Bullshit: Minnesota cop “accidentally” murders innocent Black teen in “Blue Lives Matters” incident

Daunte Wright, 20, was shot dead by cops outside Minneapolis during a traffic stop, triggering unrest across a city already on edge over Derek Chauvin’s trial

The proud father

More cowardly racist cops….

VT: How do you have an “accidental discharge” while your gun is in its holster where it belongs?  In 3 years as a cop, I never drew a weapon once, including during violent “altercations” with multiple suspects (of all races).  Watch the trailer for THEM, available on Amazon Prime Video.  Please watch the series:

If you drew your weapon and didn’t fire it, you were fired yourself.  A weapon is only drawn when it is used, never to “control” as suspect as it invariably escalates any conflict.

Time for folks to stop lying.  I have trained police all over the world.

This is a hate crime and we have another cop to go on trial for murder and more than need to be jailed, fired or deported.

Call this another “Blue Lives Matters” killing.

BROOKLYN CENTER, Minn.—The officer who killed a young Black man during a traffic stop outside Minneapolis on Sunday accidentally fired her gun instead of a Taser during the arrest, the Brooklyn Center police chief said Monday afternoon.

“This was an accidental discharge that resulted in the tragic death of Mr. [Daunte] Wright,” Brooklyn Center Police Chief Tim Gannon said during a Monday press conference where body-camera footage of the shooting was released. He noted that the “very senior officer” involved shouted “Taser, Taser!” during the arrest, apparently unaware that she’d pulled out her handgun when she fired the single shot that killed the 20-year-old man.

Wright’s death set off a string of violent protests amid tensions over the Derek Chauvin murder trial. Hours after the shooting, hundreds of residents surrounded the police headquarters and clashed with police, who responded with tear gas and flashbangs reminiscent of last summer’s protests after the police death of George Floyd.

In the body-camera footage played during the Monday press conference, two officers can be seen approaching Wright’s white car. One officer then pulls the 20-year-old out of the vehicle and turns him around, attempting to handcuff him against the car as Wright tries to get back inside.

During the chaotic struggle, an officer pulls out a gun and shoots Wright as he’s sitting in the driver’s seat. The officer can be heard yelling “Taser, Taser!” during the footage, before saying, “Holy shit, I shot him.”

Brooklyn Center Mayor Mike Elliott said Monday that he fully supports the termination of the officer involved in Sunday’s shooting—a demand made repeatedly by activists at the press briefing.

“All of the world is watching our community. We continue to be distressed as we go through the Derek Chauvin trial,” Elliot said. “We will get to the bottom of this.


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  1. She may not have known she was holding her gun, but that poor child did ! It is not as if she grabbed her gun and shot instantly. She had that gun pointed at him for several minutes. The look of fear in his eyes when he saw the gun and then turned away, is heartbreaking.
    As to his arrest history, I do not care what crimes he may or may not have committed, nothing justified murdering him.

  2. Anyone that runs from the cops should be shot. If we have a subculture in America that teaches their children to run from the police then it is that cultures fault. Instead of admitting any fault it plays victim. When you are CAUGHT admit to yourself it’s over don’t run, don’t fight, simply blame yourself. If I ran a police force the side of the cars would say “Resist and Die”. Running and fighting puts others in danger not just yourself.

    • Shooting fleeing suspects endangers the public.

      A policy like that would increase shootings to the point where the people being stopped would shoot back because they have nothing to lose. Even with today’s so called restrained policy, a cop shot Adam Toledo, the 13yr old who did everything the officer said. He stopped and turned around with this hands in the air. But now you have the Pete Hegseth’s saying, ‘he only had a split second’ which is always true when you meet a person. Well that argument works two ways. Welcome Syria.

  3. They all are Harold, leastways the ones where they don’t shoot you or I’s dog or the neighbors child, and by the way I published your email on Patreon. Regardless of all that, really? “Blue Lives Matter?” It’s unprecedented in all the annuls of history where a segment of the population, no matter how ignorant and hatefully stupid, ever endorsed the gunmen of their own oppressor. Staging media events such as this may be absolutely necessary in order to bring the reality of the situation to the still sentient. The police were not wanted in America nor were they even wanted in Britain where they were introduced. We do not need them elected sheriffs provides all the law enforcement their communities require. The police are only for the protection of the thieving rich against the community whose infrastructure they are fleecing. And that’s all they were ever meant to be.

  4. Officer Kim Potter shot and killed 20 year old Duante Wright during a bullshit traffic stop.
    Another name on a list of thousands.
    Last year over half of police Killings “shootings” were escalations of minor traffic stops.
    Was slavery and genocide staged also ?

    The body cameras are simply revealing something that has been going on since guns and cars in the US.

  5. Aren’t many PDs around the country being trained by ex Israeli Army thugs? I could have sworn seeing something about the contractors they use are ex-IDF… would explain a lot….

  6. Meanwhile, White men (at Confederate rallies, no less!🤦‍♂️) brandish weapons at police and ATV Superman* here resists arrest, beats up two cops simultaneously, then just drives off WITHOUT A SHOT EVEN THOUGHT ABOUT BEING FIRED.


    Juxtaposed with all the Black men murdered on video, with impunity (Officer Pantaleo even laughing into the camera right after murdering Eric Garner. He KNEW he had impunity!)

    * Funny, you can’t see skin tone from the vid’s vantage – although the cops surely did – so the viewer takeaway is that even the assumption of being White gives privilege. Carte blanche for ATV Superman & Confederate Brandisher there!

  7. Good look at the police lines tonight. Very very white, and very brutal. heavy with the gas (chemical weapon) and heavy with the extra jabs during arrests.

  8. police in usa should not carry guns simple as that.
    If the cops dont like it, then they can quit their job and the cities can hire someone else who doesnt need a fucking gun to be a fucking dick.

  9. I’m curious why Niko (unicorn riot) had to keep repeating throughout the day and night that it WAS NOT a carjacking, as apparently that had been spread as the reason for the shooting.
    Did someone in command tell anyone, this was a carjacking to prevent what they knew would be instant backlash ?
    And to that point, if a person is a cop in Minneapolis right now, wouldn’t it be strongly engrained into their skull, “Whatever you do “…………and yet this happens.

    • It was not a car jacking. He was being arrested on an outstanding warrant rather than lack of tabs or there were items hanging on his rear view mirror.

  10. I looked at his MN criminal history. Not a saint but his record is not really too bad at all for a young Black man growing up in a tougher part of town. No violence related changes as or record.

  11. So Mr. Duff I guess you’re not buying the taser gun mix up reasoning? Are we being gaslighted here? The people of Minnesota don’t seem to be buying the official story.

    How did the officers due in trying to handcuff Mr. Wright before he broke away from them?

  12. We definitely need regulations that control the hand grip of Tasers. There should be no muscle memory parallels between a handgun and a Taser.

  13. Mayor Mike is a good kid, my company helped him with flyers for his Mayoral campaign.
    Doesn’t a gun weigh considerably more than a taser? Brooklyn Center police department flies the Blues Live Matter flag right under the American flag outside the building….really f’d up!

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