Messianic Secrets of the Holocaust and 9/11


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By Menachem Mevashir for VT

Back in my years as a yeshiva student in Jerusalem, I came across a book about the Torah Codes. This book fascinated me, but one section was very disturbing. The book claimed that the famous passage in Genesis 8 where Noah releases the dove from the ark contains many embedded terms referring to the NAZI era and to the Holocaust.

 I spent a long time grappling with this perturbing revelation and wondered how such evil personalities and ideas could be encoded in one of the most inspiring and beautiful passages in Scripture! Eventually I had a glimmer of an idea. This idea lay dormant for many years until after I had become a believer in Jesus, when the full Messianic implications exploded upon my consciousness. And these insights I would like to share with you now.

Jewish rabbis view Hitler as an Amalekite, the archetypical sworn enemy of the Jewish People. The origins of Amalek are very fascinating. He was the first born son of Eliphaz, Esau’s first born son. Eliphaz, according to rabbinical tradition, had seduced the Queen of

Seir and conceived a daughter with her. This daughter, named Timna, was born from adultery and later, when she sought to join the clan of Jacob, was rebuffed due to her birth stigma. In great anger Timna married her own father, Eliphaz, and gave birth to a son named Amalek.

Thus Amalek was doubly illegitimate, conceived via both adultery and incest. On her death bed, Timna made her son swear to harass the Seed of Jacob (the Jewish People) for all eternity to avenge the humiliation Jacob had caused her by refusing to allow her to marry one of his descendants. This idea of “the seed of vengeance” is depicted in the beginning of the excellent movie about Esther, One Night with the King, concerning the origins of Haman, the evil man who plotted to exterminate the Jews of Persia but who was foiled by the complex machinations of Esther and her uncle Mordechai. Haman was an Amalekite whose ancestor also had placed an oath upon her descendants to avenge the murder of her husband, the Amalekite King Agag, by the Jewish King Saul, all as recounted in the Book of Esther.

According to the rabbis, anyone who hates the Jews is the spiritual offspring of Amalek, thus explaining why they call Hitler an Amalekite. Hitler’s antipathy to Jews is evident and needs no explication here. However, the question remains why Genesis 8 would contain embedded allusions to the NAZIs? My proposed answer is that the NAZIs proved instrumental to the creation of the Jewish State of Israel in 1948. Encouraged by the rise of Christian Zionism in both England and America, the Zionists had been seeking to gain control over Palestine for almost 50 years. Zionist founder, Theodore Herzl, had approached the German Kaiser in the early 1900s to ask him to request permission from his Turkish allies, who then controlled Palestine as part of their fading Ottoman Empire, for Jews to immigrate there and to eventually gain autonomy as a Jewish State. The Kaiser refused to help the Zionists.

According to Benjamin Freedman, a wealthy businessman and Jewish convert to Catholicism, the Balfour Declaration was England’s reward to the American Zionist elites, who traditionally had been loyal to their German birth land, for bringing America into World War I on the side of England and against Germany. After the war, the Zionist delegation to the Versailles War Reparations Conference was very large and active, clamoring for control over Palestine in fulfillment of England’s promises in the Balfour Declaration. Unfortunately for the Zionists, parallel but contrary British promises to Arab nationalist groups prevented them from honoring their promise to the Zionists. And so Palestine remained under British Mandatory control from 1920-1948, when the State of Israel was created after the British government withdrew and turned over the situation to the United Nations.

The NAZIs were generally supportive of Zionist organizations during the 1930s. The two groups’ interests coincided, providing Germany with an organized mechanism to expedite the transfer of Jews out of Germany and to Palestine. Even during the War, Zionist groups tried to cooperate with the NAZIs in order to ransom Jews out of occupied Europe, but they were hampered by the fact that Germany’s adversary, England, still governed Palestine at that time.

After the extent of Jewish devastation during the Holocaust became apparent in the West, pressure increased greatly to transform Palestine into a Jewish Homeland. One can argue that without Hitler the Jews might never have achieved statehood. At the very least Hitler’s animosity to the Jews and the resultant destruction of their European civilization greatly accelerated the process of Jewish Statehood due to the profound refugee crisis that ensued following the end of World War II.

I believe that the embedded NAZI terms found in Genesis 8 allude to Hitler’s role in catalyzing the formation of the Zionist State of Israel. If we recall the biblical symbols in that text, Noah and his family found shelter from the global flood on the Ark. Noah released the dove from the Ark at the end of the flood to see whether dry land had emerged from beneath the flood waters.

