets of Paris and some amazing parts of south-east Asia plus the streets of Sydney itself, really brought me to ground zero, to say the least.

In 1983 I was becoming well known as a performance punk poet, poet (writing strictly for the page), musician and performer around the cutting edge avant garde Sydney punk scene, where Jazz punk was then in full throttle full force revolution mode along with other forms of punk music. It was such a cool cool scene full of amazing profound music and poetry, utterly electryfing and eclectic. Bands such as Laughing Clowns heralded a new sound in Punk and it was a music that changed my life. During this time I rarely used expletives in my poetry, although I did use them. I virtually never used the “cunt” word, in line with 2nd Wave feminist ideology. You could widely use “shit” and “fuck” intelligently, but using “cunt” was forbidden.

Then one day a poet punk friend of mine deeply involved in the Sydney Jazz punk movement and phenomenon, gave me a copy of a book by Kathy Acker, who was the utterly invigorating American sex positive feminist novelist and thinker. As I sat reading “Blood and Guts in High School” I knew my life as a writer, poet, novelist, philosopher and journalist would be FOREVER changed. Acker not only used the CUNT word everywhere, but used it in both a positive and grotesquely negative way! It was utterly disarming. No writer had done this before and it left 2nd Wave feminism lying in a pit of ideological overkill. From that day my poetry changed radically to incorporate the “cunt” word and radical sexual imagery, both negative and positive. I subsequently read and studied all of Acker’s novels and writings. I also discovered a whole range of radical women writers who were radically “deobjectifying” language to destroy paternalism and patriarchy by using this type of language.

They not only wanted to destroy paternalism and patriarchy by both worshiping “cunt” and reappropriating it, but they used prostitution, pornography, socialism, New Age spirituality and bi-sexual lesbianism as tools to fully fuck OFF this male dominated war machine penis machine planet.

In the 1990s I’d moved to another city near Sydney, which was famous for its powerful innovative cultural movement in poetry, music, theatre, visual art, philosophy and other areas. A network of radical women from Generation X (those born 1956-57 to 1979), also called the PUNK GENERATION, were radically using sex positive feminism, of 3rd Wave Feminism, to produce powerful truly life changing events. Many of these women were bi-sexual, quite a few were sex workers, all of them were radical poets, actors, musicians, with a gutsy presentation. They wrote poetry with the “cunt” word and promoted all aspects of sex positive feminism! Including public labia piercings!

Within this background I wrote my famous CUNT Poem, a 60 page manifesto of a poem dedicated to 3rd Wave Feminism. The first word of each line began with the word “cunt”. When I performed CUNT POEM in 1992 at a famous nightclub in front of 600 people, I was physically attacked by right wing redneck sexist patriarchal men who saw the poem as a threat, and had to “defend” women! Sex positive feminism does that. That event made me legendary and many women sex positive feminists then got together so I could perform the poem “safely” at a major public performance! The poem is still one of the most advanced feminist poems in the English language. And I subsequently wrote many more and performed them around the world and also especially in China when I lived there for nearly 20 years where the ideological concept was well understood.

Of course Third Wave Feminism or Sex Positive Feminism shares a lot with 2nd Wave Feminism. Sex positive feminism doesn’t mean giving men the right to be predatorial in ANY way, it means the opposite. It means women are free sexually, to chose their sexuality freely, whether that involves 100% lesbianism, bi-sexuality, sex work, extreme monogamy, standard monogamous marriage, outright sexual conservatism, pornography, radical celibacy or whatever flavour they want. It means men have no right to impose, especially sick fascist predatorial men. These sort of men are truly the enemy of 2nd Wave Feminism and 3rd Wave Feminism. I later joined a sex positive feminist gay punk band called CUNT where we did outrageous performances. At one stage there were 18 performers. Most members were women, all true feminists. We also called the band CUNT as a symbol of Gay Liberation because in some queer circles the word CUNT represents “bum cunt” – so the name of the band had many connotations.

I took the music of CUNT to China and performed as a singer, poet and musician there for nearly 20 years as I worked as a university teacher and journalist there. I taught sex positive feminism and 3rd Wave Feminism in China widely. The Chinese were so easily understanding of the concept that I had no trouble there. Yet the white patriarchal sexist male western world is a totally different story as white patriarchy actually also brainwashes a lot of white women. The result is truly alarming, fascist and scary. White patriarchy is truly evil beyond belief and it was only my own totally unique background that made me understand its true sickness. I believe that patriarchy also radically suppresses women’s sexuality in a totally gross negative way and that is why we have such dysfunctional pathological cultures. I am also a very strong transfeminist activist because of my own LGBTQ inclinations including bi-genderism.

