Again: Columbus Police Murder 15 year old black girl in revenge for Chauvin verdict – allegation

    The alleged murderer

    RT/Moscow: Around the time a Minnesota jury declared an ex-cop guilty for last year’s death of George Floyd, a 15-year-old black girl was fatally shot by police in Columbus, Ohio, sparking another Black Lives Matter protest.

    Columbus PD officers responding to a 911 call about an “attempted stabbing” around 4:45 pm Eastern time on Tuesday. The caller said a female was trying to stab them, and hung up, police said, according to local media. One person was wounded in an “officer-involved shooting” and transported to hospital in critical condition, where she died at 5:21, police said.

    “This afternoon a young woman tragically lost her life,” Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther tweeted, urging residents to “remain calm” and allow the Bureau of Criminal Investigations to “gather the facts.”

    Ginther’s calls apparently fell on deaf ears, as protesters began gathering at the site of the incident in eastern Columbus.

    A family member identified the girl to reporters as Makiyah Bryant, 15. Hazel Bryant, who introduced herself as Makiyah’s aunt, said she was a “good kid” who “had issues.”

    Bryant told the Columbus Dispatch that Makiyah lived in a foster home on Legion Lane and got into a fight with someone else. She said the girl had a knife, but dropped it before she was shot multiple times.

    “She was 15 years old. She didn’t deserve to die like a dog in the street,” Bryant said.


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    1. Not using the space to elucidate your point in this case, and instead whining, is demonstrative of entitlement and falsely installed privilege. The chair is so comfortable, one is unaware they are even sitting in it. or they know dam well, and just stomp the feet demanding to keep it.
      The ship is off course, and the drunken navigator has broken the compass and locked the crew out of the bridge. They bang on the door as he demands another drink and a raise.

    2. what does the person that was about to be stabbed have to say?
      and tackling a homicidal person wielding a weapon? unlikely that is included in any training manual anywhere,

      • Handling a 15 year old girl with a knife is in the OJT of every child care worker in facilities for the masses of children driven to this state by our police state predatory practices. My friend of 45 years did 25 years in one of those handling much larger children in all types of situations, he goes about 140 , 5’2″ , and never even carried mace or pepper spray much less used them.
        Taking on a person with a knife is most likely the oldest and most widespread self defense lesson in the world, since knives came around. This situation was not a high risk. She had her back to him and he stood, opting immediately for GUN instead. Classic case of comply or die in the US today.

      • Why do we give the police stun guns that can fire up to 15ft?
        The only times I have seen them used was when the Cop in Atlanta used that to justify killing another black man. I have never seen a case where it saved someone’s life.

    3. The onus and duty of the police is to react with instant discernment and appropriate measure.
      If this too much to ask they should leave. If the heat is too much it is time to get out of the kitchen. They turned away tons of qualified applicants all over the country in favor of like minded thugs, family and friends. The blue line is not thin, it is way too thick.

    4. Remember, even with the video, not even a charge at first on Chauvin et al.

      MPD tried to just sweep under rug.

      It took public outcry, just for charges.

    5. We hopefully will have some body cam footage. I also notice how little some of the people on the scene seem to care about the girl moving toward another with a knife, like it was a private matter. I am seeing not only a rush to judge in these events now, but an ‘instant’ one, which indicates bias, literally a race for people to claim they know what happened. This incident began with a young person having a knife in an environment where they should not have had one. There seems to have been witnesses, always a good thing.

      • Glaucus, the facts are in plenty enough, we have a trigger happy police state that kills and incarcerates our people more than any country on earth. The benefit of doubt is now with the people first, and the police need to be pressed completely for justification beyond what may be considered ‘normal”. Enough is enough. What we have considered normal and justified is no longer that.

    6. White Man Swings Ax Point Blank At Police. No Shots Fired.

      White Man Murders Two Women And A Child, Attacks Elderly Man As Police Watch. No Shots Fired.

      Links below… pending mods obviously.

    7. The scales had to be balanced. Not within stun gun range or is that only used to cause fatal auto accidents?

      (I can hear Roid Rage Bongino screaming – YOU CAN’T 2nd guess COPS. U weren’t there)
      Seriously, I thought that this was what stun guns were for.

      • BTW the cops can do no wrong crowd screaming, ‘you can’t rush to judgment’ are already declaring this was a perfect case for lethal force. Apparently it is okay to rush to judgment as long as there is a homicide.

    8. More and more,…I think cops who work the streets should have regular wrestling training, and an initial intensive wrestling training, by collegiate wrestlers. Cheap and easy to do, with plenty of available teachers. Wrestlers at the collegiate level or even HS level would be happy to do it.
      This situation did not need a gun. Unless of course the priority was the life of the officer.
      The girl in pink had gotten her leg up and the cop should have been on top by then, instead of standing back and just drawing. They misuse batons, because those are normally used when the subject is on the ground, but here a baton would have been ideal. 2 seconds.

      • This reminds me of the shooting where the crazy lady had an axe, and two cops were right there. Instead of disarming the lady, who at best could have gotten one swing, they just shoot her. Dumb and cowardly in my opinion.
        And again, just like the military, the integrity of the unit, is directly linked to the integrity of the willing recruits. Good people will not join when the integrity is non existent.
        Our police are trained as predators , and our priests are too. Our military is for material and territorial acquisition. All bad reasons.

      • The lady with the axe was not running at police, she was running at someone else and could have been easily tackled. maybe you are not familiar with the video.
        The girl was about to knife another person, and as it flowed, the cop stopped and resorted to his gun immediately when he had plenty of time to cover the distance and prevent anything serious. And I’m not arm chair, and have defended myself with and against knives and guns.
        I love how people make soooo many assumptions. Our police are killing a thousand people a year just with guns. We don’t have the full stats of the other techniques.

    9. Headline might not be far from truth… Even if only subconsciously.

      Remember who’s responsible for Floyd video, drawing worldwide contempt and ridicule to US police AND the guilty verdicts: a teen Black girl.

    10. If Rudy can call for ‘Trial by combat” can we ?

      Will I be inciting a riot if I say, hey, we have to go down to the station and demand “trial by combat” ? I just need to know, because some people say some things, and nothing happens, and others say things, and things happen. So , we need clarification.
      And we also need the definition (long version) of self defense, because it looks to me as if people may need to defend themselves against police. How far does the trust go ?

      • Some people say some things, and nothing happens, and others say things, and things happen because as said Orwell in Animal Farm….all are equal, but some ones are more equal than others… 🙂

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