Blockbuster: Ties between Jan 6 Capitol Attack, Trump’s DOJ and Russian Intelligence Coming Together

Ties GOP's claims Antifa did January 6 directly to the Kremlin


With Trump-Barr personnel still running the DOJ and FBI, the real investigation behind January 6 has never gotten off the ground. January 6 was far closer to a Russian takeover of America than a MAGA riot, we have now learned.

Were anyone but Trumpster dirty tricks operator and more to claim to be an FBI agent they would be in prison.  Not “Steve Cohen.”  Learn why.

Any investigation into this threat has been blocked at the highest levels of America’s “justice” mechanism, proving near total Russian penetration of agency after agency under Trump and Barr.

Now, evidence that came to light two months ago now leads directly to the Department of Justice itself and into Latin America where Cuban based Russian spy rings openly operate, working through Trump’s friends and “clients” in South Florida…from The Economist:

A Reuters investigation in 2017 found that 63 people with Russian passports or addresses spent more than $98m buying apartments in Trump-branded properties in south Florida, and around one-third of all the owners of properties in Mr Trump’s branded towers were limited-liability companies that can conceal the owner’s identity (Reuters found no wrongdoing by Mr Trump or his organisation).

As expected, behind the Trump based “birther tourism” where Kosher Nostra gangsters send their concubines to give birth to new “American citizens” in their Trump apartments is something far more sinister.

Then we tripped over a claimed FBI agent named Steve Cohen who turns out to be Soviet born Stanislav Doudnik, tied to the Russian embassy in Costa Rica and working for the GOP, broadcasting January 6 riots live to a Russian audience and then leading the GOP based “investigation” that proved January 6 “never happened.”

Sources report that Doudnik may have been working for a pro-Trump group in the Department of Justice on January 6 when he and other Russian Speakers live streamed the storming of the Capitol to Russia with Russian language pro-Trump commentary.

Later this group led the GOP disinformation campaign blaming January 6 on Antifa.  Doudnik claims, according to the Miami Herald, to really be FBI Agent Steve Cohen:

and now that other “Steve Cohen” during his Russia broadcast:


Doudnik part of a cabal of Trump “detectives” that openly boast of working for Russia’s FSB.  Doudnik also uses the name “Steve Cohen” as part of a Cost Rica based Russian investigative group:

“A former law enforcement officer and FBI agent, Steve is a Florida Licensed Private Investigator and our partner in the USA,” read the bio for Steve Cohen on the Costa Rican site.

Records don’t show him having been employed by any police agency.  Among their “clients,” the Russian Embassy:

Screengrab from website in Costa Rica

Raw Story: On Wednesday, the Miami Herald profiled a video blogging private detective from South Florida who broadcast the pro-Trump invasion of the U.S. Capitol to Russia as it was unfolding.

“His name is Stanislav Doudnik,” reported Kevin Hall. “He’s a Hallandale Beach-based private detective/blogger, part of the growing, insular community of expatriates from the former Soviet Union that has put down roots in South Florida. Members have have bought real estate, run businesses and forged connections.”

“The Russian-speaking video blogger from South Florida walked alongside the throngs wearing MAGA hats and carrying Trump flags as the crowd descended on the Capitol, heeding the call to disrupt the certification of electoral college results,” said the report.

“His broadcast reached Russian speakers across the United States and in the mother country, pushing the Stop the Steal narrative and other debunked election-fraud allegations. In the digital version of a tip jar, his YouTube and Instagram accounts included electronic payment links to PayPal and Zelle for those who might want to thank him for his broadcasts.”

Russia in general has been a cheerleader for Trump in American politics, famously having interfered on his behalf in elections. On state media, anchors have been visibly dismayed at President Joe Biden’s win and even speculated they may need to go to war against the West.


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  1. So what? Because it is news, that’s what. We have published a lot of both sides of this ongoing warfare as the public has a right to know so they don’t get played by one side or the other, or even worse…both. It’s a simple thing called ‘situational awareness’ from combat control training. For your own saftety you have to be fully aware of what is going on around you at all times, as much as possible.

  2. It is so easy to get caught up in our impulses and feelings of what is right. Not understanding what went into bringing us to this moment. When “both sides” are consistently played off each other the propaganda machine is on maximum output we are destined to find fault and war against the ‘other’. How do you tell the story from the neutral position implicating the errors of the ‘sides’ to expose the perpetrators driving the wedge.
    I think individual egos are to big for most common men to acknowledge their ignorance and “unrighteousness”

  3. Now, when the term “Russians” is used in this or the other VT articles, are we referring to Russian people in general or does it mean the disguise masters since time immemorial the Bolsheviks aka World Zionists‘ other half? I wish VT would make that distinction because it is confusing or rather mis-leading me, I’m not sure about other readers. And if we are to assume the latter being true is it also true that the Russian half of the WZ sector the WZCS led by people like Semion Mogilevich has already declared a proxy turf war on the other half who are well entrenched in US banking, Fed Reserve, politics such as Rothschilds that we are witnessing? Could someone please shed some light on the above.

    • Wow, no takers, how shocking! What I meant was that the way I understood it there are the two factions of WZ, one being the well stablished zionists of the West‘s old block and the other being the roque Gulag Bolshevik type who have migrated to Israel and much later to US and formed the zio crime syndicates both being the 2 sides of the same God dammed coin. Is it kosher to say the roque A’holes declared war on the old but well stablished block by installing Trump to the office and that they smell fear on the old zio parasites and aggressively pursuing a take over in the form of proxy turf wars, installing US presidents which is bad enough in either case but “…the devil you don’t know”.

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