I have continued to be abused in western countries when I read and perform my sex positive feminist CUNT poems. It’s gotten to the point where I am sick of having to defend myself.

I went to China to bring also the New Age and alien-ET agenda outlined in the previous story. In fact it was my very special alien-ET friend and other very close psychic friends who confirmed virtually that my incarnations were connected to the Orient but, more importantly, my home human alien planet is populated by oriental people. Do you understand? Many years of being reborn not only in the orient but MILLIONS of years being reborn in a 9000 year body on my home oriental planet. My alien friend is 30,000 years old and came to this planet to contact me and to work for the Galactic Federation but our soul, which we share, had been separated for a long time. So we humans are in fact ancestors of aliens ourselves in essence with alien DNA coming from other star systems. However, and this is extremely important, most humans born before 2002 on this planet are not starseeds, and have not spent time on other human planets, they are mainly young souls on earth and because of this they cannot be categorised as aliens, rather they are just using galactic human templates but have always been reincarnating here on this planet and generally have not had the chance to develop unlike galactic humans, some of whom can live for 30,000 years. All Generation Z (those born 2002 and after), are galactic human alien starseeds and will change the planet, Generation Y, are the tail end of the reincarnational cycle. I myself am a human alien starseed from a highly advanced human planet on the far side of the galaxy who look oriental but have had incarnational connection here mainly in the Orient to prepare for my role as a Galactic Federation spokesperson. I have accepted my incarnation and the understanding that all of my incarnations were in the Oriental bodies on my own oriental home human planet or here. Thus, my beautiful attraction to oriental females. I have spent my life honouring these oriental women, supporting them, teaching them and doing the best I can to fully empower them as women. As said before, I am like an oriental person born into a Caucasion body to teach the New Age and alien agenda in the orient. Walking into my incarnation and realising WHO I was, empowered my life as a freedom fighter for feminism, socialism, gay rights and human rights.

My attraction to non-oriental women does happen, but virtually hardly ever, but it can happen. And of course I have LGBTQ attraction but my attraction to oriental women is easily my first order desire. What this has proved to me OVERWHELMINGLY is a core pivotal belief in the worldwide New Age movement – that reincarnation is a powerful reality! My entire past lives have powerfully shaped this life to the very core of my sexuality. When you die and happen to be reborn you carry over all the memories of your past lives via your aura, or etheric body, which is just energy faster than the speed of light into your current life. That’s why past lives can have such a powerful


When I lived in China for nearly 20 years teaching the New Age (and philosophy and English), I knew I was truly home, TRULY WITH MY PEOPLE. The fact that I was a communist, Leftist, feminist and gay activist just added to the entire perfect scenario. What I have learned also as the world famous Indian guru Sai Baba constantly stated while he was alive, doing bad shit to other people will make you suffer down the line. If you blind someone, your next life you could be blind. If you kill someone, you could be killed early and painfully. If you are a selfish billionaire, you could be born into degradation. If you were a soldier in wars, killing and maiming for a living, your next life could be grotesque. If you are the leader of a country involved in an unjust war, I would hate to think of what plan the Big God (or Great Isness of Being, as the human aliens call God), will do to you.Spiritual reincarnation is a reality and has profoundly contributed to my life as a campaigning punk, socialist, feminist, New Age activist and gay rights advocate.




REVOLUTIONS: a prose poem

There will always be socialist uprisings

Because that is the nature of humanity

We need to have our idealism

& the billionaire scum who own

The media along with Deep State spies

And generals which pumps out massive western

Capitalist propaganda will be eternally

Fighting these socialist uprisings!

Because that is the nature of freedom!

That is the nature of humanity

Look around the world today in 2017

& everywhere you see socialist uprisings

From the Latin American revolutions

To the new Leftists movements in

Africa led by China to the struggles

In Asia!!!!

Socialism will always be fighting

& struggling against the injustices

Of capitalism & now it seems

That Russia has also once again

Resolutely going back down the road of

Socialism & freedom!!!


LAOS & giant states in India are all

Socialist & communist – more than 3 billion

People alone here!!! 3 billion communists!!!

