VT, We’re the New Sheriff in Town (Deeply Censored)


    … by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

    Note: VT is republishing this as the only existing copy was found on BeforeItsNews, it had been wiped from Google and was found only on Russian servers…not even VT’s offshore servers had a copy.  Figure out why…

    Editor’s Note: Long time VT readers will have figured out by now that we have been dropping bits and pieces of the real 9-11 story, and maybe have been curious why we did not do a motherlode dump.

    The answer is simple. The motherlode is too much to absorb in one day. We cannot imagine having gotten it all dumped on us at one time. We had years and years of preparation, which helped us a great deal when the frustrated and betrayed investigators finally showed up.

    The grand jury that is sitting on the official investigation seems to have no expiration date on it and might continue until all the key witnesses have died of old age… or other causes. Those who were really defending the country that day… the betrayal they feel, is beyond description.

    Sure, they were betrayed by a criminal and corrupt leadership, but later, when they saw the large number of mid-level people involved hunker down and focus on their false God of self-preservation, they watched in shock as hundreds of those sworn to protect the country violated their oath of office, basically out of cowardice. The mid-level people, as a group, could have busted 9-11 open many years ago, but they chose not to.

    All the “good guys” had to do was start mapping out all those who would have to have been involved, and then a much bigger job, all those who saw what was happening or learned later and decided that that was above their pay grade to say or do anything.

    There has been plenty of time to figure out who was on those lists… like the crew that spread the wreckage on the Pentagon lawn during the dark hours of 9-11, and those that loaded it and flew it in.

    And then there were all those that collected the HD rooftop video tapes in Washington who were smart enough to know they were aiding and abetting in obstruction of justice by hiding what those tapes showed. We know because we have satellite footage (6 frames) of the truth.

    Another reason for the slow dribble of this huge series — on 9-11 and about the looting of America’s taxpayer-funded science achievements that are deep-sixed if they threaten the elite’s financial interests — was to give some time for those who might want to come to Jesus, and do now what they should have done then.

    We have no fear because if anything happens to us it is all going to come out very quickly… and there is no way to stop that from happening. It is the least we can do from the grave, if our work must continue from there.

    The old Davy Crockett and artillery nukes were pilifered long before 9-11

    The old Davy Crockett and artillery nukes were pilfered long before 9-11

    It is definitely line in the sand time. We cannot go back and undo what was done, but what all the cowards out there are doing is leaving us vulnerable to more attacks, since the main perps are still walking around free — and rich.

    The public has no idea of our nuclear stockpiles having been pilfered, and that they are a constant threat until located. We have already published a country list where some went to, and there is more that will come in time. Gordon will explain more below.

    We sit here after dozens of articles without a single call from any mainstream media person, or politician, or a major veterans, or religious, academic or law enforcement group. This is probably the biggest “stand down” of law enforcement and military in history.

    The entire country got the USS Liberty treatment on 9-11, and generally it has been administered to us by the amoral descendants of those who did the first one in 1967. And all those who sat on their butts just kept their heads down with the Liberty and went about their business then, and we see that same pattern now.

    Thousands were not aware of what happened at the time of the USS Liberty. But with 9-11, and those who learned after, the number is bigger than you think. They have all abandoned their posts and left America open for more attacks, simply to play it safe. If there is one more attack, the days of playing hide-and-seek will be over. And all those who think they can slide off with “if only I had known” will discover that’s a weak defense.

    And to all those out there in the judicial world who have been probed for assistance on what forum could be put together to prosecute those responsible, only to tell us that it would be impossible, you also have aided and abetted. You chose to serve the few over the many, and you shall wear that shroud… Jim W. Dean ]

    This is the other gound zero for 9-11...Fort Lee, New Jersey
    This is the other ground zero for 9-11…Fort Lee, New Jersey

    “For those who have been quiet for too long…it is time to pick a side”

    In Syria I informed representatives at a security conference that terrorism and extremism were components of a multi-generational, organized crime network that transcends conventional conspiracies involving “banksters” and “Zionists.”

    The Paris attack and its far more serious exploitation operation, there is no terror attack without “deception and cover” and “exploitation,” is fully attributable to what should properly be termed “Gladio.”

    Today Gladio networks control most of Latin America, run ISIS and have taken over the Ukraine, Libya and are sometimes called the “Islamic State.”


