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Kirschner has read Joel Greenberg 86 page plea deal to name...

Matt Gaetz's criminal bestie Joel Greenberg has agreed to plead guilty and cooperate with federal prosecutors against others. His plea agreement specifically mentions that he provided prosecutors information about other "men" engaging in commercial sex acts with a minor.

Breaking: Joel Greenberg will plead guilty…Matt Gaetz now in Fed bullseye

Jim W. Dean - Dear Mr. Gaetz, I hope you're having fun out on your vanity tour with you cohort in craziness Ms. Margorie.

The Magic of Israel

Jonathan Pollard: American Jews working for US intelligence agencies must do their duty and spy for Israel because one’s real loyalty is to the Jewish state and one’s co-religionists.

Was Rep. Gaetz hustling young girls to replace Trump as the...

Jim W. Dean - We must all remember to not prejudge the man to be guilty, until 15 others come forward to start a 'Me, too' Matt Gaetz movement.