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If you think that Russia is an enemy of the United States, that we should be involved in destabilizing the country again and again, that it is time to be engaged in cover operations in Russia, then answer these questions for me:

Why does Israel get a pass, even though we know that they have been destabilizing the United States since 1948? Why do we have Israeli agents virtually all over the United States pretending to protect Americans, despite the fact that those agents are only loyal to the hands that feed them?

The Magic of Israel …by Philip Giraldi

If you still think that this is not a serious matter, then think again. Read the following article by former CIA agent Philip Giraldi.

The popular narrative of plucky little Israel prevailing over hordes of bloodthirsty Arabs has captured the Western imagination even though it is manifestly false in almost every detail. But Israel’s greatest accomplishment might well be something else, its ability to make things disappear.

It plausibly all began in June 1967 when Israel attacked the USS Liberty, a lightly armed but well identified US naval vessel cruising in international waters under a large American flag. Fighter bombers and torpedo boats sought to sink the ship, destroying the lifeboats so no one would escape. In the engagement, 34 American military personnel were killed and a further 171 wounded, before a heroic defense by the crew managed to save the vessel.

President Lyndon Johnson, who said he would rather see the ship sink than embarrass his friend Israel, started a cover-up which has lasted to this day. There has been no legitimate court of inquiry into the attack and when the ship’s captain received a Medal of Honor for his heroism, it was awarded secretly in the Washington Navy Yard rather than openly at the White House. Israel and its legion of apologists certainly know how to make potential embarrassments disappear.

Last week on this site I posted an article that I thought would prove to be extremely interesting to those who have been expressing concern about foreign interference in our government. It included a link to a series of computer screen texts provided by a credible independent source demonstrating that an employee of the Israeli Consulate General was deeply involved in what appears to be extorting millions of dollars from the father of a congressman based on assisting that congressman through some legal difficulties.

The scheme being concocted also included discussion of arrangements for a commando raid on Iran to free a prisoner. The information conveyed in the screenshots that were provided of the texts has not been disputed by anyone involved in the venture, but as I thought the accompanying article was timid in its willingness to draw any conclusions, I wrote my piece attempting to connect the dots.

The Congressman involved was, of course, Matt Gaetz of Florida, who is now facing the House Ethics Committee, surely an oxymoron if there ever was one, concerning his primarily sexual exploits. To my surprise, however, there has been hardly a word in the mainstream media about looking deeper into the possible Israeli connection.

One would have thought the copied texts would be newsworthy due to the extortion angle but even more due to the fact that an armed attack on a nation with which the US is not at war was being funded and planned by a foreign government’s diplomatic mission in New York.

To be sure my article did very well both on Unz and even Facebook, though I had to cut and paste it in the latter site due to its blocking of Unz. I did a bit more checking and noted something that has been occurring for some time: the piece, like others relating to Israel, was not coming up on search engines like Google, which means it was not getting the exposure that it merited.

I search daily by my name assuming that my pieces if replayed elsewhere will be displayed. In the past I would sometimes get scores of hits on a popular article, but during the past year hardly anything has been appearing.

I have to assume that deliberate and widespread censorship of articles critical of Israel is taking place, which was no surprise as friends of Israel are not exactly rare in the social media. Facebook’s censorship board, for example, includes a former Israeli government minister.

It all comes down to the power of the Israeli/Jewish lobby and its ability to make things that it does not like go away. And sometimes it can make things happen that are manifestly not in the interest of the United States.

Jonathan Pollard, the most damaging spy ever in the history of the United States, was recently allowed to return to Israel. In an interview on March 26th he said that any American Jews working for US intelligence agencies must do their duty and spy for Israel because one’s real loyalty is to the Jewish state and one’s co-religionists.

Clearly Pollard is not alone and it was shocking to learn that outgoing president Donald Trump pardoned the Israeli agent who recruited and presumably helped “run” Pollard when he was stealing US secrets. Aviem Sella received a full pardon from Trump as part of hundreds of last minute pardons, many of which had been arranged through two Orthodox Jewish agencies favored by presidential son-in-law Jared Kushner.

Sella was a retired Israeli air force officer doing graduate studies and living in the US when he enlisted Pollard to spy for Israel. He fled the country after Pollard was arrested in 1985 and was charged in absentia on three espionage counts but Israel refused to extradite him to the US to stand trial.

A White House statement noted that Sella’s request for clemency received support from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli ambassador in Washington Ron Dermer, the American ambassador to Israel David Friedman, and Miriam Adelson, the widow of the Republican Party’s top donor and Trump supporter Sheldon Adelson. Would anyone expect otherwise?

The Sella pardon should be seen for what it is. It was a gift to the corrupt Netanyahu, who was at the time facing another national election. It served no US national interest at all and in fact sent the message to those who might be tempted a la Pollard that spying for Israel might be regarded as consequence free, in fact desirable and the right thing to do.

Of course, the special “exemption” when dealing with Israel should also be regarded as a tribute to Jewish power in the United States, which relies on the corruption of those in leadership positions, using financial inducements or even blackmail backed up by smears of anti-Semitism and holocaust denial for those who cannot be bought.

And the power to corrupt governments and media is not limited to the United States. Nearly everyone in public office or who relies on the media for an income understands one does not cross the Israel Lobby.

In Britain, former Foreign Office Minister Sir Alan Duncan has written a memoir that accuses pro-Israel lobbyists of “the most disgusting interference” in British politics while also distorting the country’s foreign policy in the Middle East to favor the Jewish state.