Traditionally the dove symbolizes the Jewish People. The Ark is a symbol of the European exile that sheltered the Jews following the Roman destruction of Jerusalem in 70 & 135 AD. Germany proved a very hospitable home to the Jewish exiles and home to one of the oldest Jewish communities in Europe. I contend that the encoded terms in Genesis 8 allude to Germany’s role as an Ark of refuge for the Jewish exiles following the Roman destruction.

Hitler’s desire to transfer the Jews out of Europe and back to Palestine echoes the role of Noah in releasing the dove from the Ark to return to its natural habitat. Hitler may not have been consciously aware of it, but his desire to make Europe Judenrein [empty of Jews] seems to reflect a period of Divine Awakening to restore the Jews to their ancient homeland. Thus Hitler and the NAZIs were fulfilling prophecy. However their animosity against the Jews was excessive and reflected their Amalekite sentiments as well. Thus Hitler and the NAZI movement acted as both Noah, seeking to restore the world to its original balance after the Roman floodwaters had destroyed the Jewish nation almost 2000 years earlier, and as Amalek, ancient blood enemy of the House of Jacob.

A further interesting twist to this tragic story of redemption concerns Catholicism. The Shroud of Turin was first visualized as a photo-negative in 1898, less than one year after the convening of the First Zionist Congress not far away from Turin in Basel, Switzerland. I believe this alludes to the prophesied and expected connection between Jesus’ return (as visualized in the Shroud) and the restoration of Jewish political sovereignty in Israel.

Furthermore, it is possible that the NAZI movement was the fulfillment of the Fatima Apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Portugal in 1917 just before the end of World War I. In this appearance, Mary warned the world of a great danger about to emerge from Russia.

Most Catholic theologians consider this a warning about Soviet Communism, and it is known that ever since the Roman Catholic Church has been an ardent foe of Communism, willing to ally with repressive right wing governments so long as they opposed Communism. Hitler and the NAZIs shared the Catholic antipathy for Communism. Indeed, Hitler’s main aversion to Jews seems to have stemmed from their prominent association with Communism and the fact that many of the early leaders of the Soviet police state were atheistic Jews.

One of the peculiar features of the Fatima Apparition was the sign in the sky of the spinning sun. This was witnessed by thousands of Portuguese people and was widely reported in the newspapers. The swastika is an ancient Sanskrit symbol of the spinning rays of the sun! So my contention, controversial in Catholic circles, is that the NAZIs were chosen by the Virgin Mary to thwart and defeat the Soviet Communist menace.

I realize this idea is very controversial and rejected by most Catholics. It also is true that the Vatican opposed the organized persecution of Jews by the NAZI regime. It also condemned as a direct assault on Catholic theology the NAZI decision to ban the German publication of the Old Testament. Without getting into the complexities of the Vatican’s stance toward the NAZIs, I believe that the Catholic Church envisioned Hitler as a champion who would vanquish the Soviet regime and restore and safeguard Catholicism in Europe. And while the Vatican was disappointed by the extent of Hitler’s own ambivalence about Christianity and his persecution and murder of both Jews and Polish Catholic clergy, it continued to support tacitly his efforts to destroy the Soviet Union in fulfillment of the urgent warning seen at Fatima so many years earlier. Thus we see that Hitler indeed played a prophetic role with regard to both Jews and Catholics.




The following exchange is with Muslim apologists Yusuf Hamza and someone else designated simply as M. It reflects my thoughts about 9-11, which I have always believed was a false flag operation. I think it is an example of G+D using one form of deceit to fight another greater deceit, in this case Islam’s denial of the crucifixion and resurrection of the L+RD.



220+ Senior Military, Intelligence Service, Law Enforcement, and Government Officials

1,500+ Engineers and Architects

250+ Pilots and Aviation Professionals
400+ Professors Question 9/11
300+ 9/11 Survivors and Family Members
200+ Artists, Entertainers, and Media Professionals
400+ Medical Professionals

—–Original Message—–

From: Menachem Mevashir <> To: M

Cc: yusuf <> Sent: Sat, Jan 13, 2018 7:38 pm

Subject: 9/11 attack on the Pentagon

Dear M,

I was living in South Africa when the 9-11 attacks took place.

I had been baptized in Israel in 2000 then moved to RSA and became part of an evangelical group that does outreach to Jews and Muslims. My story is here if you are

interested: Testimonial

About ten days later was the Jewish New Year. I was invited to have supper with a rabbi with whom I had been speaking about Jesus. He had guests from New York, and all of them were laughing and bragging about the 9-11 attacks, claiming they would pull the US even more firmly into Israel’s corner. I had already been reading about anomalies of those attacks and their attitude really incensed me.

