WGACA: Big time COVID conspiracy nut from Norway infects others then dies of COVID


What Goes  Around Comes Around

Most of those in hospital, dying on ventilators or recently dead in the US are either COVID denialists or “vaccine shy” morons…

we are losing up to 500 idiots a day…at that rate the US will run out in 5000 years

Covid-19 denier dies from the virus after hosting illegal gatherings in Norway

  • Hans Kristian Gaarder, 60, died on April 6 in Gran shortly after hosting two illegal events at his property
  • A postmortem revealed the prominent conspiracy theorist had died from coronavirus, which he regularly and falsely compared to a cold in online posts
  • Local media reported that several attendees at Gaarder’s events had contracted the virus and spread it to their close contacts (UK Daily Mail)

Raw Story: A Norwegian conspiracy theorist has died from the coronavirus he insisted was no big deal.

Hans Kristian Gaarder had gained notoriety by claiming COVID-19 was no worse than a cold or mild case of the flu before dying from the virus on April 6, just days after hosting illegal gatherings March 26 and 27 at his barn, reported Metro.

The 60-year-old Gaarder had insisted the virus did not spread through person-to-person contact, but several guests at those gatherings have been infected and passed the virus to others, and police are trying to determine how many people attended those events.

Gaarder, who also questioned mitigation efforts against the 2009 swine flu pandemic, refused to be tested for the virus and allegedly hid his symptoms from others, but local officials confirmed he had died from COVID-19.

Norway has experienced some of the lowest rates of infections and deaths during the pandemic but imposed stricter measures last month after a spike in hospitalizations blamed on more contagious variants.



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  1. Ego’s

    Jim some of the first data from Ur site has NYC @ 20% fatal.. by the time C19 arrived here in the great basin after sturgis (the Hopkins data was rather flat @ this point); the bug hit around end of Oct in the rural villages.. we had an immediate response ( and we had been community testing in the lot) and hit over 250 cases.. there were two fatals and these were skilled patients..

    the wild type ,in question here,, and i overach here a little.. is the C19 originated in a test tube.. the petri dish is the wild type.. there is kno know’ rescurse in nature` that fires all six cylinders simultaneously..! that’s what hit NYC… !!

    hwv – the mortality was only a little over 1.3%

    the mines and casinos set up a PCR lab @ one of the local vegas hospitals.. this unit was running 4000 test an hour.. the Nev State Health Lab was not far behind w thier testing syndets (by now they had added FluA/B to the PRC.. they can culture Flu! but not C19)

    casein point.. between the two.. in excess of 500,000 PCR had been done on a combo panel.. when the final death tally statewide came in: the numbers ‘wet @ 1.3% Fatal.!

    C19 had some help.. the spread was assymetrial w/n th progression of C19 infections

  2. There were 500k more deaths in 2020 than in 2019, of the 380K deaths the CDC specifically attributes to Covid19 they issue the following statement …
    “† Deaths for which COVID-19 was a contributing, but not the underlying, cause of death are not included in this figure.”

    Don’t listen to Laura Ingraham.

  3. lets look @ this from a basic perspective..

    there is kno known reservoir for C19 i.e. a Wild Type.. Hepatitis C falls under this heading.. its never been isolated intact.. segements of HepC are found in Candiadias yeast; that as close as science has ever come to traking this lil gem down..

    to take a stretch – Virus sho’s up in china… Iran gets a small batch of the pure stuff – heads to NYC w what is essentially a wild type virus.. the first wave had patients w lungs the size of grapefruits.. many people perished… the shutdowns slowed the spread for several weeks.. the breakout strands were the virions that had seen a dose of bleach – hand sanitizer/etc.. the bug mutated to a non-wild type for survival.. sounds like a phage and bacterial intermediate..

    by the time it arrived in -or- @ the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.. C19 was still very virulent but not as lethal to those infected… couple places further north in dakota w small hospitals got hit pretty hard and had a high mortality rate..

    sturgis drove the virus further west into nevada.. there had been a couple epicenters @ elko and yearington where entire hospitaqls were flattened – including providers and 50 deaths..
    by the time it arrived in reno and down US Hwy 95; the bug had lost its punch – including hsp staff who went home and recovered..

    the first wave of that bug was very deadly v/s seasonal flu.. it was china – culture to nyc – then bak to iran and italy

    • What we have learned for all this is that these illnesses will always bring the loons and hucksters out, and those with their pet peeves that have never gotten traction, praying that their winning the lotto notoriety prize time has finally come. Their reputations end up in unmarked graves, a fitting tribute for their egos.

  4. If you could see the X-rays of my late relative’s covid infected lungs you wouldn’t be saying that.

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