Duncan also claimed that Conservative Friends of Israel (CFI) went “ballistic” and blocked him from becoming the Middle East minister at the Foreign Office. Duncan has long been a major target for the Israel lobby. In 2017, an Al Jazeera documentary exposed the maneuvering of pro-Israel groups working together with the Israeli Embassy in London to “take down” Duncan and also Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Per Duncan, Conservative Friends of Israel, which openly promotes the interests of a foreign country, had successfully promoted a “Netanyahu-type view of Israeli politics into our foreign policy.” In one chapter Duncan criticized Conservative MPs’ fawning over Benjamin Netanyahu during his visit to Britain, a performance apparently similar to the time when Bibi addressed the US Congress and received 27 standing ovations.

The Duncan book appeared when another story broke about how a group called “UK Lawyers for Israel” acting on behalf of the Israeli government has been altering the material included in secondary school text books.

Per a statement issued by Pearson, the largest publisher of school books in the UK, the company has suspended publication of two textbooks responding to “an eight-page report, by Middle East specialists Professors John Chalcraft and James Dickins, which found hundreds of changes to the textbooks overwhelmingly favoring an Israeli narrative and removing or replacing passages that support Palestinian narratives.”

Censorship of course materials as well as textbooks by Jewish groups to depict Israel in a certain way has certainly been going on in the United States for many years. And the corruption of our institutions to favor Israel and protect it from criticism is incessant. It will be interesting to see if the Gaetz story in all its aspects will ever be allowed to surface or whether the congressman will be offered some inducement to allow him to quietly resign.

Somehow, it reminds one of the still unresolved Jeffrey Epstein case in which Epstein and his accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell obtained blackmail material relating to world leaders and celebrities having sex with young girls, somewhat similar to the claims regarding Gaetz.

Many including myself believe that Epstein was part of an Israeli intelligence operation, similar in scale to what was being run on 9/11, which sought to “influence” key figures on issues regarded as important by the Jewish state. Clearly, the game goes on with no one in Washington caring much about the damage being done.

Do corrupted and intimidated Congressmen over their morning coffee ponder whether certain activities are “Good for Israel” and therefore not subject to further scrutiny? Judging from Epstein and Gaetz, one would have to believe that to be the case.


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  1. There is a sinister, devilish, segment, layer within the Culture of Judaism-Zionism, that is bent on World Domination, that has its root in the ‘Chosen People’ Syndrome. The current ‘Horse’ that they are riding on, is named, ‘Land of the Free’! We are being used-abused as the, ‘sacrificial creature’ on the bloody Altar of Zionism, on the World Stage! Under their saddle, we are galloping, to the Ash Heap of History! The Demonic Zionist Creatures will sell US out to the Red Chinese, when the time is RIGHT for them!

  2. The most Powerful Institution in The Whole Wide World is the Federal Reserve Bank of the USA and the Linked Central Banking System. Privately Owned by Who Knows Who and the most Powerful White Men on The Planet are the Directors, who sit around the Board Room Table, NEVER to mention the Deep State String Pullers who put THEM there – The Third Rail.

    We are seeing the Greatest Wealth Transfer in Human History – “you will own nothing and you will be happy”. Twenty Hedge Funds, controlled by The Same Sick Crew, receive Untold and Loosely Accounted Trillions of Dollars to Buy Up Everything at Zero Percent Interest. The Housing Market is in a Massive Bubble that will be pricked with Raised Interest Rates and Collateral will vanish for the Hard Assets to be scooped up by the Usurers, who print all the Fiat Currency out of Thin Air.

    There is only One Dichotomy in Politics: Labour versus Usury. The Fear Inducing Background Position is: Revolution versus Capitalism for Social Neo Liberalism and Fiscal Neo Liberalism respectively. All of these scenarios are controlled by Money Magic.

    Alchemist’s Secret: Lead into Gold. Putin says soldiers fight for money. Loan Printed Fiat Currency to Totalitarian Collectives for Weapons (Lead) that YOU manufacture. Tilt the Power Balance back and forward to decide the Winner and Collect. Loot the Loser. Q.E.D.

  3. The Magic of israel is the billions of Dollars that They Suck out of the USA Yearly . Buying Politicians with $$ Easily .

  4. Always remember, Israel did 9/11 and got away with it. They did it with nukes they stole from the USA. Every American president since 9/11 has know this, including Trump and Biden. But, every American president has also been shown the unedited Zapruder film long before he took office.

  5. Here is a solution. Why do not all major powers of the world list Israel as their “Big Brother” state. The EU, The UK, USA, China, Russia and India. It is obvious all nations bow down to Israel. (VT has another name for this hidden power structure) Those few ME nations that hold out, help to be the excuse for chaos and war that Their Bankers like so much, and they are good for producing the ‘opiates of the people’ The fount of religion and opium. At least all earthlings can be aware of what/who they are really fighting for. If we could all just stand up for each other maybe we can get on with our lives. If everyone knows where the source of power is coming from and all nations respect each others differences we can join together as a united front to keep that “power” in check.

  6. I remember once long ago seeing a science documentary on the life cycle of some insideous type of biological parasite which invaded the brain of its host organism, somehow causing the host to totally change its own self-preserving natural habits, and embark on activities that would facilitate the invasive parasite’s life cycle.
    I can’t remember the names of the host or the parasite, but I’m always reminded of their behavioral patterns when confronted with examples of Jewish subversive control of America.

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