The Philippines is all socialist now wanting

Intense union with China & Russia! Everywhere

Socialist!!! Everywhere people wanting

Justice for the people. The

Fascist region that is Europe also wanting a little more

Socialism & Leftism seen in British Labour leader

Jeremy Corbyn!!!!!

– a mood of socialism, of justice, BRAZIL went socialist

For many many many years and still wants socialism

Despite its setbacks SOUTH AFRICA is kicking arse

Doing great socialist things as CHINA becomes a true

SUPER POWER because of socialism where 60%

Of corporations and all farmland state socialist owned

So FUCK YOU western propaganda!!!!

People screaming public companies, justice instead

Of private capitalism….socialism & communism

WILL NEVER, ever, EVER be destroyed by the

Capitalists and fascists!!!! NEVER NEVER never NEVER!

And socialism has developed powerful

Roots in the hippie & punk counterculture,

In the spiritual new age movement,

In the gay & feminist movements!!!!

Gay men & women and feminist women (& men)


CUNT, CUNT, CUNT, CUNT liberation!!

Cunt liberation for everyone!!

Socialism & communism wanting justice,

Free speech & universalism!!! The great

socialist/communist nation of

China now leads the world in

Socialism & communism & its leader

Xi Jing Ping praises the work done

By Cuba’s Fidel Castro in

Establishing a better socialist world!

Maybe not perfect, but Castro established

A role that will BE eternally

Played out on this planet! And finally

The New Agers screaming socialism

& god from the mountains of the

Human alien galactic federation

Spaceships….and the returned planetary

Christ Lord Maitreya and ascended masters


Be 85 % socialist owned. Everywhere

Socialism! And the end of the Illuminati

No more billionaires only billionaires

Of the heart living

In free houses eating free food from

Public organic gardens traveling freely

& writing freely…and being spiritually free!

& follow spirituality (not religion

Although even socialist religions maybe a little)

Because finding spirituality in

Poverty is very hard!

And maybe the western universities

Which are owned publicly but

Which PREACH capitalism &

Neo-liberalism will be shut

Down! The so-called public western

Universities are evil beyond

Belief saying this is education

Using “socialism” to engender

Big Pharma & the big end of town

So liberty, justice & freedom

To the people! And the end of

PUBLIC right wing universities

Churning out state propaganda!

The end of the BBC, & all the

Other capitalist media!

& socialism will shine

Like the dusty back alleys

Of China where Buddha smiles

& genuine kindness

Resonates the true freedom

Of socialism & the true

Freedom of our hearts!





crying endlessly over the endless dead gay men

as i sit eating my dinner with my wife in chengdu, china,

i cry for the men of new york & los angelos & the beloved

san francisco & sydney & london who died prematurely of

AIDS! I love these dead men who gave their

life to spiritual justice fighting governments

blocking AIDS progress!

crying for the millions of africans dead of

this horrible illness! Crying! Crying!

i cry especially for the gay western men

because many had been at the forefront of

western advanced values! Such as genuine

progressive socialism, libertarianism, new age

spirituality – i love these dead men, heroes, symbols

of western oppression & capitalist

hetrosexist paradigms of shit! Men who tried to shut down

Teh fascist capitalist western system that was

Oppressing the world through world and global imperialism

And hegemony….these men fought this!!!!!!

YET YET YET i cry also especially for the dead black souls of

africa especially for black brothers &

sisters of south africa with the highest

AIDS rate on the planet!

i cry for the infected prostitutes, drug

users worldwide, i cry for the beautiful

thailand sex workers! i cry! i cry! i cry!

we need to join all fucking medicines

together! HOWEVER, my alien Galactic Federation

alien friend categorically said AIDS can

be treated successfully & completely

held at bay by meditation & mind body

medicine (for a “functional cure”)

especially developed by the

world famous Gawler Foundation near

melbourne, australia!

thus, dear Lord, we use mind-body

spirit medicine & anti-retrovirals if need

& keep praying & looking for the

other chemical “functional cures”

of western medicine. We MUST work

together! Western and alternative medicine!

in the meantime pray all you

brothers & sisters MEDITATE!!!!!!!

The good aliens have said GAWLER

Meditation is he functional cure for AIDS!!!!





a flowers falls from a giant mountain & the big

god watched 10 million africans slaughtered, raped

& mutilated in the name of western fascism!

what, hae you not heard – have you read

your bullshit websites, and propaganda fascist

Western media – nothing –

yet 10,000,000 died in this horrible war

10 million dead in the past 20 years

Oh faith in the Lord bring those

souls mercy & light & love! Oh the

karma of the slaughter!

i think back to 1996

just two years before my new life

bringing the New Age to China

how i was so stupid

to the african genocide

the evil hatred lying western media

never saying anything

i worked & lived in china for

20 years teaching love, aliens, alternative

medicine & spiritual communism!