    This week, we met one of the American commanders under whose supervision our intelligence schools operate. Two of these schools have been caught hacking VT’s website, interfering with radio broadcasts and a bit more. The meeting, on an American military base, was conducted between a VT editor, who is retired a senior Army special operations commander, and the commanding general.

    He was told there was a “new sheriff in town” and that his “children” needed to be reined in. No, we didn’t say “or else.” We may have implied it but we didn’t say it. America can ill afford cowards and incompetents “on watch.” This is simply what has happened.

    VT is now important to US national security. Key governments that the US can’t speak to, trust only people tied to VT and the growing dissident factors inside our military, intelligence and defense technology community have, who to a significant extent have chosen VT as a platform as a trusted source for staying informed on the threats others fear to discuss due to who is really behind them.


    Gordon and Jim Hanke
    Gordon and Jim Hanke

    The Paris “event” is a good example. While in Damascus, I discussed the real nature of terrorism and the organizations behind the “entropy and destabilization” moves. At my side, Colonel Hanke went into greater detail.

    Much of what was said was not made public and perhaps rightly so but it was heard, there and here. What was heard can give you an idea of where we went. We had “the goods” on everyone, every gangster operation, every drug cartel, every phony terror cell.

    We are going to be reminding folks of that as we go along.


    There is a story that begins many years ago, back in the 1970s. Some of us were involved in intelligence issues then, with the military or one or more agencies. There is a reason I am going here.

    We are beginning to track operations in Europe (EUCOM) and the Middle East (CENTCOM) to Libya. It seems the current instability in Libya is being orchestrated much as it was in 1969.

    Consider the murder of Gaddafi the equivalent of the jailing of Noriega, the “hunt for bin Laden” or an endless number of other things that aren’t as they seem. You really believe that Cuba and North Korea aren’t of use?

    In 1969, Libya was needed as part of the Cold War front against Russia. America was embroiled in Vietnam, militarily over extended and Israel, Iran and Pakistan, America’s “puppet regimes” as they were seen at the time, were too flawed to support the Truman Doctrine encirclement theory that, in reality fell apart the moment Chiang Kai Shek fled to Taiwan.


    Gaddafi as a young officer with Nasser
    Gaddafi as a young officer with Nasser

    The stalemate in Korea, Southeast Asia crumbling, India clearly in the Soviet sphere, America’s policies were to push for war between Russia and China and to prepare for the inevitable fall of Europe.

    Putting Gaddafi in power, giving up an air base, and creating a cardboard Lothario dictator was the best move at the time. Some are unaware but Libya only had a population of 2 million in 1979 and was of no significance other than to be put “in play.”


    Toward that end, Libya received covert American aid. Edwin Wilson and were sent. Wilson, longtime CIA who “went dark” in 1971 was supposedly sent there to keep track of “Carlos the Jackal.” His real mission is still going on, one we suspect he never envisioned.

    The idea of one man surveillance on “the Jackal” as cover is stupid. Wilson was sent to Libya to set up an American covert operations network, in combination with Libyan and Israeli intelligence and Freemason groups inside Europe.

    Wilson was released from prison in 2003 after two decades, his conviction for smuggling explosives overturned, proven to have been an FBI/CIA set up. Wilson died in 2012, and his criminal tormentors are yet to be punished though cited as fully culpable. Federal Judge Lee Rosenthal dismissed Wilson’s 2007 lawsuit against the prosecutors who conspired to silence him. Rosenthal was promised a Federal Appeals Court nomination by John Roberts in return for this favor.

    During the 70’s, Libya was practically overrun by IRA terror groups, another childish and sad cover story. Special Force/CIA team leader, Billy Waugh, 85 years old today, very alive and kicking, went to Libya with those who ran Operation Phoenix. They were supposed to be training the Libyan intelligence agency.

    This is another bizarre cover story you can find splashed on Wikipedia. Libya was, in reality, used as a way-station for Operation Gladio.

    The Skull and Bones house...New Haven, Conn.
    The Skull and Bones house…New Haven, Conn.

    Do note, the concept of turning to a secret society with bizarre roots, “Black Nobility,” the Illuminati, Skull and Bones, all “enlightenment/Luciferian” organizations capable of bizarre and heinous ritualistic acts, was a sign of desperation.

    The Reagan administration saw these groups sweep across Washington, no longer a haven for the “cocaine and call girl” crowd. It was now black candles, drugged children and sodomy.

