WaPo: Army Chief of Staff James McConville on the Future of the Army (Vital)

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In an interview with Washington Post Live, Army Chief of Staff Gen. James C. McConville discussed the future of the U.S. Army and modernization efforts: “What we want to do in the Army is win the next fight. We’ve done a lot of experimentation and simulation, as part of the joint force. We’ve recognized that we need a new joint warfighting concept. We are at an inflection point. […] We recognize that we move into an era of great power competition.”  View Clip

“We are training differently, taking advantage of technology with a synthetic training environment. We are using augmented virtual reality to train our soldiers very, very differently. We have six modernization priorities which have not changed and we are committed to developing, and fielding, and we are doing that very, very quickly. From long-range precision fires to a next generation combat vehicle to future vertical lift to a network that ties everyone together. […] We are implementing a 21st century talent management system that’s going to compete for the young men and women’s talent that’s out there, that we need to man the Army of the future.” View Clip

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On the war in Afghanistan, lessons learned: “When you take a look at what’s going on around the world, many of these conflicts are going to continue until we get the appropriate political solution. One of the big takeaways is just how important security provided by the country is. You know, I’ve had three of my kids have served in Afghanistan, two sons and a daughter. And so, I know what it means to send our sons and daughters off to combat. They’ve done an incredible job, they’ve basically prevented Al-Qaeda from attacking our country again. But there is much, much more work that’s going to need to be done.”  View Clip

On Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection: “We have no room for extremism in our force. And that does not mean people can’t have their beliefs, their own political or religious beliefs. However, there is no role for someone trying to overthrow the government or do something like that.” View Clip

“We want to be a cohesive team, where everyone treats everyone with respect and they take care of each other. We don’t have harmful behaviors like extremism, sexual harassment, sexual assault, like racism in our force because we have to go out and earn the trust of the American people every single day. We should never take that for granted.” View Clip

On use of legacy weapons, tanks in the U.S. Army: “What we have to do is make sure we’re just not keeping systems for systems sake, but make sure they still have value in the future fight. […] What we have found is when we’ve done simulation and experimentation, we take our multi-domain operations of fighting, and then we take our new organizations that we have, we take the modernization priorities and we put them all together, that’s when we get the overmatch that we need. We don’t get it by doing just one of those three things.” View Clip

On rivalry between the U.S. Military branches: “At the end of the day, we’re a joint team. As I mentioned, all of the chiefs have talked about this, we are working together. We all want to win, we all bring different perspectives. The way you sit sometimes depends on where you stand. Your view of the future fight may be different from your perspective. […] We’re really trying to work together. The American people expect us to present, or to give them, the best military they can get for the resources that are available and that’s what we are trying to do.” View Clip


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  1. Army Chief of Staff James McConville here & the rest of the top brass of the US military have to believe that 19 Arabs with box cutters carried out the massive attack on the USA known as 9/11 as part of their continued employment in the Military Establishment. The Washington Post interviewer here likewise while the whole world is watching ?

  2. ferdinand;
    I designed ABCS systems for the first digital TOCs. The first close-in chicom 155 to the Brigade TOC and it’s an analog world again, baby. I killed a ‘ruggedized’ panasonic toughbook with a little coffee.

  3. I know good people by the current societal standards, intelligent, caring, ‘decent’ people to be around, including black and Asian folks.
    To a person, they publicly state, when asked why they’re doing what they’re doing they say ‘I believe in America’ (cue up the undertaker from ‘the godfather’) and despite degrees and awards and deep intellectual BS, will NOT rationally examine their greater position in the overall karmic churn. They couldn’t concieve of the world as we discuss it here. WTF…is it me or is it them.
    I check again. It’s them.
    The sharpest of the bunch, 3 degrees, avuncular, jovial, laser-scary smart, great guy at a party, BOC fanatic just like me, when asked why he worked for the Dept of Deathfence said ‘I don’t want to be poor’. Coming from a real live Kazar descendent with Russian parents it was a true, honest answer.
    I don’t know what a ‘good’ outcome looks like for us but I now truly believe in he margins and fringes.
    Jack Heart, Billy Meyer, Phil Schneider, David Paulides…..
    they make way more sense than some corpse on a stick. What a wild world we really inhabit here.

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