MY mind did not see the horrible

genocide of

the Democratic Republic of Congo

of the endless women raped &

mutilated by soldiers of fortune

soldiers sent by the USA, Britain,

France, Spain, NATO, the EU & the

bombs & corporations!

i was in china, alas,

& millions started dying, gunned, hacked to

death! death squads!

i saw angels & aliens but i did

not see this hideous death!

this butchering as iraq was bombed!

Oh Democratic Republic of Congo

what utter utter UTTER pain & angst

your people & your country

has endured because of western

government support of Rwanda &

Uganda & the deaf silence of the

western masses, all those sick people

in the USA, France, Germany & the

rest of Europe who helped cause

this slaughter & all there is

from them is silence!

10,000,000 dead in 20 years

10 million murdered by the Western

Empire so you can dial your fuckin’

Mobile phone! Evil filth!

10,000,000 murdered,

10 million souls killed by washington


10,000,000 killed &

nothing in your media!!!!!!!!



The new age is not just about peace, love & herbs

It’s about expressing and recognising your

Anger because if you don’t & you repress

These feelings you will only live in a more

Anti-loving dualistic framework repressed feelings

Will also cause serious disease repressed

Feelings can be a cause of war repressed

Feelings can be a cause of sexism, racism,

capitalism, & saying shit, fuck & cunt

Is good & positive if you want to write cool

Funky new age “sex positive feminist” punk

Poetry SO the new age is more than a

Bunch of halfwits being meek & mild

& getting fucked over by arseholes

Its about standing up for your

Rights as a spiritual socialist

Crying is important, crying over the

Fucked up state of the planet

Crying helps you release your

FEAR & anger – the good human aliens

(galactic federation) say there is ONLY love or fear – &

You choose – the new age is

About supporting “bum cunts”

It’s about accepting your “gayness”

& realising that you’re all a

Bunch of faggots at your heart!

What the fuck, you say! It’s about

Knowing that “cunt” is good & great

& spiritual thus CUNT liberation

Is anti-patriarchal feminine GOD liberation

Of justice – the new age is sexual

Revolution but not predatorial sexuality

Insulting fascism EVIL GROSS men fuck off you

Dumb pricks as famous Australian feminist

Poet Gig Ryan once poetically wrote, “I’d shoot the

Man that stared at my boobs,……..”

So show love & justice; the new age is

Not sexist shit

The new age is about FIGHTING

For non-dualism, it is about FIGHTING

For love, it is about FIGHTING

& not resisting, the NEW AGE is

About fighting for peace

But never using physical violence

Like spy motherfuckers who finger you

In the eye all the time

The new age never uses war as a pretext,

The New Age is about turning your cheek 77 times

& more, it is about SURRENDERING

To your ego, & fighting for change

It is about FIGHTING THE


Not recognise divine law – the new age

Says you cannot live in karmic sin &

Allow people to abuse you, but if you

Engage your oppressor with dualism &

Not love, you lose the fight for

Love, peace & harmony! And if it is a

Matter of life & death, in a fight situation,

The Shaolin Kung Fu Masters

Which is a love based martial arts

Based on Buddhism, says you MUST

Fight to survive, BUT only only only ONLY

If your life is TRULY at risk!

You must always always always consider

The KARMIC RETRIBUTION you suffer if you

Maim, hurt, kill, torture, fight, ANYONE, it is a fact

That Christians don’t understand because they

Think they can just let their sins be forgiven well it’s


Everything, believe it, all soldiers, spies, murderers, oppressors, will PAY

You will always pay every act of violence is a karmic event

So if you are smart you will live in love

If you are truly selfish you will live in LOVE

So it is only when you have to fight to survive

That is the only situation where

You are allowed to engage in

Physical fighting OTHERWISE you are committing

Acts of evil

But you still have to release

Your repression & praying to the good archangels

Such as Archangel Michael. Archangel Gabriel, Archangel

Uriel, Archangel Raphael, Archangel Chameul,

Archangel Zadkeil, Archangel Haniel, Archangel Sandalphon

Will help you hugely everyday but you must ask!!!!