    There is nothing speculative whatsoever about this and key Pentagon officials were always there, ready to “stay after” or “go upstairs” at DC events. You don’t think we had people there?


    Ed Wilson getting "the squeeze"
    Ed Wilson getting “the squeeze”

    The BBC video attached to the article had been removed. It is replaced temporarily and can be seen at the top of the article, for awhile at least. (we suggest downloading it)

    While Wilson (and Waugh) were in Libya, the CIA set up a phony operation to lure them out and bring them to “justice,” an operation much akin to the phony “bin Laden unit” that tracked the dead CIA operative for over a decade after his death in 2001.

    At one point, the phony “Wilson unit” at the CIA, an operation I have some familiarity with, made direct contact with Gaddafi and established its own operational unit inside Libya despite being lied to and given no resources. The head of the unit was promoted and reassigned and reminded to suffer a “memory loss.”

    Had they been allowed, the phony “Wilson unit” could have stopped Gladio, still very alive and well operating from Libya again, throughout the Ukraine, Poland and murdering people across Europe to this day.


    During the late 1990’s, bin Laden, receiving medical treatment at the Bethesda Naval Medical Center outside Washington, kept a suite at the Mayflower hotel in Washington and regularly met with a number of Iran Contra figures, all free under presidential pardon. (Bush41) VT editor Lee Wanta was present at several of these meetings held at the semi-exclusive Metropolitan Club.

    bin Laden (Colonel Osman) liked to lunch by the window
    bin Laden (Colonel Osman) liked to lunch by the window


    Wilson did 22 years in prison for supplying explosives to Libya which were transshipped to Gladio operatives, who used them with embarrassing regularity in terror attacks across Europe. You thought the “Red Brigades” were really “red?”

    Waugh went on to an illustrious career at the CIA and as a private contractor in the War on Terror while Wilson went to prison as a terrorist.

    Bill Waugh in 2005 - book promotion time
    Bill Waugh in 2005 – book promotion time

    Few understand the significance of Libya, then and now. For decades, while Gaddafi railed at the world, accusing of blowing up night clubs and airliners, the US and Israel ran intelligence operations there with impunity.

    During the Cold War, Russian and American operatives continually tripped over each other in Tripoli, Malta and Monaco, the “ratline” between Libya and Europe.

    Gaddafi would hold “anti-imperialism” conferences, inviting terrorists and dissidents and “shop” them to the CIA. One of my good friends attended such a conference in 1986, watching the process exactly as described.

    Noriega thought he could thumb his nose at the world because he was a Bush family drug partner. For Gaddafi, it began with Gladio bombs but went much further.

    From 1975 onward, Israel, South Africa and Libya began WMD programs, developing nuclear weapons and chemical/biological weapons. Gaddafi built his last bio-weapons lab in 2006.

    From VT, including a copy of a Wikileaks US State Department cable:


    In fact, Libya had agreed, in 2003, to destroy all chemical weapons. However, in this Wikileaks cable, one not made public in the United States, we learn that as late as 2011, Libya maintains its stocks of chemical weapons. Gaddafi had been allowed extensions year after year claiming he had no money. (A Wikileaks “double secret,” kept secret from US by our government and again by Wikileaks)





    1.(S/NF) Summary: Dr. Ahmed Hesnawy, head of Libya’s chemical weapons destruction program, defended Libya’s Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) extension request….


    2.(S) During a September 30 meeting, Pol/Econ Chief jointly delivered ref a demarche with French DCM to the head of the chemical weapons destruction program at Libya’s National Chemical Weapons (CW) Authority, Dr. Ahmed Hesnawy. During the meeting, Hesnawy also provided a detailed briefing on his progress toward meeting Libya’s Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) commitments.

    3. (S) Hesnawy gave a long explanation of the reasons for the extension request, including resistance from the local community when construction work began at the building site…..

    3.(S/NF) Hesnawy then explained that the next problem he confronted was with the “civil defense people,” who…..

    UK EMBASSY WARNS OF HESNAWY’S CONFIDENCE9.(S) In a separate meeting, xxxxxxxxxxxx told P/E Chief that while the MFA IO officer Tajouri Shiradi had made the same request for support for Libya’s CWC requests, he did not provide as much detail on the progress of the Libyan program. xxxxxxxxxxxx expressed surprise that Hesnawy had met with us, relating that he was an elusive character….