I’ve been a 9/11 Truther since 9/12/2001. And I’ve spent countless hours crying out to G+D to understand why He allowed this vile deception to take place. And especially why most American Christians seem utterly clueless about what really happened.

Jesus said in John 16 that His followers would be filled with the Holy Spirit, Who would guide them into all Truth:

So I keep asking myself: why are most American Christians blind to the truth about 9-11? I eventually stopped going to church because I couldn’t be around such ignorant people.

Once I was visiting a mega-church and met a man who was a pilot with United Airlines. He flew a prestigious international route, Denver to Tokyo, and had a lot of seniority. I told him about what I had read from former fighter pilots who said the amateur hijackers never could have maneuvered those huge jets the way they were reported to. This man just looked me right in the eye and said those maneuvers were a “piece of cake”. I knew he was lying to me and wanted to deck him right there in the middle of church, but the large numbers of security guards dissuaded me.

See the section in red in the letter below about this to a famous American pilot. He has not responded so far….

Anyway, I am thinking at this point that G+D used the ugly deception of 9/11 to infiltrate the Middle East with American influence and Christian missionaries. Since the American invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan it’s been reported that many Muslims have rejected Islam and accepted Christianity.

I know that the Qur’an calls Allah the greatest deceiver or trickster, so perhaps G+D is using this massive 9-11 coverup to unmask the even greater deception in Islam regarding the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus? This is my conclusion for now.

Please see these links:

I do love this Nasheed. And at this point I think Christians have correct doctrine but incorrect practices, while Muslims have correct practices but incorrect doctrine.

Sincerely, Michael

 PS Back in 2006, during a 9-11 Truth outreach to a gathering of international media, a FOX news cameraman took me aside and told me I was wasting my time. When I asked why, he said: Everyone in the media knows the official story about 9-11 is a whitewash and coverup. But the media owners in New York won’t let us report the truth…

—–Original Message—–

From: Menachem Mevashir <> To: shelby <>

Cc: sullenbergergroup <>; M.Klaff <> Sent: Thu, Jan 11, 2018 4:41 pm

Subject: Sully: My Search for What Really Matters

Sully: My Search for What Really Matters

Aug 30, 2016 by Captain Chesley B Sullenberger III and Jeffrey Zaslow

Dear Captain Sullenberger,

I have been reading and enjoying your book very much. A friend gave it to me for Christmas. You are a very thoughtful and insightful writer! I found your story about adopting so very moving. I have shared it with a friend who long ago gave up her son for adoption.

I am appalled that the airlines don’t provide meals for the flight crew and that you have to pack sandwiches! This is a total outrage! I would be willing to pay a small surcharge on my tix to pay for this! Would you agree with these magazine articles on the perils of airline deregulation? evidence_b_4399150.html ulation/

What really interests me is your chapter about your experiences in the US Air Force. you recount the great difficulty and danger of flying a fighter jet at high speeds at very low altitudes. Many of your colleagues perished in fatal accidents during such training.

My question concerns the 9/11 attack on the Pentagon, which allegedly occurred when the hijackers piloted a large jet liner into the Pentagon while traveling about 500mph over the last two miles of approach at about 100 foot altitude.

This retired fighter pilot says such a maneuver would be difficult for even an experienced pilot, let alone amateurs such as the alleged hijackers:                                                                                                                    navy                                                                                                            top_gun                                                                                                                      htm september-11

Can you comment please? You exhibited tremendous courage piloting Fight 1549 to safety. Could you also be courageous enough to break your silence about 9/11? Thanks for your honesty.

Sincerely, Michael Korn

“Re-examine all you have been told… Dismiss what insults your Soul.” Walt Whitman


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  1. Stevor: you are correct, but I would modify it slightly:

    The Transfer Agreement allowed rich and poor Zionists to move to Palestine but rich and poor anti- or non-Zionist Jews ended up perishing in the KZ Lagern.

    I’ve read that throughout the 1930s the NAZIs allowed Zionist youth camps to operate in Germany to train young Jews to work on kibbutzim.

    I don’t believe the Zionists wanted Jews to perish during WWII but they were largely powerless to stop it.

    • Also the British impeded the NAZI desire to see German Jews move to Palestine. They also impeded other resettlement efforts such as moving them to Madagascar via the Suez Canal. And finally the Transfer Agreement only applied to German Jews, not to the huge numbers of European Jews who perished in the War.

  2. Hitler against the Jews? Huh?
    Hitler made a deal with the zionists whereby the rich ones would get to go to Israel and the poor ones would “get to serve Hitler” in the camps. It was “the transfer agreement”.

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