Also Sai Baba, Maitreya, Lord Buddha, Krishna, Lady

Kwan Yin, Lord Kuthumi, Saint Germaine and other

Planetary Ascended Masters will give you support,

But you must ask….it is up to you!!!!




my heart longs for china

for the brown dusty alleys of beijing

in 1998

i love & miss you

so profoundly & so so badly

you are my lover china

& i am lost without you

the pain of my

seperation Is so

utterly utterly profound

oh china

what grace & love YOU are

china you are the saviour

of our planet earth

china every drop

of my blood is for you

tonite & many nites

i see sacred streets

endless streets with asbestos

in henan, in louyang,

our spiritual DNA is the same

that encodes into my physical DNA

i am your beloved child and protector

the endless endless

scope of our love is

beyond the souls of

mortal humans

CHNA the dragon

the hour of our love

will shine again

& the angels will

protect our sacredness

Chengdu Shanghai Guangzhou

Wuhan Shenzhen i

totally honour you

& your peaceful love

the love of

successful communism

CHINA my tears cannot

stop as i listen to Wong Faye

& Wu Lan Tuo Ya who are the

best singers in the world

and i listen to Wong Faye

& her sad perfect voice

takes me into the soul

of beijing & memories

of freezing insane winters

cruising endlessly cruising

the beijing subways looking

for another thrill!

China, the lost friends who i loved, the

love, the grit, the students, the constant

constant reality of

incarnation right in my face everyday

every street CHINA every fucking

street breathes into my soul

the hours of buddhist retreats

in sacred peace MEDITATING

high up in mountains

the professors of physics

in yunnan

promoting his friendship with

aliens, totally accepted by

the government not frowned upon

– oh China – my own

Chinese boy who died of

cancer lives in both our

souls – my beautiful Raphael

his perfect love could only only

come from China, only YOU

China could give this!

to die for you china after

giving my life to you

Traveling in every province

teaching sacred New Age

Communism & aliens & physics

& philosophy!

China, all the beautiful

things, all the perfect

skies, all those nurtured spirits

that protected both of us

together china – me & you –

together! I danced &

sung my punk songs to a

grateful audience, but only in & GOD

China, only in China my love,

every street walked, every village,

all moons, socialism, socialism,

socialism & GOD & the endless

Multiverse, all here, forever

the brown faded

tears rip the world

apart China we don’t have

the ability to handle this

planet without your

strength CHINA leading

begging for the truth

one holy morning

in a nanchang outer suburb

humbly eating a

breakfast & sensing

the true freedom

that you have given the

world China

the freedom of my


& the freedom of

Our souls

First published 2018 by

New Age of Voltaire Press.

Republished as THE 2018 TO 2021 NEW AGE EXPRESS in 2021.


Inquiries to the publisher can be made at mickogal@gmail.com

This book is copyright (c) and is the property of Michael Dargaville. 2018.

Acknowledgement: Some of these poems have appeared widely before in books and performances

around the world.


Poems and journalism by

Michael Dargaville


Poems and journalism by

Michael Dargaville

ATTENTION READERS: Here is an exciting offer. For those readers who want to get hard copies of this pamphlet that is OK. Just photocopy it both sides and make a small pamphlet from it, staple it, it should be about 5A4 pages double sided. You can do it via a computer or you can do a cut and paste job. Do It Yourself (D.I.Y)publishing is a very important arm of both the New Age and Punk movements so please get involved and try this out. You can even sell it on the streets or to your friends if you want. Keep most of the money yet if you start to make a handsome profit please send some my way. My email address is listed above if you do this. This is by donation but it would always help me and my family out. So get the book out on the street hard copy, have a go, it is fun, and promotes a very important cause, namely that the Galactic Federation aliens are here surrounding our planet and want it known all around the world.




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  1. -couple notes, supposed judicial system isn’t worth anything, corrupt decades, at least half of lawyers part of con and another twenty percent lazy and predatory and the rest go along, don’t do anything about it. There’s no fixing. ‘tort reform’ etc has been put down everywhere by lawyers. should have paid attention two decades ago or more. The setup designed to keep people out, as lawyers put down the good person in a case and reward the scum in a case, and predator lawyers. If people made own groups tribes wouldn’t need courts.

    agree reincarnation is energy. Though there’s no karma to punish the vile doers in any way that matters. Is why they continue to be born and savage the planet, to now destroying it. . Natural law, on each person to do things.

    Some interesting points in article. appreciate posting.

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