    10.(S/NF) Bio info: Hesnawy is a charismatic and gregarious character, who spoke fluent American English. He used American expressions and slang with ease and was clearly trying to endear himself to P/E Chief. He said that he has been head of Libya’s Chemical Weapons Program for the last 12 years and was intimately aware of every technical detail relating to that program. According to xxxxxxxxxxxx, Hesnawy may be working with National Security Advisor, Muatassim al-Qadhafi, on missile purchase requests.

    What is Libya doing now in the “post Gaddafi” era? The Benghazi attack was classic Gladio, special operations troops brought in, Israeli jammers blocked communications, PJ Media and the Jamestown Foundation coordinated “deception and cover” and “exploitation.”

    The Tripoli based transportation hub that moved CIA rendition prisoners and narcotics to gulags and world markets now moves jihadists and Stinger missiles to ISIS.

    Those unmarked black C130s that seen regularly dropping supplies to ISIS brigades fly from Libya, right over Israel and Jordan, right over the Iron Dome and the covert American airbase outside Amman.


    There are people who need to be spoken to, perhaps “a bit more.” We used to convince useful idiots that hunting communists justified supporting tyranny and organized crime. It has now gone much further.

    Some succumb to threats, very real threats of very real violence. Poisoning is common, murder of children is also common. Those who speak up are killed, imprisoned, tormented, drugged or financially destroyed, perhaps all of the above.

    FBI Mike Smith has disappeared - and Google images have been cleaned
    FBI Mike Smith has disappeared – and Google images have been cleaned

    One FBI agent was actually put on an “armed and dangerous” terror list while Fox News splashed his photo across the country, for a day at least, when it was discovered the whole thing was a “mistake.”

    The time of useful idiots, cowards and traitors is pretty much at and end. It isn’t that there is a shortage of such people, quite the opposite. The propagandization of America, conservative “ethics,” family “values,” evangelical “righteousness” has left fertile soil for virtual armies of potential thugs and tyrants. America has been actively converting its law enforcement community to such purposes for some years.

    General Richard Myers - the Bush NeoCons had to have a totally dependable asset at the Pentagon for 9-11
    General Richard Myers – the Bush NeoCons had to have a totally dependable asset at the Pentagon for 9-11

    In 2001, General Myers as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, started a witch hunt inside the military eliminating all signs of competence and courage.

    His efforts are being undone today, with the “right” screaming as the traitors and cowards are removed, arrested and dismissed, numbering in the hundreds.

    What kind of military would remain silent over 9/11? Who could do nothing? We know how many knew in advance, who knew it all, the numbers are staggering.

    The expectation is simple. America can’t survive without risk and sacrifice. This means that, for instance, when the military sends teams to Turkey to train what they know will be more ISIS cadre leaders, someone is going to have to speak up.

    American air controllers and radar personnel watched MH17 being shot down by a Kiev based fighter aircraft and not only remained silent but were fully complicit in fabricating the ludicrous missile stories.

    America can’t survive this kind of treason.

    In every department, every service, every agency, it is time to say “we will sin no more.” Just because we saw the police and security services of Britain on 7/7 or of Norway during the Breivik slaughter or the current fiasco in Paris, all Freemason operations, all “inside jobs,” survive the scrutiny of the controlled press and puppet governments, there are those who can stand for something.

    Able Danger team surveillance house in Ft. Lee, NJ
    Able Danger team surveillance house in Ft. Lee, NJ

    There is a reason we published the photo of an Able Danger safehouse last week. We are hoping that, despite “compartmentalization,” we might touch someone who knows how much we are holding, how much we know. We know all of it.

    One of the great threats to freedom today is that our government and services all, through “compartmentalization” actually function as terror cells. People are only told enough to do their part, given childish cover stories, told tales of “bin Laden” and “Boko Harum.”

    It may well be possible that, at no level, no matter how high, not within actual government service at least, is anyone told the truth. It wasn’t always that way.


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    1. And now presenting the Covid deep cover side show, multi-use human and eco-destructive no matter. Aerosol systems, canon lobbing, micro-head mist droplets floating into air supply trespass, sideways and with prevailing air currents. hiding the emitter heads in plain sight, legionaires venting disease? 911 software marriage “joker gas” synthetic brain-body hormonal/hallucinogen, smell mimicry, carcinogen ether carrier formulas; mimic normal aging and disease, covid flu f.flag trafficking: jail, drug addiction, hospitalization, patsy milling, covert chemical water board trauma confessions, the usual MKUltra privateers and deep pocket trusts, casino mob king cash-outs.

    2. I actually copy some of your pages for my OWN security of seeing it again. Same as I hope you allow the image of the North Pole of the Moon I would like to twitter the story later with comment and North Pole Moon image. Thanx, Alien article goes MSNBC I think thanx

    3. I would ponder that creating and unleashing Covid19 is the “One More Attack” mentioned. More to come. Or as the astute woodpecker used to admonish, ” Live and Learn”. If you are lucky.

    4. 20 F###ing years!! I am still stunned and trying to justify how the general American population accepted the lies they were being feed. How the events of 911 2001 have not been exposed and understood as they have repeatedly been layed out by VT. Being glued to the TV and news that day, I was always convinced that the obvious truth would eventually be presented, known and accepted.

      While hard copies should always include paper if it is real important. All media can be scrubbed under the right conditions. Don’t take your credit cards or chipped ID badges with you into your MRI scan🥴.

    5. I did find the same article on a site, posted at the bottom. I did a lot of research on the 911 event. There are so many theories, intentionally put out there, to make it hard to find proven facts. But you still might be able too. I use the word might, because , so much was censored by the media mafia. Truth is not allowed. The link I posted is the perfect example. They attached a 911 film to Jim’s article. One can prove this video is a fake. You have to look at the window sizes, and compare them to the size of the people. The Tower windows were 10-feet tall and 30-inches wide. These people are giants. People who researched 911, know about the B-Team of Jewish Art Students, that lived in the towers for 10-months before, the main event. They removed windows from the Towers on the same floors the jumpers came from. You can find the newspapers reporting the Art Students. They built a wooden platform outside the windows and were filmed by a helicopter working with the Team. All the members were filmed nude outside, the windows. There may be a few vids left online to show the “fake jumpers”. Precautions were taken on 911, to prevent deaths. They held their first fire drills, in many years , only a few days before 911. https://forbiddenknowledgetv.net/We-Are-the-New-Sherriff-in-Town/

      • I do follow VT’s account of 911. From the very first news report, the entire day , was a scripted lie. The Trump campaign , beginning in 2015, Donald, all but said he would have a real, 911 investigation. In the final days before the election 2016, I read an article somewhere, New York City former Mayor Rudy Giuliani & Henry Kissinger, were adviser for Trump. They are two well know 911 insiders. My wife and I did not vote in the election. As your article states, there are thousands of low level 911 personal. Most not knowing they were a participant. But, coming forward with the truth would be a guaranteed prison sentence on made up charges. William Scott Ritter Jr., a former United Nations weapons inspector , Ambassador Wilson & his wife all made into traitors or worst, even in high level positions. America needs to know the whole truth, but it will never happen. And of course, Israel was the ringleader. Thank you for all you do.

    6. I’ve been remiss. Jim Dean’s editorial is outstanding, too, especially if one reads between the lines. There have been many “come to Jesus” meetings, and I’m sure there are many more to go. People need to take the chances offered to them. If not, let the chips fall where they may.

    7. I think this “may” be the first time I’ve read this.
      On one hand it is devastatingly depressing, to realize the scope of the deception, the dereliction of duty and the compromised command structure of our “defense” forces.
      But on the other hand, there is a glimmer of hope in that some have come to realize America is finished as a nation if the forces of evil are not withstood.

    8. Outstanding article! Jim, could you tell us approx. when it was first published? And when it disappeared from VT? I am assuming it was published around 2011/2012 due to the mention of a Wikileaks 2011 secret. Was this one of the articles that disappeared from VT on the day of THE big hack, April 8, 2017?… Btw, speaking of Libya and Tripoli, the Marines’ Hymn is a bit embarrassing, since the first 2 lines say, “From the Halls of Montezuma To the shores of Tripoli;”. The embarrassing part is that nothing much has changed since the lyrics were written long ago. And it’s sacrilegious to call this a hymn, with those lyrics. However, I do enjoy the 3rd verse!

      • the copy i found was 2016…and one should wonder why someone who owns material has to find it in someone else’s closet

      • Yes, I wondered but I figured you will tell us if/when you want to. My assumption was that you kept copies onshore and offshore, but all (or almost all) copies were on ultimately hackable computers/servers. I will not ask if you kept backups on physical non-Internet media, as it’s none of my business to know, either way.

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